The Beauty of Buzz!

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This isn’t a Google Buzz review! There have been enough of those, don’t you think? Besides as I am still getting to grips with it, I just wanted to voice how it has found a place within my social networking life.

Google Buzz was supposed to cut out “noise” in a way that other social networking sites couldn’t, they claimed.

Personally at first I found Google Buzz noisier than a drunken wasp with clogs on, stuck in your eardrum doing the quickstep.

Stop the noise!

My mistake, I quickly found out, was that I had followed several prominently popular people, like the “pro blogger” types who quickly flood your stream with their “how to be an awesome blogger like me” blogs and the other admired types that everyone feels they have to comment on – which makes the thread get pushed to the top again. Yes, you can mute the individual posts but some people just post too much for you to mute. The only solution… See ya!

Unfollowed – eek!

It wasn’t until I sorted through the different levels of privacy and actually unfollowed the Power Twitters (whom, I can watch on my Twitter lists any time I want) that Buzz found a valuable position amongst the networking sites that I use. Right now, I’m using it predominantly just for friends; strangely enough a lot are good friends that I have acquired on twitter.

Spontaneous Conversation

Now it works! A single tweet, buzz, blog post or photo can seed an actual proper conversation, without the limit of 140 characters per post. I feel it’s a little like a chat room all nice and cosy talking with all of your friends about things you want to talk about. You never miss a thing – little Buzz messages go into your inbox as live conversations, which are updated in real time with comments from friends as soon as they come in. You can get notifications when anyone comments on your messages, when others comment any buzzes that you are involved in. In addition if anyone happens to @ you will also get an email in your Gmail. You know how I hate to miss out!

Good points:

· Links and photos can be embedded directly into Buzzes.

· Full-sized photo browsing

· Public and private sharing

· Inbox integration

· show/hide your followers/following

· A service aggregator – supporting Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Reader and Blogger (and much more if you know how)

· Mobile functionality on Android devices and iphone

How would Buzz work if it had integration with Google docs and/or Google Wave? Dare we hope? Do we want?

One problem I do find is that there is so much post duplication due to Buzz to twitter / Twitter to Buzz and the fact that it’s aggregating a lot of the same material that people’s Twitter accounts are already aggregating, this is awfully aggravating!

So, after a little tweaking and teasing Buzz is working for me, and for the people in my crowd, we love it. I am sure that I am still to use Buzz to its full potential but for now I am enjoying using Buzz and wonder what I did without it.

With input from Lee Stacey