The Rings of Orbis a science fiction fantasy RPG in a virtual Alien world

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The Rings of Orbis is a FREE online Science Fiction Game created by Author Philip-Jon Haarsma – now known as PJ Haarsma  – and his team to accompany his best selling series of books The Softwire series.  Books and gaming together are a fabulous formula to encourage and children to read!  How better to spark an interest in reading, that when you play game that is so interesting you have to find out more.

I’ve been looking The Rings of Orbis and now even I want to read the books so I can get a full background to the game, and to find out more clues to help with the game – but I am a big kid!

I am a super fan of this idea, probably as reading is so important and as a gamer but also because my own son, had a similar idea, he has written a book and planned a series, got some designs for a game, drawings and ideas and he started all this when he was around 12 years old when he was inspired by another series of books –  he has always loved to read and has a wild imagination. He is now at university studying computer games development. 

Not only is PJ trying to reward children for reading by way of the game, In 2007 PJ  founded the non profit organisation Kids Need to Read along with his mate and fellow Canadian Nathan Fillion (big fan) from the TV series Castle to help all children to be able to have access to the books they need, through funding schools, library’s and other institutions that often supply free books to children.

 “It is our dream to fill library shelves with great books so that no child lacks for amazing stories to inspire their imaginations.” PJ Haarsma. 

Just to get a taster you can actually listen to Nathan Fillion read the first three chapters of The Softwire – what a treat!! 🙂  I heard a rumor that Nathan might be making a set of audio books for the series, I really hope so.

The Rings of Orbis

Is a free online web browser game developed and published by Automatic Games with some amazing artwork.   You don’t need anything special to be able to play the game and there are no hidden charges at all. You can buy certain things for upgrades and to speed things on but you do not need to.

This Virtual adventure takes place with many aliens in an area of space with four planet-like rings that stabilise a busy wormhole.

How to play the Rings of Orbis

You beginm the game by becoming a Citizen of the virtual Alien Society and then you start then to build your empire.

Choose which Alien Race to be from these five exciting playable races…

  • THE BELARANS: An unyielding race who believe that the universe, and everything in it, is theirs for the taking.
  • THE TREFALDOORS: A race known for their bizarre appearance and undying commitment to the truth.
  • THE CHOI: Blessed with the innate ability to navigate the cosmos, this race also boasts powerhouse negotiation skills.
  • THE SOLINN: A race marked by empath-level intuition and an unparalleled ability to fight to death.
  • THE SESSII: Although cultured and elegant, this race is second to none in ruthlessness.
  • THE ENTHANS: Hard workers that are quick to anger if they see behavior they consider unfair or dishonorable.

The purpose of the game is to be the most powerful Citizen in The Rings of Orbis, to do this you need to earn “Chits”  which is the currency of the game – and by leveling up all of your abilities.

See more on the website – Gameplay 

What are Knudniks

There are Aliens called Knudniks  not your virtual pet but your virtual alien, you get given one and then you can buy more by bidding on them in the game.  These creatures are your irresponsibility, you have to feed them, rest them, and work them, when they work they earn you money – Chits – but you also have to raise their abilities to do better jobs.

You get to build your own spaceship, (even fleet) which when you customise allows enhanced abilities and also this means that you can leave “the rings” and venture out to the outer planets for adventures and quests.  Not only that you can post your spaceship creation into the gallery to win weekly prizes.

On The Rings of Orbis game, is HUGE,  there are missions full of danger and enemies to defeat, quests to conquer, there is so much to do, if you are a gamer and/or like sci fi – you will have to just go and look for yourself, you won’t be disappointed you did.

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Hope this helps

Must go and feed my Knudniks