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buffer for facebookWhat is Buffer for Facebook 

Buffer or @bufferapp was founded by Joel Gascoigne  and co founded by Leo Widrich who both wanted to create a smarter way to Tweet great articles that you find. The Twitter Buffer app was recently seen on ‘s  Spark of Genius section where each week a new start-up is covered. This is sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark.

You can get Buffer for Twitter here –

Buffer for Facebook is coming. 

Do you share a lot of posts on your Facebook, maybe your own blogs or articles you have read, and because you only get on Facebook for a short amount of time each day they tend to be bunched up all together?  Then this could be for you.


Its a way to get your Facebook updates spread out and so you get noticed more.

Buffer helps you post more consistently by allowing you to choose set times to post each day. Once you’ve chosen the times, you simply keep a ‘buffer’ of posts topped up and the application will automatically post on your behalf.

Simply – Buffer schedules your updates or tweets.

With the Browser extensions, for Chrome, Safari and Firefox –  its really simple to share any page that you read, you just hit the Buffer icon, buffer then create the update for you automatically.  You can also choose there and then to either post right away, or add it to your Buffer.   You can also share posts that you find interesting in your Google reader by clicking the Buffer icon, and Buffer will sort it all out for you.

Another option with Buffer is using the “send to” function which you will see at the bottom of every article, here you can chose whether to send to Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr or whatever you have linked to Buffer.

Putting on your own Buffer button. 

1.) Click “Options” on the top right corner of your Google Reader

2.) Click on “Reader Settings”

3.) Click “Send To”

4.) Scroll down and click “Create a Custom Link”

5.) Input these three things:

Name: Buffer


Icon URL:

6.) Click “Save”

From now on you can simply click the “Send to” on every article and the Buffer Popup will come up for you to add your update or tweet.

Click here if you to be one of the first people to try Buffer for Facebook –

See here for more how to’s and goodies.

Hope this helps


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Twylah – your custom fan page for Twitter

If you like the Facebook  fan pages, you are going to LOVE this;  Twylah automatically transforms your tweets into a custom fan page.

This terrific tool organises your most tweeted or retweeted tweets into topics which can not only help you tweet more effectively but also helps people find information that is most important to you and them, simply.

These are some of the topics that I mostly tweet about (I’ll leave out the least important embarrassing topics).

Home – which is your trending tweets….this has a whole page of your topics in an easy to view format.

Or on the Top bar you can click on…

TwitterTechieminxFacebook – Blog – Video – Photo – Nokia – London – Social Media – Empire Avenue.

Each one of these has a page of my tweets about that subject, with link and pictures!  On the left are your tweets and on the right are latest replies to those tweets.

I love the topic  Techieminx obviously because in contains all the tweets about this website –  it puts your latest post with a header image as a preview.

You can power tweet through Twylah too – this enables your followers to be directed to your Twylah landing page, full of tweets about the same subject.  So the blogs you posted weeks ago are all there in a colourful power list. Brilliant!

Twylah is still in Beta and Eric Kim the founder is going to be adding far more fabulous features,  including analytic pages and being able to add or suppress topics.

As you can tell I am very excited about it, I love the design, the layout, the imaging, the accessibility – it looks fabulous.

Here you can request an Twylah invite

I got involved when I watched a video that Robert Scoble uploaded to Youtube featuring Eric Kim, who explains everything very clearly; including up and coming  new features.

There are still lots of changes due to happen with Twylah and I for am going to enjoy being a part of  Twylah as it develops.

Hope this helps.







Many users still suffering with empty timelines / missing tweets

If you use the Social networking and microblogging service,  Twitter – you may well have noticed some problems today; for the past 4 hours users have been tweeting about –

1. No Tweets in timeline
2. Can’t see own Tweets
3. Can’t see anyones Tweets
4. Only can see @mentions

Some people have now had there service restored but still some people are making the same complaints.  At first it seemed that the problem was only from applications but its the same on itself.

@support tweeted 3 hours ago that they know about the issues are are working hard to fix it.

About the same time the Twitter status page said something similar…

Not a great week all in all – yesterday we had the problems with the new notifications.

And on Monday there were elevated, or even evated error rates reported on the Twitter status page.

We are currently experiencing elevated error rates. There may be intermittent issues loading and Twitter clients.  We are aware of the problem and taking action. Thanks for your patience!
Note: Some users may experience a delay in Tweet delivery.
UPDATE Tue May 24 02:08 UTC 2011: We’re now recovering and expect a full recovery on the order of a few hours.
UPDATE Tue May 24 02:45 UTC 2011: Twitter is fully recovered.

No more updates from Twitter support since then, will give any updates as they arrive if possible.

Update @support at 2am GMT – Not seeing your timeline? DON’T PANIC! We’re working on it and affected users will see their timelines restored in the coming hours.about 16 hours ago via web from Bernal Heights, San Francisco by troy

Update from Twitter status – Update (Thursday May 26 05:15 UTC): The issue has been resolved

However it clearly isn’t resolved as there are still many tweets complaining about no tweets in timeline, no homepage etc.

  1. awilliams_7 Do any tweeps have any idea why my timeline isn’t showing? I definitely follow over 1,000 people (not proud) and yet can’t see any tweets!18 minutes ago via web
  2. OutlandishAx Can’t see my tweets you guys!19 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®scouserachel
  3. @leejonathan well I can’t because she can see my tweets. me and her are finished I suppose.

So obviously some people are still affected by absent tweets.

Hope this helps; Sometimes, its just reassuring to know that you are not alone.