The Google+ Project – Real life sharing. Move over Facebook.

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We’ve been waiting for this from Google for a long time, since the speculations (inside information) around SXSW in March came out about Google circles.

We thought then it was just going to be Google circles that was to take on Facebook but The Google+ project looks much bigger than we thought circles would ever be.

Google plus is invitation only right now (figures), launching with what they are calling a field trial period, so who knows when the rest of us will get it, they say it won’t be long.  Even the requests to be informed have overflowed now, with a message on the site that says, We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity try again soon. You can leave your email address on the plus Google site here – Keep me posted.

The Google+ project includes various segments

Circles – Share things with your closest friends with high security features.

Hangouts – A place to hang out with your friends as a group – including video chats or sharing videos

Sparks – A feed of only the things that you are really into

Huddle – For Group chat. Turn several single conversations into a group chat.

Instant upload – Sharing photos and videos




It does have all the key elements that Facebook has, and yet more; you have specific groups or circles or special places for different occasions or different people, I’m liking it already!   The great thing about it is, it will link together with all of your other google sites and seemingly you will be able to access it from your iGoogle directly.

Aparently so far it has not been recived very well in the media – due to the usual critics of Google that refuse to see that Google can ever create a decent social network, as I always say don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Facebook lovers are slating it as a Facebook clone, well come on now, it had to happen somewhere, why not let it be Google. Google say their security and options will be safer and what you want hidden will in fact be hidden, we will see.

See the video from Google

Yes, I am excited about this, I love what I can see so far of the design and I love the ideas; I cannot wait to try it out.

Update – Early this morning I did receive an invite but last night Google turned off accepting invites – I know a few people with the same problem saying, that they have invites but cannot use Google Plus yet.  Strangley two people said they got invites from people they don’t know? ….. Did this happen to you?

I am hoping that soon (now they are awake) that they will allow the outsiders inside 🙂