The Powerful Business Networking App City Hour

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Powerful Business Networking AppPrevious visitors to Techieminx will know that I regularly review apps or software that I think is interesting or cool. This blog is no different as I look at the powerful business networking app called City Hour. Usually my posts are unsponsored, not paid for, however on this occasion I have been sponsored to test out an iPhone app City Hour.

So just so we are all clear, as apparently I do have to make this clear, I am getting paid to let you know about this app and as always it will be an honest report of my findings.

City Hour the Powerful Business Networking App

City Hour is a free business networking app created by TrueBear Corporation. This app is only available on the iPhone right now, soon to come to the iPad, and also will be on Google Play is to follow.

Why is the iPhone first again?

People always complain when an app is only available on the iPhone at first, and recently a developer actually explained to me. I’d like to share that with you briefly the iPhone or I suppose  iOS doesn’t have that many different versions of iPhone or iPad, depending on how far back the developer wants to go – they really only a need to develop for 6 different versions.  However with Android there are almost 12,000 different devices, all with different screen-sizes and different user interfaces or operating systems, so of course this is much more time consuming and costs lots more money.

So I digress, City hour…

It seems that City hour isn’t about collecting names and virtual contacts in your little black book, (otherwise known as LinkedIn) which you never really do anything with but actually about connecting with people that count  that are around you.

Face to Face Meetings with Business Leaders

Business leaders know the importance of face to face communication and that its a more powerful way to build long term relationships and to understand the problems that prospective clients might have. This is what the City Hour app helps you do.   It helps you easily arrange in-person meetings with like minded professionals or clients using common interests such as industry, location or objectives.  CityHour syncs with your LinkedIn profile to locate contacts in and out of your network that are open to face to face meetings.  This powerful business networking app lets you know the people that are willing to meet in-person. This of course makes approaching someone much easier than asking someone to meet you directly on LinkedIn or email, you know already that they are serious about their business.

I’ve downloaded the app which was super easy to set up – and I got a friends request right away – and many people to connect with!

If  wish to download CityHour go here -> CityHour App its Free!

Once I’ve had a play with the app and seen how it works I shall come back and let you know more, with a howto perhaps – until then check out this cool video all about the super powerful business networking app.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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