Announced today – Facebook Timeline – The Story of your life

Mark Zuckerberg today at the Developers conference shared with us new changes to Facebook.

He told us about…..


The Story of your life on a single page, summarized by Facebook, so that it feels like home!

This is a summery of all of your stories and all of your apps on your profile, Mark Zuckerberg says its a new way to express who you are.

Timeline starts of with all of the things you have done recently and then what happened last week, last month, last year and so on, showing pictures, music, places, and messages throughout your life on Online.

Time-slot – you can click on a year, and it will go to that year and show the most important stuff that happened.

Meaning of the dot –  Blue dots – important content – Grey dots – less important.

Map – the map shows everywhere you have been in your life and when.

You can highlight important events of your life by clicking on the star beside the story, so that timeline knows that its important to you.

You can control whats on your timeline and who can see it.  Mark says you have complete control.

App’s will help you tell your story on your timeline.

Added apps will show up in your timeline story.

How to add an app to your timeline, one way will be to add it from your friends timeline, by clicking add to timeline.


A new class of apps…

The map of all of the connections in the world, where you can connect to more things.  The next step this year is to connect to anything you want or anyone you want.

Read a Book
Watch a Movie
Eat a Meal
Hike a Trail
Listen to a song


Ticker is the way to express your lightweight activity – that you want to express but don’t necessarily want to bother people with.  Such as app activity which appears to be the main reason.

Facebook becomes MORE social

Sharing music in this way becomes easier, using Spotify –  you can seen what people are listening to, share it, or listen to it with them.  People can see your music on your timeline and listen to it there too.  This is to help you discover more music through your friends.

Being made easier to share is also social games, social news and lifestyle applications.

These are big changes, huge!   They actually make Facebook a completely different place, some of us have seen a very small part of these changes already,  to which most people aren’t impressed, so what will people say now??   Yet as they say “people don’t like changes”.

Mark Zuckerberg said that he wants it to feel like home, but to some it will feel at first like they have been made homeless.

We will see once everyone has all of the changes, it might take sometime to get use to it, as usual some will love it and some will hate it –  but as much as people complain I can’t see anyone leaving Facebook.  I believe you will still be able to use Facebook as you always did but also in different ways.

Its actually pretty amazing what they have done here in the face of Social Media, sharing will take a new level – we might be sad to see the old Facebook go – but why don’t we give this a chance and not slate it before we’ve tried it.

They are still talking about the changes and other news at facebook here –

See more about Timeline and how it will look with a video on Timeline. 


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Spotify hit by a virus attack

Digital music service Spotify (free version)  has been attacked by malware.

It came via malicious third-party adverts so Spotify have removed ads for now, until they sort it out.

Twitter users are still complaining to @Spotify about this; It would appear that it is proving very difficult to locate the source of the malware and Spotify are asking twitter users to help, they are asking what ads caused the problems. The twitter community are trying to assist with one twitter posting screen prints to Spotify, another person offered run tests for them.

@ Spotify on twitter said – We’re still investigating but we take this very seriously and will take every step possible to ensure it doesn’t occur again.

One website has reported that AVG software has identified one of the malicious payloads as Trojan horse Generic_r.FZ.

According to Sophos this comes at the same time as another malicious ad on Facebook, asking you to install Adobe Flash player, which is when you get the malware.  Apparently this  has now been taken care of by Facebook.

Let this be a reminder to us that we must regularly scan our system for malware, you never know where it might appear next.

Hope this helps