The Design and Presentation Tool – Visme an Alternative to Canva

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I’ve been having a play with The Design and Presentation Tool – Visme an alternative to Canva for a few months now as a complimentary trial.

And I’m very excited to tell you that Visme recently unleashed a brand new set of features and interactive assets that no other design tools have!  These new features and assets on Visme are just amazing and easy to use, such a time savers!     I use these types of design tools all the time in my business with my social media clients and for me, each one has there one sweet spot, but for me, fast, easy beautiful and not expensive is what I am looking for.

Visme an Alternative to Canva

I do love Canva and I’m not here to tell you that Visme is better than Canva because I’ve often sung the praises of Canva and I love them both.

However, I am here to tell you that I have found my self coming back more and more to use Visme as my design tool of choice as I learn more about all of the features.

And a couple of things that do stand out as differences are that Canva has started to charge for many more things than previously, such as images, illustrations, and other features, whereas the free version on Visme, has many more free resources, and although I find Canva very quick and easy to use, it doesn’t have as many design templates as Visme.

However, there is no reason you can’t use both Visme and Canva alongside any others you might favour. Most of them offer freemium versions which are very very good – and if you like it you can always upgrade at any time, which is always helpful to keep platforms like this going if we can afford it, and of course, then we get even more great features so it is worth that little extra.

The Design and Presentation Tool – Visme

Something that I love about The Design and Presentation Tool – Visme is that they are very approachable, friendly team and seem to be on top of customer satisfaction in a big way – they remind me of how Buffer started, and how Buffer still is on top of customer experience. Buffer is a tool for managing and securing your posts on social media – check them out too, they have a very good free version.

The Visme community is at the heart of everything we do.

This is what it’s all about Visme have made all of these changes to improve their platform because they LISTEN to their users – which is a big plus for me, I will always use people like this.


Another big game-changer for me as a social media manager is the fact that you can change the size of your design for each network – you do not have to create your design again to keep your continuity across all platforms, and you can do this on the free version… Boom! 🙂   We are all trying to save money at the moment especially with the uncertainties with the coronavirus so I am so pleased that you can do SO much for free on Visme.  Bravo to them!

Visme was created with non-designers in mind but it is really powerful so people of any level can enjoy using it. If you might struggle with the more advanced designs, such as interactive designs or animations you can find many videos and step by step tutorials to guide you through the process.  In fact, there is a huge set of learning resources for everything and everyone, and if you still don’t know just message them, they will be right back to you.

Such at this one, showing you just how easy it is to create beautiful sleek designs in minutes, it really is this easy.

Easy meets Powerful

Designs templates on Visme 

There are literally thousands of design templates to use – and over 1000 exclusive animated graphics, something like 1 million stock images, so you don’t have to go searching for images to use before you come into Visme, everything that you need to create your design is already there.   And do make use of the Tutorials as the old saying goes You don’t know what you don’t know. And some of the features on Visme are so new to these sorts of design tools that you cannot even imagine what is possible.


The possibilities are limitless 

These are the templates that you can choose from.

Presentations The Design and Presentation Tool - Visme

The Design and Presentation Tool - Visme


PrintablesThe Design and Presentation Tool - Visme

Web Graphics

Social Graphics The Design and Presentation Tool - Visme

Custom Sizes
Then once you have chosen your template you can choose from the hundreds of


  • fonts
  • colour schemes
  • diagrams
  • stats
  • photos

And the list goes on and on.

This was just a very quick little taster article for you to check out The Design and Presentation Tool – Visme an Alternative to Canva, go check it out, I will be posting some articles and maybe even videos about Visme in the near future so stay tuned.

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