Will this crazy Startup hit the big time? #GreetingsFromGermany

Greetings from Germany is a website whose statement says We send you a handwritten postcard from Germany to anywhere in the world.  ……..

Oliver Schonmehl of Stonehill Media, one of the founders tweeted me this statement recently and I replied – Why ??   Good for him though he tweeted back – Why NOT ?

Will this crazy Startup hit the big time? #GreetingsFromGermany

I really wasn’t being rude, I was genuinely asking the question, why?  If you know me, you know that if I can I will support Startups where I can, I have great admiration for all the hard work they put into to their project to make it work, and I’m sure they think its the best idea since Paypal, Craigslist or even Amazon which people thought at the time were crazy start ups … but to get this far, others also must have thought that Greetings from Germany was an amazing idea.

However, I just don’t get it. 

Will this crazy Startup – Greetings from Germany hit the big time?

Greetings from Germany guarantee that their postcards are sent from Germany with a german stamp and a postmark



The postcards are beautiful from all different parts of the country.

Will this crazy Startup hit the big time? #GreetingsFromGermany

I asked Oliver: “Why would I want to use this service?”

He replied

You can use the site to send postcards while you are there in Germany or  if you forget to send them while you are away you can use this service to send them when you return home.

You can even use Greetings from Germany to pretend that you are on holiday in Germany – haha say if you are a spy or don’t want anyone to know where you are.

I just don’t get it

However, I still don’t get it, if it were very cheap then maybe, because the cost of a stamp and a postcard is very little, that’s why we send them, but to use this site of course is a lot more.   Do people even send postcards any more, I can’t actually recall the last time I sent or received one!

Have a look at Greetings from Germany, tell me what you think, would you or do you see a need for this service? Is it just because I don’t often go to Germany (at all)  Do you know of another reason this service could be use?  Businesses maybe?

I wish them all the best with it of course and I hope they do very well.

Images were taken from the website Greetings from Germany, if you want me to take them down, please let me know. 



Add some Jooice power to your Twitter account #startup

jooicer the new twitter toolJooicer the new Twitter tool to add some Jooice power to your Twitter account.  Jooicer is a brand new startup created by founders Bartolome Rodriguez and David Rodriguez from Spain, the guys created Jooicer really for their own use, when they found that their strategies on Social media needed some help.

You know how I love tools that can enhance Twitter, and I love to help startups – well this is one of them, I’m really liking this Platform. Yes, I like Twitter as it is, I like its simplicity, although that is changing. What love is that we can have these tools like the Justsayingapp – which adds voice to your tweets; to enhance to our social media strategies and I don’t see why we aren’t using all of them, or many of these tools anyway.

What is Jooicer the new Twitter tool

Jooicer is similar to IFTTT for Twitter, although for me I’ve used it more to analyze and calculate than to automate, which is really what IFTTT is about, I believe. IFTTT is also crossplatform so different in that respect. Jooicer, allows you to create your own recipes for Twitter or to use recipes that other people have created to implement your own social media strategy.

The sort of recipes you can create are 

  • Actions – favorites, follows, unfollows, retweets. 
  • Analyze Data – using hashtags, keywords, bios, tweets, names, handles 
  • Calculate ratios – same
  • Create Lists – same

Or if there is something you want to create, that you don’t see a way to do it, just go to the feedback tab and ask away.

This platform is in …. I think,  ALPHA, or early beta and you can you can request access here – The guys know its not ready, and they want your help to perfect it, so they can learn what you need it to do and to help you do it.

The way they have gone about this reminds me of Buffer, when Joel and Leo first founded buffer they were always on hand and around talking to everyone, taking on board suggestions, they were out there.  they were talking to bloggers and creating relationships, that’s why within 2 months Buffer was featured on 100 Blogs – They are continually working to make it better and always listen to the users.

This is what I feel Bartolome is like, replying straight away and so thankful for ideas, and having time to help me to create what I needed.  When founders are hands on like that it gives me a good feeling about the way a platform is going to go – I know they have to be hands on , as they don’t have funds to have a team of people helping them and if they just leave it, its not going to grow, but you’d be surprised how many start ups I’ve forgotten about because they stopped being involved or replying to questions.


Reports on Jooicer

Once you have created a recipe you get a detailed report to use,  however the recipe was made.

This was a precreated recipe which I was trying out – its called Discover my influencers created by @grandpicapp

This one shows you – who is following you that has over 10k following them.

Note: On all of the precreated recipes you can change any of the details or formulas you want.  So you could change this to 100k followers.


This is my Dashboard, I have been messing around with various different recipes to see what is possible, what works, and what doesn’t, but I’ve not really hit the tip of the iceberg with what I would like to do with this platform.  You can see already all of the information that I have collected.    Twitter is my favorite social network, and I can see a lot of potential with Jooicer – they are adding the ability to have more than one Twitter account and they will be adding things like sending the list or report to your email, there are already many other updates to be included.

jooicer the new twitter tool

If you want to see a “How to” on creating recipes please see the Jooicer.Blog which has more information about Jooicer the new twitter tool 🙂

Follow Jooicer on Twitter 

What tools do you use to help you enhance Twitter? Maybe I’m missing some..