ChatWing – Real time Conversations on your Website or Blog

 Chatwing – Live Chat! 

I’ve been looking in to this new tool – Chatwing by Lujure which originally was/is an application that extends widgets to Facebook pages.  You can now Embed the ChatWing Shoutbox on your website to give your visitors a real-time communication tool.  Your very own website chatroom!

Free Application 

Its so simple to get and its free  – You just create your account here and then embed the code as a widget on your website or blog – I just used a text widget. Put the code on – and after a few minutes the chat box appeared.

This could be really useful if you post a blog which is likely to have many viewers that need to ask a question, as most people can’t be bothered to leave a comment but they might ask in the chat box, knowing that they could get a answer in real-time.  A great way to engage your readers or customers.

You can have 1000 users on ChatWing at anyone time, that might be rather busy but at least you know if there are 10 people it won’t be slow or lagging.  Apparently to make the Chatwing app stable, the dev team is conducting several maintenance checks and observation. In this way, technical glitches can be wholly avoided.

I like that you can sign in with your Twitter account or your facebook account at the click of a button – it puts your name and your picture associated with that account so you instantly know who you are talking too   I probably have too many widgets so this chatbox is far down on my page right now.  I’ve just stuck in on as a test, but say hello if you can see it.

Full customisation

There are a lot of options to customise your Chatwing shoutbox  – you can have a variety of colours, sizes, fonts and even have it as a pop out button if you don’t want as an enbeddable widget.

Advanced CSS Customization

For the advanced CSS users, you have the ability to edit and customize every aspect of your chatwing with CSS. Just follow the design guidlines and you’ll be good.

The only thing I haven’t worked out yet is if you can set notifications, because we are not always sitting with our website or blog page open. I see actually that there is a sound icon so that would probably be it.  An extension on Chrome would be awesome though.  You can also turn off the Chatbox if you are not going to be able to answer in real-time.

Worried about spam and bad language

Yes me too – However, as an admin, you can,.

  • Set a profane filter
  • Ban spammers
  • Delete single messages
  • Delete all chat message with one click
  • Add moderators
Here I am signed in as Admin and am deleting a post 

Supported platforms for ChatWing are

Tumblr, Blogspot, TypePad, LiveJournal, Wix, Weebly, WetPaint, ESPN Fantasy Sports League Sites, Bligoo, WebNode, Lefora, Jimdo – any website that supports iframe.

I have a wordpress site, can I use ChatWing?

If you host your own wordpress blog, you can install an iframe plugin to use ChatWing. However, if you are using a wordpress blog from (, ChatWing will not work

This application is free as I have already said but there are extras you can get in the premium version, such as

  • Your own company logo on the chat box
  • Custom themes
You can also talk to ChatWing on Twitter.

I’m going to give this a go, I’ve never tried chat before on my websites so we will see what happens.  I’ll update here if anything outstanding occurs.



How to delete a blogspot or blogger blog.

Blogger is google’s free tool for bloggers to create their own blog website. It is very simple to set up and you can have many blogs using the same account. Blogger will host this blog on for free. (Which is the difference between Blogger and Blogspot by the way) Its very easy to use, mostly with guides and instructions. Adding pictures and videos is a breeze especially if you use Picasa/ Google Video or You Tube. All free… great huh?

so.. Why would you want to delete your blog on blogger or blogspot?

You haven’t visited it for a year, even though you promised yourself you would write every week, no one is reading your blog or maybe Google just doesn’t do it for you anymore and you want to start a fresh with another platform such as WordPress. For whatever reason, you want it gone, forever.

Be aware, this isn’t to show you how to export your blogspot blog or to keep any part of it, this is to permanently get rid of it.

How to delete your blogspot or blogger blog 

Step by step instructions.

1 – Log into Blogger or Blogspot

2 – Click the Dashboard

3 – Click Settings

4 – Click Delete blog

Follow the instructions to delete the blog, and there, its gone as easy as that.

Many people were asking me how to do this, so here it is, with pictures..

Hope this helps

How to add the new “One-click” Twitter follow button to a WordPress blog

On Tuesday Twitter announced a new Follow button to add to your Website, this allows your readers to clearly see your Twitter @ name and to follow you with one click.

Its quite simple to add it to a wordpress blog.

1) Log in to the Twitter account that you want to put onto your blog, mine is @techieminx

2) Go to this link – it will bring up this page.

As you see your details are already in there, if this is okay you don’t need to change it.

3) Left click the code so its selected (highlighted), then right click it to copy.

4) Log in to your WordPress website.

5) Go to Widgets – (in mine I have to go to appearance and then widgets) – click a Text widget and drag it to the top of your Sidebar Widget Area – to the top or after search I think is best.

6) The widget will then open up ready for you to paste in the code – right click and click paste – don’t change anything else.  You don’t need to tick the box or have a title.  Click SAVE and close

Thats it, done – Go to your webpage and it should show like this…

I like it – even though I already have a follow me with a lot of my accounts – this stands out all on its own.

Hope this helps


How to transfer your RSS feed from Blogspot to WordPress.

If you have previously subscribed to my RSS feeder (if you haven’t why not!) you might be wondering why you suddenly have 10 new blogs. Sorry!

As you may know, I recently changed from blogspot to my own domain. (Hosted by the wonderful people of Ooblay)  I was very nervous about doing this as I didn’t want to lose readers. Once I had the correct plugins etc, everything seemed pretty smooth (haha) and I thought that RSS was set up. However, friends told me that they had stop receiving notifications of blogs.

The transfer from Blogspot to WordPress was completed, it all looked fine, there was an RSS feed in place so I assumed (never assume) that it had transfered everything from my old Blogger address to my new but when I looked it was a new Feedburner account. Now I had two, maybe because the blogs now had different gmail accounts.

I logged into using the second Google mail account and deleted the new feedburner.

Next I logged into feedburner with the old Gmail account.

It read that it was still the blogspot account, with no views –  what I had to do was change the Original Feed to the new domain, as above, I tried lots of variations but this one worked,


I left the Feed Address as is.

Previously when I’d tried various options it said that the url was not recognised but this one showed this message.

Shortly after, my friend tweeted

@tsunimee working again, thank you xx

She now  had a lots of my new articles posted into her feeder.

If you are having these problems I hope that this help you to transfer your subscribers to a new account/ domain.

Simply – if you are using Feedburner  – click here

Log into your gmail account

Click – Edit Original feed details (top left)

Change URL to one that you are using, with /?feed=rss2 after it.