The Orange Great Balloon race is off! #balloonacy

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After waiting for what’s seemed weeks after signing up for the Orange Balloon race across the internet, created by Poke –  we are off!

 I’d been excitedly looking at the preparing to launch screen since about 5pm GMT today and finally the contest started at about 7.30pm this evening (2 hours after it should have due to 
unforeseen bugs).

Whats it all about?  Andy Whitlock – Creative Director of Poke explains

Offical website here.  #balloonacy

How to get involved

Go to the link above.  Then you need to sign up and choose an animal shaped balloon  – you choose from a dolphin (my one is called Flippy because flipper had gone ha!) a cat, a bird, a monkey or a camel.  You can host and play or just play or just host I guess.

Once you’ve got your balloon and named it, you are in the race –  click on the directional arrows to guide the balloon to collect items or to enter more games for small prizes to assist the game or just move up the screen as quickly as possible.There are also prizes but there is some pretty fierce competition so the race is on, mind your backs!

Sadly twice already I have lost my balloon, where the screen says your balloon is there but it doesn’t appear. This is obviously some sort of teething problem, which for me was fixed once I explained what had happened. 

If you have any problems like this please email  and they’ll sort it out right away for you. 

Balloonacy is brilliant campaign that also ran in 2008 and was an award winning success !
Not only is this great advertising for Orange, its great fun and it gets more views to your websites or blogs and hopefully people will spot the blog and come back. 

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