Social Media helping the HugtrainUSA #socialmediaforgood

I recently told you about the fourth HugTrainUSA that Arie Moyal is planning and I wanted to update you with times and dates of events and other things that are going on, some details are still in development so I can’t include everything right now.

What is the Hug Train?

The HugTrain is a rail trip organised by Arié Moyal, taking him around the USA, spreading holiday cheer and raising funds & awareness about mental health one hug at a time! This year, the fourth annual edition will take place from December 24, 2012 to January 7, 2013 in honour of the victims and survivors of the movie theatre shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

You can help HugtrainUSA right now

HugtrainUSA Updates

Firstly Nokia are onboard helping with some equipment and costs, which is fantastic!

The great, Mark AG – preparing to sing the theme song HUG TRAIN if all goes well at Sony and Warner that is.

David’s Tea could be supporting, details to follow.

It’s not long now until departure –  Arie has added more days to stop in New York City to visit Sandy survivors first before he starts officially on the 24th.

The HugTrainUSA event starts as follows……….(text taken from the website)

First Stop New York

We will be in NYC the weekend before launch with a goal to hug as many people as possible and get our hug muscles warmed up 🙂
Help us raise spirits, awareness and funds for mental health one hug at a time
So if you know anyone who wants a hug let us know
Plans are for an event on 12/22 in the evening and a visit to Sandy survivors early Sunday
Hope you can join us! Please spread the word!

Monday 24th December –  Hug Train 2012-13 Launch Party –   Come see the train off at the station or share this with those who might like a hug!

And he’s off …….. on the HUGTRAIN…

Rest of the times and dates as follow – see the Facebook events page for details -> HugTrain/events you can join here if you want to attend or help.

One charity has been confirmed so far, its the Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation. Please follow them on twitter and donate – Details here….


I believe in my heart of hearts that with Social media we can make a difference – showing we care by spreading the word and raising awareness, and money for charities, and this is one of many that needs our help.

Arie is still looking for sponsors, helpers, and even at some stops he still needs a couch to rest his weary head in the evening, so if you can help in anyway at all – please let him know.

Keep up with what going on on twitter and Facebook and please share.

Contact details: Arié Moyal: / Website: / Facebook:

DrawingSomething Application including Bugs and Fixes

Its been all go recently with Intragram being bought by Facebook and now DrawSomething from OMGPOP being bought by Zynga of Farmville fame for massive amounts of money it seems. Hopefully Zynga will sort out some of the problems that people are experiencing.

Where can I play DrawSomething

If you still don’t know what Drawsomething is (where have you been?) – it is a drawing game similar to Pictionary where you draw a picture and people guess what it is, you can play this with Facebook friends or random people using the iPhone or iPad from iTunes.

You can also play it directly from Facebook or on Google Plus.

The app has a free game and a paid game – the only difference I can see is that you do not get adverts on the paid game.

People are really good at this game, you can see some of the drawings on the DrawSomething Facebook page 


I played DrawSomething on Facebook first because it reminded me of a browser based game which I was addicted to about 12 years ago called iSketch which is still there after all of these years, I think they should have created an application don’t you.  There is an application called iSketch but this is just a basic painting app. The best game play of DrawSomething is actually on the iPad, I love how you can just Draw something and then put it down for as long as you like.

Drawsomething has bugs



There are however many bugs still within the Drawsomething application.  I’ve had one where the application got confused and showed my drawing with the previous drawings letters, so the letters didn’t fit the drawing. Like this one drawn on the iPhone (which I find difficult so don’t laugh! LOL )



Missing Colours, Bombs and Coins

On the game you can buy coins to buy new colours and bombs which can give you new words or hints.

Users also have other bugs where coins, bombs and colours – colors – are missing. I read these responses and fixes on the getsatisfaction forum, which is for all support for the game – only go there if you are not easily offended. 🙂

Here’s Swiftor’s official response: 

They are safe, but your game client is not reading your inventory info from our servers properly. We’re looking into this – but in the meantime, there are a couple of things you can try doing to get them to show up: 
1) If you’re on Wifi, and your device supports 3g/4g – try that. There are reported cases of coins/etc not showing up on wifi. (or vice versa) 

2) You can try killing the app and restarting it (or restarting your phone). 

Again, we’re looking into a final solution for this! 

Another response was from a user call SVNDR – DS is DrawSomething. This fix he says is for iPhone 4s and iPad. Many people said this has worked.

1. Kill all backgrounding apps, including DS (double click home button).

2. Re-open DS.

3. Click the little gear in the top right-hand corner.

4. Click on account.

5. Now, scroll to the very bottom of that page a click logout, then confirm the next message that pops up (if one does)

6. You should now be logged out and at the screen to select either Facebook or Email.

7. Now close DS and then kill it in the backgrounding bar like you did in step 1.

8. Wait about 5-10 second then re-open DS.

9. Wait for it to load to the screen to select between Facebook or Email.

10. Click on whatever form of login you would normally use (i use Facebook).

11. Enter your email and password, then continue to login as normal.

12. Now this is what i think truely helps, so make sure you pay attention and DO NOT skip any of the previous, or next steps!!
Once you are logged in, DO NOT touch anythng, instead look in the top left-hand corner off the main screen, you should see a faint loading icon that spins around. Wait until that icon is completely gone until you continue to the next step.

13. Now that the loading icon is gone, DO NOT open or continue playing any games, yet. First, scroll to the very bottom of the main screen and click on the ‘SHOP’ button.

14. If you previously had purchased bombs, you should now see at the bottom that you have your bombs back, this should most likely mean that your colours and coins have returned aswell.

15. If you did not previously have bombs then you should see the top of the screen in the left-hand side that your coins are back.

Many users are also having problems with games not loading, both on the free game and the paid version –  some games are showing waiting for next player.  There are hundreds of complaints about this on the site, and as yet I have not found a solution, although the above might work.  If you have tried this or have a different solution can you please let us know.

Apart from all that it is a great game and very addictive, but as I say you can just play for a few mins and then put it down for however long you want and it will still be at the stage you left it.

Hope this helps

Don’t give up! New Year’s Resolutions [Infographic]

It seems that New years resolutions are made to break, a little bit like rules!

We seem to set ourselves impossible tasks or too many at once.

We are 10 days into 2012 now… How are you doing with your 2012 resolutions?

If you said you were going to Eat Healthy Food and went out for a huge steak and chips this weekend, does that mean you’ve failed as this infographic suggests?  No, of course not – it just means you tripped up along the way. Besides you can have a treat now and then, ok it was a little early into the year, but don’t give up!

If you have chosen more than one resolution such as…

  1. Get Fit
  2. Loose weight
  3. Give up Smoking
  4. Get a better job
  5. Leave Facebook
  6. Join Google+

…just decide which one is the most important and stick to that for 6 months or so, then maybe tackle the next one.  You will just go crazy trying to do them all at once and probably give up completely.  Choose the easiest first like joining Google+ 🙂

Keep trying

You can make the resolutoins at any point in the year by the way, it doesn’t have to be new year, maybe decide that in March you will start going to the gym after you have not smoked for 3 months, your body will love you for it.

I like to see these targets as Goals – rather than New Years Resolutions. Set yourself Goals throughout the year, and if you don’t achieve it at first, carry on, don’t give up, you know what you need to do, so just keep trying. Ask for help, no one will think any less of you – get support from friends, family, doctors or other professionals that are there to help.

Don’t set yourself impossible tasks – perhaps just take little steps towards it.

How are you doing with your resolutions?  Are you winning?  What resolutions did you make?