The Social Network for your PET – My Social Petwork

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my social petworkYes, I’m sorry its true ….Its really there – Its not april fools day and Danny Brown isn’t involved.   Now your Pets can have their own profile on their own social network – My Social Petwork… where pets do the talking.

You have to be over 14 to register with the Pet social network but I’m guessing this is the pet owners age not the pet!

My Social Petwork is operated by Pep Publishing – who also own Loveit magazine, Full House and That’s Amazing Magazine, and are asking for stories.

As an open platform any photos or links that you put on My Social Petwork can be seen via search engines but your profile however cannot – this can only been seen by members of the network.

On the network you can add – photos, videos, links, which you can “love”  The ones with the most “loves” will be awarded Picture of Video of the day.

You can also comment, friend, and send private messages just as you can any other network.

A word about content

From the terms and conditions on My Social Petwork

By posting User Content to the Site you grant us the right to distribute this content in any existing or future media for any purpose in connection with the Site or the promotion. By posting User Content you promise that you have the right to post and publicly display this content. You also waive all of the moral rights that you have under Chapter IV of the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988 in respect of any User Content.

My Social Petwork on Facebook

So, I saw that they have their own Facebook page but when I looked in to it, I found out some more information.

I thought this was a new and clever name but now I see that there are a few Facebook pages or profiles with the name “Social Petwork” – one has 2000 likes and was founded in January 2011 but it doesn’t seem to be connected – The Social Petwork and this one from November 2011 – Social Petwork and another The Social Petwork and the list goes on.

However My Social Petwork appears to have a Facebook page from somewhere other than UK but has the same Font and logo which was launched June 2011 and the UK My Social Petwork which was launched in February 2013

There doesn’t seem anything wrong with that, I just found it astonishing that there are all these Facebook pages for Social Petworks.

I know you all want your pets to have their own Twitter or Facebook accounts well now they have their own Network!

You need never wonder where to share your cat pictures again …. no need to put them on your own profile anymore!