Save Stargate Universe Facebook Pages finally BACK – after being hacked.

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It all started here……

Today Forbes published an article

Dude And 50K Friends: Serious About Saving Stargate Universe

About the success of the Facebook “Save Stargate Universe” page and the passion that is found within the group!

The article soon found it self on the front page of Digg!

A story you Dugg was promoted to Top News — 1 hr 50 min ago  Dude And 50K Friends: Serious About Saving Stargate Universe

A while later this joined it –  A story you Dugg was promoted to Top News — 1 hr 17 min ago Facebook to file for public offering: report

Very shortly after that it seems that someone thought that the page would be a good place to HACK,  to mess around and put out some links – pretending that the owner Dean,  had posted them, it wasn’t long before the group realised what was going on!

The post at the bottom, this is real – above that are of the hacker…

Dean is asking people to report this to Facebook to help out:-

We hope that this is resolved soon, but I urge people not to click on any random non related links from there or @SaveSGU until you know its safe.

Also now, another Save Stargate page has been hacked, this one wtih 3000 followers.

A latest message from the hacker reads


    Feel sleepy . .i want sleep . . .arggghhhhh . .nite allz . . .hope when i wake up this post have 1000 comment. . =D

    There has been various scam posts on the wall over the last 24hours, but every now and then, he takes them off again.

    I seriously cannot believe that Facebook hasn’t sorted this out yet, there must be a record of the compromise, with email changes and admin changes. And many reports from Fans and Friends of Dean who know who the rightful owner of the page is.

    It makes me feel that none of our Facebook pages are safe and all our hard work can be ruined in an instance!

    Read the  latest information and a  request from the real owner ……  What the ZUCK !


    LATEST NEWS – 8PM GMT 26-6-11

    Both of Deans pages – Savesgu and Save Stargate Universe pages are gone …….. so either Facebook deleted them or the hackers did – either way I suppose it can be started again, but all that work building it up, took time and effort.  Look out for notifications for new groups from Dean.

    Shortly after that was posted came a post from the Save Stargate Universe As Follows.

    We’re back in business! Thank you all for you support! Indeed @TheDudeDean


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    Thank goodness…….