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Are you a Twit for using TrueTwit

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Do you use TrueTwit?  Are you a Twit for using TrueTwit?  If you use Twitter you will probably have heard of TrueTwit which calls itself a validation account. That must be harmless enough you think? All you want to do is protect yourself from unsavory followers. As you know I usually like to support games and apps with a mention and to help you, my readers know whats out there, what is new and what is great to use or play.  I realise that anything that is created is someones hard work and that they think its great. TrueTwit clearly think they are great but there are many people being annoyed by how it works, maybe they might think about changing how they do things. Are you a Twit for using TrueTwit You might be thinking what is a Twit, is that a good thing? It could be that Twit may be just an English word - so I shall explain the definition of the word Twit Full Definition of TWIT :  a silly annoying person :  fool What exactly is [...]

How to add the new header photo on Twitter 2014

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Changes have been made recently on our favourite social network, we now have a new header photo on Twitter plus there is a whole new web profile experience.  This new experience is rolling out to all users, however most are not editing their profiles because they have no idea how to add the new header photo on Twitter. About the New Profile and New Header Photo on Twitter People have complained that Twitter is just trying to be like Facebook because Facebook is more popular - but Twitter say they are just making your profile more dynamic and visual. The new web profile has these options.... Best Tweets - Tweets that get more engagement will appear larger now so these will be seen easily Filtered Tweets -  You can choose which timeline to view when looked at other profiles. Just select - Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies. Pin your favorite tweet - you can now pin your favourite tweet to the top of your profile   New Header Photo on Twitter And of course the biggest change - [...]

How to amplify your message using your voice on Twitter #justsayin

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If you ever feel confined by social networking restrictions,with only 140 characters, do you wonder how can you amplify your message ? With Just Sayin App you can do this and more – Twitter on Steroids, we like to call it. This isn't a new network, well it can be used as such but the power is in integration with Twitter and Facebook, but mostly Twitter.     I've been testing out the live Beta of this voice application for a few months now, and I really like it, the uses are endless. People love to hear your voice to know you are a real person, and this app will confirm that with ease.  Cloudtalk has now announced the release of Just Sayin’ App which is FREE on iOS and Android, and have now just yesterday launched the web based version too, so you now have all of the features from the application on the web. How to amplify your message with Just Sayin' you can integrate your voice image/gifs/video messages on Facebook and Twitter, you can tag people on twitter and they [...]

Do you need more followers?

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DO YOU NEED MORE FOLLOWERS? People seem to be scrambling to get more followers, circles, likes, friends but the question is why do you need more followers.  Do you want a larger follower base on Twitter just to look important or to create engagement, interest in your website, brand awareness or sales? Businesses and professionals should not be asking how can I get more followers but how can I create a quality audience of a decent quantity, that is the trick.  Lots of fake followers are easy to get but are they the right followers? Its easy to spot people with fake accounts, and you don't want to be labeled as a faker, as this will diminish trust. FAKE ACCOUNTS If you want more followers just to boost your ego and pretend you are famous and actually get no engagement, from anyone you can go to one of these cheap tacky sites and pay for a load of bots or fake accounts to follow or like you. Buying followers on any network could get you banned however.  Or you can [...]

How Many Social Networks Are There?

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HOW MANY SOCIAL NETWORKS ARE THERE? People are often surprised at how many social networks there actually are, they often think of just Facebook and Twitter. Wait for it... there are literally hundreds of social networking sites, more than 500 in fact.  That’s without counting all of the Chinese and other countries networks such as China's Tencent who own WeChat with 200 million users. . However, out of the 500+ not all are of good quality or exactly thriving but they are available, and might just be the next big thing. Some social networking platforms are obviously more popular than others and many of them you may not class as a social network but if its aim is to be social and to share and connect with other users then it’s often called a social network, social media platform or social site, and you can even include mobile applications in this such as Path a social networking-enabled photo sharing and messaging service for mobile devices. Which network should I be on for my business? Don’t panic though; you do not have [...] – Fun twitter statistics or just spam?

By |2017-02-08T01:19:31+01:00May 3rd, 2013|Categories: Social Media|Tags: , , , , | is an application that apparently tells you how many hours you have spent on Twitter. Calculations are not actually real - they say that they are based on account age, followers, friends and tweets. The result is then tweeted to your followers. Edit, See update below - due to suspension and blocking by twitter its now appearing as not exactly accurate. Surprisingly my amount on hours on time were virtually the same as someone with half the amount of followers, and a 10th the amount of friends (ppl they follow back) as me, so I'm not sure how that works Is Spam Before you rush of to see what yours is, let me tell you a bit about it. First I checked on Twitter to see if anyone was talking about this application, and low and behold, all I saw were complaints about "how to stop the spam" So, yes, you got it, I wanted to try it out. First you have to let it into your twitter (auth) account, of course or how will it know how [...]

Fuss about Mentions on Twitter? #wewantoldtwitterback

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Have you seen the hashtag #wewantoldtwitterback and wondered what was going on, well yes, so did I. I saw this being posted out...... There is a message from Twitter uses that states that Twitter has changed it's policy so that now you will only see mentions, retweets and favourites from people you follow - This means that celebrities will never see your tweets to them unless they follow you.  I've seen nothing official from Twitter on this - have you? ..  However I have tested it - and it is correct. I can see it being a problem for some people. We believe this to be a glitch though, or a bug of some sort in the iPhone application  - we have had it before where your mentions weren't appearing at all, and if you deleted the application and re installed it, mentions reappeared. What is going on with @Mentions on Twitter People seem to think that there are new twitter rules for the iPhone app. When you @mention someone that is using the Twitter iPhone application they will not see it in their Twitter stream or feed unless they [...]

Social Media helping the HugtrainUSA #socialmediaforgood

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I recently told you about the fourth HugTrainUSA that Arie Moyal is planning and I wanted to update you with times and dates of events and other things that are going on, some details are still in development so I can't include everything right now. What is the Hug Train? The HugTrain is a rail trip organised by Arié Moyal, taking him around the USA, spreading holiday cheer and raising funds & awareness about mental health one hug at a time! This year, the fourth annual edition will take place from December 24, 2012 to January 7, 2013 in honour of the victims and survivors of the movie theatre shooting in Aurora, Colorado. You can help HugtrainUSA right now HugtrainUSA Updates Firstly Nokia are onboard helping with some equipment and costs, which is fantastic! The great, Mark AG - preparing to sing the theme song HUG TRAIN if all goes well at Sony and Warner that is. David's Tea could be supporting, details to follow. It's not long now until departure -  Arie has added more days to stop in New York City to visit [...]

How to easily clean up your Twitter stream

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Often people ask how best to safely clean up your twitter stream or how to manage your twitter followers. On twitter I like to follow back as many people as I can - as I personally don't feel its fair to expect someone to follow you if you aren't reciprocating, its like a two way street.  Also I do not like to unfollow people unless its for a good reason. For instance, they joined twitter but then decided it wasn't for them and stopped tweeting, or you realise that the person is actually a bot as they never @ mention anyone, and just throw out random tweets. Twit Cleaner  This is where Twit Cleaner comes in very useful - it will tell  you who these people are and allow you to choose who you want to unfollow, it does not twitter unfollow everyone automatically.  Twit Cleaner is free and very comprehensive. You first need to log into Twit Cleaner and allow it Auth with your twitter account, so that it can go through your followers. To do this click - Scan [...]

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