Twitter Viagra scam DM spreading fast

There is a new Phishing scam or spam DM spreading quickly around Twitter at the moment,  seemingly a direct message that is sent from your friend  says…… (or similar)

“I got huge discounts on Viagra, cialis and more, no prescription needed.”

This is what twitter are saying ……..

I didn’t click the link myself so I’m not sure where the link takes you, although hopefully Google chrome would have warned me as it is pretty secure.


Please don’t click it, as it will be DM’ed to many of your followers – and this will keep it alive!

I personally, never click any links that are DM’d to me, without knowing about it first.  They are either spam or self promotions, both of which should not be in my DM box. If there is something to say @ me –  If I do get something I am not sure of – I ask the sender if they meant to send it, on this occasion I asked as a joke as why would someone send me something about Viagra 🙂

If you have clicked this and sent out DM’s – I suggest changing your passwords and quickly explain to your followers to stop them unfollowing you for spam.

Please share this post – so we can stop this.

I will post if there is any more information, thanks.

Hope this helps