Tagging is useless

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Totally off topic here but I feel like a bit of a belated rant. This has been on my mind for a long time now.
What is all this community service, supervision and tagging they are handing out in the courts instead of proper sentences? It doesn’t work! Can’t they see that, are they totally blind!
I’d like to quote a few but maybe that’s not a great thing to do, but you’ve all seen these ridiculous sentences in the news.
I know a lot of it has to with age, but even as a mother I have no sympathy for this, the old saying should stick, “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime“. If they are old enough to go out committing crimes then I am sorry, they are old enough to get the full sentence.
The police work hard to get evidence to get these criminals to court and what does the court do? Slap them on the wrist. Don’t do it again naughty boy/girl. What a waste of time for the police, and its no wonder police cannot find any witnesses, because people know that the offender will be back on the streets the next day and probably come after them next.
These pathetic sentences that are given out now, when certain types of crime are being committed by our teenagers are useless. Guess what, they do it again and again and again, whilst on bail, probation, tagged, whatever. Then what, oh no! they get more community service. I bet they are so upset. ha! They have won again!
While I imagine that’s pretty annoying for the criminal, a bit like an itch you can’t reach. If they get community service, or have to report to a probation officer, I’m sure they probably do as little work as possible if they even turn up at all. what do they care, if they don’t turn up they will possibly get fined some piddily amount and not have to do more.

I wonder why they think they can get away with committing all of these crimes, maybe its because they are getting away with it!

Courts/Government need to wake up to the real world and make a stand against these criminals now, before this gets any worse. I’m sure they would if they had to live with them.