Thoora says goodbye as it shuts down.

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Three months after launching its new android 3.0 tablet application, The startup  Thoora – a content discovery engine, based in Canada. is closing… indefinitely.

Purpleplanet and I first wrote about Thoora here – Aggregate and curate your favourite content – we believed then it was going strong. 


Nothing has been said yet on their twitter account, which has 26k followers….

Today we received an email stating that as from the 15th December 2011 Thoora is shutting down its website, the API, the WordPress widget and the android tablet application.

There is no explanation for this just as yet, they just thank everyone for the crazy journey.

There is a blog post showing your how to re-bookmark your favorites

  1. Log in to your account on Thoora
  2. Access your favorites page for each topic
  3. Click on each favorite to open the content in a new browser tab or window
  4. Re-favorite the item, using your browser’s favoriting function or other tool

Thoora do say at the bottom of the post that they hope to meet us all again, so maybe they have something even better up their sleeves and Thoora was just taking too much time. Lets hope that is the reason.

If you want to leave them a message go to the blog post above.

We say good luck to them, as they did a great job with Thoora, safe journey!

Hope this helps