The stylish, super shiny, complex, confusing Nokia C7

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I am surprised how much I have grown to love the Nokia C7, with its stylish, super shiny, glass and steel appearance. Its solid, but slim well built body and its remarkable battery life.

Nokia C7 Gallery

Likes and Dislikes

Not the whole kit and caboodle.. see links through-out  for more details.

Battery Life

I put this phone through its paces on several occasions, apps open everywhere, calls, browser, and the battery seemed to last forever!  Forever!  It started to take me by surprise when I did have to charge it.  Totally different to other Smartphones that need charging every chance you get “just in case”.


Not only does this Smartphone look very pleasing as I’ve mentioned; it feels really good, slightly heavy in a good construction way but slimmer than most smart phones. Someone said to me its a girls phone for small hands, rather sexist I felt but maybe they are right in a way, this would be suitable for the smaller hand, male or female.


The touchscreen was also much more responsive than other Nokia phones I have tried, probably because this one is a capacitive touchscreen.

Wikipedia – A capacitive touchscreen panel is one which consists of an insulator such as glass, coated with a transparent conductor such as indium tin oxide (ITO).
[11][12] As the human body is also an electrical conductor, touching the surface of the screen results in a distortion of the screen’selectrostatic field, measurable as a change in capacitance.

Set up

However, I found the C7 exceptionally complicated to set up using the Symbian^3 operating system , even I though I have used it before, it took me a while to get it all up and running. Navigation was a tricky and the keyboard didn’t help much – it was difficult to operate in QWERTY and the predictive text was absolutely awful frankly, so I ended up using the virtual t9 keypad, multi-tap!


I did have some difficulty with the C7 browser, not only was it slow at times, the refresh rate appeared to give me some feelings of motion sickness with extensive use due to the flicker, strange but true. I am sensitive that way!  I only mention this because if you are susceptible, then maybe you should test this phone out before committing. Possibly just isolated to me as no one else has complained? 🙂


All that said –  as I used the C7 more and more, I did get used to its difficult little ways, and I was enjoying using it, maybe we became more tolerant of each other; setting it up my way, using shortcuts, widgets etc with all of my favourites on its 3 home screens and using live data.

  • Gmail was a breeze to install and use.
  • Gravity was also  (after @janole Jan Ole Suhr the Author kindly sorted out it for me) – which I absolutely love!
  • I even enjoyed a few too many games of Angry birds, sitting out in the sun and could see the screen perfectly.


The C7 has an 8 mega pixel camera – with no auto focus but it does have a front facing camera  just right for taking pictures of yourself to save using the bathroom mirror for your Facebook profiles and less importantly for video calling.

I didn’t take many photographs with the C7, as (some know) I’m no David Bailey and to prove it here they are. I think it takes a decent enough shot, although I know some say its not good enough, back to my same argument.

Full Specs from Nokia.

To sum up

The C7-00 has its good points and bad points, and in my opinion would be a super mobile phone for someone…

  • just getting into using Smartphones
  • on a budget
  • who knows their way around Symbian^3
  • that needs a Smartphone with a long battery life.

It is much more affordable than other similar Smartphones on the market and it does do just about everything that you could want and more, see  here.

Once you’ve set it up your own personal way, you are running free!

Hope this helps.

Thanks to @womworldnokia for supplying the Nokia C7

Additionally if you ever need to know how to Total or Hard Reset the Nokia C7 – just key in the phone *#7370# this will restore the OS and deletes all data.