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Empire Avenue – The social networking game! Addicted already!

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Today I started an Empire Avenue account and have just spent far too long playing it; yes, something else to get addicted to. The Social Media Exchange Empire Avenue is the social networking game that allows you to buy and sell your friends and indeed gain new friends. This is the same as friending or following users. It actually launched to the public in July 2010 so many of my friends and connections have already started their communities, and today I've been busily buying their shares.   The social networking game Its free to join, you can join with your Facebook account or if you prefer - with your email address. You then need to choose your own ticker symbol, I chose my twitter account name as I do for most things. Michelledh. Your account is then started. The first thing to do is add your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Linkedin accounts.  These appear to take a few days to set up as some of mine aren't showing yet and there is a question mark on the others. As [...]

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