Telegram Chat App – Why is it different

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telegramWow, there are so many chat apps, but recently I came across the Telegram Chat App again while watching Disrupt the Techcrunch event and found out why it is so different.

I’ve not really been a huge fan of the chat apps that are emerging, preferring to use Skype, Twitter and other social networks to connect to people. However recently I’ve been using Whatsapp more again after getting fed up with the spam and also Slack App which is more like Discord where you find that many gamers using as it has voice chat –  although comparing these apps now would be a whole new blog post.

Telegram was founded and launched by Nikolai and Pavel Durov in 2013. Nikolai and Pavel also the founders of the Russian social network VK – VKontakte the largest European social network, which was sold recently. 

Telegram chat app – why is it different.

Encryption and privacy…

Telegram is a Pro-privacy secure messaging app. It is cloud-based and prides its self on its privacy capabilities and its multi-platform availability with steamless sync – I’ve said it before, but everything should be multiplatform now.. and it impresses me when programs – games  – apps are.

Telegram doesn’t share your data with anyone.

The secret chats on Telegram use end-to-end encryption, which means all fo the data is encrypted with a key that only you and who you are chatting with know. These chats are not stored on servers and because of this they are not available in the cloud just from the device they were sent to or from.  The same with photos, videos or files in secret chats, each one is encrypted.

Each item is encrypted with a separate key, not known to the server. This key and the file’s location are then encrypted again, this time with the secret chat’s key — and sent to your recipient. He can then download and decipher the file. This means that the file is technically on one of Telegram’s servers, but it looks like a piece of random undecipherable garbage to everyone except for you and the recipient. We don’t know what this random data stands for and we have no idea which particular chat it belongs to. We periodically purge this random data from our servers to save disk space.

You can also put a self-destruct on messages so that once a message is read, there is a certain amount of time before both parties are instructed to delete the message.

All messages that are deleted are deleted forever.  This is to preserve your privacy and to make room on the servers too.  And unlike Skype Telegram has sync deletion of chats between devices.

People say there are not enough people using Telegram to get involved however Telegram announced last December that it was sending 1 Billion Daily messages and had 50 million active users – adding I million new sign-ups each week. Now Pavel tells us that Telegram is seeing 12 billion messages delivered daily and 60 million users. Remember also that Telegram has only been running for 2 years so that is highly impressive.

telegram chat app


With Whatsapp you now to do have Whatsappwebb which is fabulous but if your phone goes dead you can’t get any messages anywhere until you charge it. Telegram is real cross platform so  you do not have that problem.

Other Features

  • Animated Gif Search
  • Photo Editor
  • Group Functions
  • Open Sticker Platform

Although Telegram are big on freedom of speech and privacy – Porn is a no no on Telegram, all porn bots are blocked.

On the video below you will see that its said that ISIS uses Telegram because of its strong privacy – when asked if Pavel thinks this is okay he responds

Our rightful privacy is more important than our fear of something bad happening like terrorism.

Watch the video here from Disrupt and learn why Pavel Durov says that WhatsApp Sucks   please do watch, it’s really mind blowing, a great interview by Mike Butcher – editor at Techcrunch.

What do you think, will you be trying Telegram – and why?


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