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Where’s my phone?!

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Have you ever uttered those unforgettable words? "Oh no, where's my mobile?" Its not where you thought, not in your pocket, not in your bag, not on your desk, suddenly a feeling of dread comes over you that you've left your phone somewhere. You start to panic, the only way is get a friend to ring it, hoping that you didn't leave it on silent.  9 times out of 10 its just there on the side but sometimes you've lost it for good!That's what these little gadgets are for......The Zomm Wireless LeashI saw this one in the Stuff Magazine last month - They say its the first wireless leash for Smartphones.  Its about the size of a 50p and you put it on your keyring. Connected via bluetooth to your smartphone and when you walk away from your handset (20-40ft) it sounds an alarm to tell you that you have forgotten your phone!  Amazing!It reminds me a little of that  gadget we use to have to find our keys, where you whistled and it would bleep to show you where your keys [...]

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