Tsu the new social network that pays YOU

Tsu the new social network that pays YOUIts seems social networks are popping up all over the place, now we have Tsu the new social network that pays YOU, which is SO different to the new ELLO social network we have just all joined because its NOT going to have adverts – this one thinks you are going to not mind at all about the adverts because YOU will be being paid.

And it just shows you, that no one really does care – as they are still signing up in droves.

Tsu the new social network that pays YOU

Tsu – pronouced Sue – was launched this week and people are flocking to it, unlike the recent launch of ELLO which was all under a big cloak of suspense and mystery and you had to get invited to join, and these were few and far between, with Tsu you are seeing these links http://www.tsu.co/Michelledh popping up everywhere and there is no limit to the amount of uses – its just a persons vanity URL, but it will take you to the log in – sign up page immediately.  This is where it reeks of MLM because people sign up you get paid and you will earn money from those people – there is like a family tree section which you will see who is under you and who is above .. I don’t like MLMs purely because I feel they usually are cheesy and there is nothing for us there but this is a social network and it looks pretty funky.

Its seems that the reason Tsu can cope with this this amount of people jumping on the network all at once is because it has had over 7 million dollars in investments! This is where the payments are coming from for your posts, you will get paid for posting and inviting, eventually, they say!  I doubt it will be much. Update – It shows in my TSU account that I have earned $0.54 in a week this is by posting 1 or 2 posts a day and putting about 3 invites out there. I’m not sure if or how or when you get the money out though – at that rate probably in about 2 years. 

Tsu the new social network that pays YOU

First thing you normally do is add your profile picture, This is new and different, love it, you can add frames, shapes, sizes, change colours, airbrush – all sort of things before you add your profile picture, very clever. Soon to be seen on other networks!

Tsu social network

This network is very easy to use, and very user friendly – again very unlike ELLO who made us learn a new way of doing things, which actually was quite fun, like going back to basics. However you won’t have any trouble using Tsu as it is just the same as all the others, add an image, comment, like, tag, @message – I guess its a mixture of Facebook and Twitter, thats how it feels.  Looks like Facebook, works more like Twitter.

Tsu Mobile App

Tsu do already even have mobile apps which is great, we love it to be cross platform don’t we, but as yet I’ve not really heard great things about the app – someone said it was difficult to upload an image and a few people said they were deleting it, I’ve not tried it yet, so I will have to come back to you on that. Update – Yes the app isn’t great, it doesn’t always post images and it doesn’t often update correctly. 

Right now, its very busy with everyone following and friending and posting but we will see, how it goes.

Check it out, there is no harm in trying. http://www.tsu.co/Michelledh  <— this is my invite to let you in.


Update – After just over a week on Tsu the spammers and scammers have arrived, and they are ruining the experience – people are inviting others like crazy because they want to earn money for nothing online, and so many posts about how to earn money on TSU – what you should or shouldn’t be doing!   Also I found myself in 3 facebook groups this week none of which I was asked if I wanted to join. Some are still using the network properly by sharing interesting content but others have gone mad with so many posts etc – I did hear but I’m not sure if its implemented that TSU are going to limit the amount of posts.  

Follr – Get your digital identity secured!

follrFounders Stephen Fells and Mark Wayman call Follr a digital identity website. Follr is a personally branded website that can be used as your initial point of contact, like you would use a business card but digitally. Follr suggest that they solve the problem of our ever changing social identities getting lost and fragmented by storing all of our content and professional or personal information, ie our digital identity.

I signed up for a free trial of Follr in October to test and see what it was all about, I set up my profile, added my links, followed/friended a couple of people – its seemed great, but at the time work was really busy and it was put on the backburner.

follr a digital identity website

Follr a digital identity website

downloadFounders Stephen Fells and Mark Wayman call Follr a digital identity website.  Follr is a personally branded website that can be used as your initial point of contact, like you would use a business card but digitally.  Follr suggest that they solve the problem of our ever changing social identities getting lost and fragmented by storing all of our content and professional or personal information, ie our digital identity.

So, I signed up for a free trial of follr in October to test and see what it was all about, I set up my profile, added my links, followed/friended a couple of people – its seemed great, but at the time work was really busy and it was put on the back burner.  In that time, it went very quite and I thought there would be a big buzz about it, reminding me to go there but Mark Wayman told me they were getting things to perfection before shouting, I think it now time to shout! This network is cool!

What are the features of Follr

News Feed – The same as Facebook or Twitter – with a status update section, where you can post to follr or 3 social networks. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin – not sure why not the rest or at least Google+

Private Messages

Profile – You can add a very comprehensive profile here – the usual details but then a large Summary and Biography I’m not sure how many words as I didn’t get to the limit – you can fill these in or you can just merge with your LinkedIn account and they take the information from there. You can added your resume or again just take it from Linkedin.

Settings – Check out the settings page as there are few things you can change here such as your META information.

Home – On your home page will be your profile and messages from your social media networks.

Social and Links – Add your social media networks and all of your links.

Themes – Your Theme can be changed, in colour, font and box size.

Documents – Add Photos Videos and Documents

Tags – You can add tags about yourself so that If someone is looking for an accountant, a website designer or plumber they can search for that tag and see a list of people or businesses listed in order of highest Follr score.

Follr Score – The follr score comes from your Links, Tags, Connections, Networks and Vouches – seems to be a very accurate way of working out your score, but you need to remember to fill everything in.

Vouches – Just like LinkedIn and other sites people can vouch for your skills.

My Story – Tell the story of your life — birth, travel, relationships, homes and life changing memories!  –  Mine just includes work and schooling at the moment that is taken from LinkedIn.

Events – Maximize your events – Set up Event Details – Send Email invites. Manages these events and attendees right from the site.

Connections – There are many ways to find and add connections.

Statistics – Whose visited your profile – clicks and downloads

Just today Follr launched a rewards program – so that if you invite someone to Follr using your special link and they want to upgrade to the the pro-version you get rewarded earning credits that can be applied to a professional upgrade or a custom domain name. My link is http://follr.me/Michelledh/refer

From the rewards program pages you can Tweet, Facebook, Google+ or post on LinkedIn directly a generated message like… 

I use follr.com to manage my reputation. Free to use or save 50% on Follr Pro with my link – http://follr.me/Michelledh/refer via @follr

Still unsure what this means? – Follr a digital identity website

The point in follr is that we can create and collect our own digital identity from the data that is already spread around the internet about us. We use so many different social media networks, websites and platforms because not one does everything we like or has the niche following that we need, people are segemented, spread around as is our identity thats why we now need follr a digital identity website.

Check it out – add me http://follr.me/Michelledh and if you do please do vouch for me.

Hangout, share, showcase talents, network, all in one place | #jumpjbx

jumpjukeboxThere is a brand new entertainment network called Jump Jukebox, which is the  brainchild of Michelle Morgan.

Michelle has been writing music since she was very little and felt there was nowhere secure and unsaturated where she could present her music so like anyone would, she created her own stage and Jump Jukebox was born.

Michelle wanted somewhere where artists and entertainers can share their work with each other, chat and bounce off each other, and maybe even get noticed by talent spotters.

Get yourself noticed on Jump Jukebox

Its not only for self promotion, because who likes to do that all of the time; its a place to share  the entertainment you love and to tell others how it inspired you, have some laughs and enjoy like minded company

Like-minded creative people all in one place~ what a heavenly idea!

No hating, just rating and some serious musical mating! Now that could be the start of a piece of lyrical genius?!).

Jump into the jukebox, jump to your on beat with me Michelle at Jumpjukebox.co.uk

Jump jukebox isn’t only for music its for all kinds of entertainment and people with various talents hobbies and likes to meet up and hangout.


Hangout is an online social network – Sharing entertainment interests and talents actually anything spectacular, unusual or quirky is welcome.  Groups and Meet ups are available too.

What else can you do on Jump Jukebox

* Upload Photos and Videos
* Join groups & events
* Create events and arrange meet ups
* Access what everyone else has been doing (shows comments, likes, new uploads etc)
* Instant message between users
* Like/rate videos, photos and other content
* Showcase Talents & Events


When you first log in to JumpJukebox you can add your profile image and a cover image of your choice.  Then you can create your profile – the usual name, date of birth, about me, contact info, country, website and you can fill in as much or as little as you want, which is nice for some people that like their privacy.


You can then add a status update, a photo, video or event.   You can add your friends, talk privately on the chat box, or message them directly.

It really seems to have all you need in one place, its like Twitter for updates, YouTube for sharing videos, Google+ for hangouts and sharing pictures, and eventful for sharing events but as (the other) Michelle rightly said, these places are over run and you don’t get noticed, here you can have an intimate place where like minded people can get together.

Make new friends, meet fellow musicians, join a band, a sports group, create a club, big up yourself and people you know

Sounds great doesn’t it?

Check it out now – at http://jumpjukebox.co.uk

Don’t forget to add me and say hi, oh and you even get your own fancy URL –


GetPRSM – The security friendly Social Network?

getprsmAt first glance you think GetPrsm seems to be a fabulous social networking site, the site was created by Datacoup who put together this site after NSA’s sweeping data collection program. Datacoup which was founded by Matt Hogan is itself a  free web & mobile application that empowers consumers with their own personal data.

What about this GetPrsm Social Network?

Is it a new network or what?  Let us see what GetPrsm’s features are…

The Network boasts

  • No Ad’s ever
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 320 million users (are alarm bells ringing yet?)
  • Never worry about sharing again

With a host of things you can share on line including….

Purchases – Internet Searches – Email – Blog Posts – TV shows watched – Photos Uploaded – Locations – Phone Calls – Videos Watched – Texts – Social Media – And More.

Uh huh….

Instantly upload trillions of megabytes of data.

Key Partners Include

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Yahoo
  • Skype
  • AOL
  • At&t

Now you get it – there is a clue in the name – PRSM.  Yes, you’d be wrong in thinking the new social networking site was actually real – it’s in fact just a parody site to promote awareness and attention to the issues on security.

When you click on the Sign up Now button

It says Un-Oh!  Looks like there is already an account associated with this device and/or user


Contact technical support.

Then when you click Contact Support

Its takes you to a blog post entitled

Massive Spying Program Exposed

Very clever … We like it ! 🙂

We have heard some rumours that someone might be making this site a reality …. stay tuned.

Is your employer blocking social sites or asking for passwords?

HR must embrace social

I find it amazing that employers would ask for your Facebook Passwords. In one way I can understand why they would block Social Networks if they think you are wasting company time looking at tweets, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Employer asked for Facebook Password

This infographic from Compliance and Safety.com shows –

  • Asking for an employers password is a clear invasion of privacy
  • Will cause bad relations with bosses and staff
  • Could initiate a discrimination lawsuit.
  • It actually violates Facebook’s privacy terms.

With regard to blocking social sites at work, most people are not stupid enough to be on Facebook during work hours if it is not part of their own job but might like to catch up in their lunch hour or break times. However, even better it could be used for the companies benefit – IE talking about great things that are happening that day, an event at work, a new product –  This is free advertising!

Amazingly school and colleges in the UK are known to block social networking sites for staff and students on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, gaming sites, and even NEWs sites – Not just for young children but for college children studying courses such as computer science. It would be more beneficial to teach children how to use the sites properly.

Recently I’ve even heard of 2 or 3 friends employers banning their staff from even having social media accounts,  which to me in incredible!   Has any of this happened to you? I’d love to know, its fascinating to me.

Take a look at the infographic and let me know your experiences in this.

Is the company you work for social media savvy or do they think its something that needs to be banned and blocked for safety.

Featured By: C&S Safety Training Videos


Why aren’t all SMEs getting into Social Media

Image CC – http://www.flickr.com/photos/fidenaut/4486173747/

Some SMEs are not using Social Media or not using it correctly

Just being active on social media platforms like Google+ Twitter and Facebook can improve the way consumers view a company.

Maybe they should read this How social media can benefit small businesses 

If only for customer service, we the consumers want this..  

Why? the following story could have been avoided, if the company was more accessible and responsive, correct use of social media can do this.

Without going into it, I had already been let down by one company and had lost 4 days.

Next stop – Wedo Beds

I had seen a few companies on-line offering the same bed and mattress for about the same price on Next Day Delivery. It was quite an unusual bed – as it was 4ft and black/brown – to match other furniture.

Businesses supplying this product were companies that I had never heard of, I searched for them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ nothing. There was nothing on the website with links for social media either. Which concerned me a little. What business is not on social media now, this is crazy.  So, I searched Google for reviews.  I found a couple of good reviews for Wedo Beds free next day delivery.  

I eventually did find accounts for WoDoSimple which I assume is part of the group or the head of the group – but these accounts were mostly unused with the token one day a post – if that.

Thursday –  20th of September I ordered the items. It wasn’t until I got past the checkout that I noticed, that orders had to be in before 12 midday for Next Day Delivery and it was now 1pm.  Being it was Thursday this would now mean delivery for Monday.

Friday  – I got an email saying there was a problem with verifying my bank account details,  don’t worry they said just confirm your delivery / invoice address and if you do this before 12 it will still be out for next day, I did this at 10am

Monday – Waiting for delivery –

  • 3pm a little worried that I’d not had confirmation of delivery.   I telephoned WeDo Beds, I was met with a voicemail, I would be called back within 1 hour.
  • 5pm I called again – voicemail again saying I would be called within the hour.
  • 5.20pm received a call saying there was a problem with verification and delivery was delayed until tomorrow – I explained what the email said, and she just said, Well its out for delivery tomorrow.


  • 9am – Phone call – There is a problem with the mattress and that won’t be delivered until Wednesday – (You couldn’t make this up) I was not amused. I said it better be sent on same day then, I have already waited in for two days –  we can’t do that.  I asked for the manager to call me back within the hour to sort this out.
  • 11am –  I explained that service had not been satisfactory so far, he was most apologetic the mattress suppliers were different and they’d had a problem, I would still get the Bed though. (Like that helped) Eventually, giving up, I said ok I can get someone else to wait in, so he said being as this was their problem, he would call back later that day – to let me know if it was AM or PM, to make it easier for me.
  • Later – No phone call. Bed Arrived but of course it couldn’t be used as no mattress.

I did however have a text message from the courier company saying the mattress was out for delivery on Wednesday,  so I left it that the person would just wait at home all day for me.

Wednesday – 26th September –  I was out all day – but I had someone wait for me.

  • 4pm – Still no Mattress, I had the managers number from yesterday so I called it – asked why he hadn’t called me back yesterday. He said “Oh someone was supposed to, I will call the delivery people and find out where they are”  He did and they called me.
  • 5pm it was delivered.
  • 20 more hours and free next day delivery would have taken a full week.

This would have had a better result if customer service was better and more accessable, ie on Social Networks.

  • I could have checked them out first
  • I could have chatted with them about my concerns
  • I could have spoken to someone right away.  Instead of just feeling that I was being fobbed off with excuse after excuse or being placated.

My mistake, I won’t make it again.

With more than 50% of the UK population using social media I don’t see how businesses can avoid it for much longer.

EDIT: I had a response to this blog post from Jason the Ecommerce Director at We Do Beds (Or We Do )  basically to apologise and to explain in part that that they do have social networks but they don’t advertise them at this time as it is not a part of their budget – I as you can imagine explained it should be but I appreciate that he took the time to contact me, and he is looking into the delays on this order.

Whatever the problems really, I was frustrated that three days I had to be in or have someone wait in, because I wasn’t kept informed.







Via.me the Social Publishing application available on iPhone now launched on Android

Via.Me, the First App to Offer Photo, Video, Audio Filtering and Sharing to Multiple Social Networks, Is Now Available on Android

Via.me is a social media publishing platform created by RadiumOne Labs that has been available on iTunes for Apple iPhone users for over 5 months which has proved very popular by its 1 millions users. And now on September the 4th RadiumOne introduced Via.me for Android on Google play.

Even though I’d heard about Via.me I’d not actually downloaded it yet as I already use the very popular instagram and tumblr, and thought Via.me was just a copy of instagram – I had seen someone call the app instagram on steroids and heard people say not another Social Network.  Via.me themselves say that you can use it create your own story board, by creating a personal story or the story of your brand – so there I thought similar to Pinterest.  However after hearing that the application was now launched on Android, I realised it was getting very popular and I thought it was time to try it out.  And I’m so glad I did because I was very wrong, which is why I usually always try these things out first and don’t listen to others.

Via me is Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Path all rolled into one.

Via.me isn’t just for sharing pictures via your phone – it is SO much more – you can share videos, audio notes and images, which you can filter and type a message or add audio notes too to go with it. Then you can share these to Facebook or twitter. Which users can then like or share or comment using video or audio note or text. I also like that you can chose to publish to your Facebook profile, any one of your pages or all of them.  I’ve only posted 5 pictures so far today and I already have around 100 views on each of them and some likes and reshares. I haven’t even started to follow people properly yet.

On the Via.me app the features include

  • Feed – To see your friends messages
  • Explore – To see anyones
  • Camera – Add Picture – Sound or Video – from library or right away.
  • Activity – Who followed you,shared or liked your posts
  • Caption – Top left, similar to typing a tweet on twitter, it can just be a note or  you can  add images, sound or Video.
On the image, video or message –  you can like, repost, comment or delete ..
To delete a picture from Via.com you either can do this from the application – you simply click on the item you want to delete – click the cog in the bottom right and then delete
Or on the web, click the item you want to delete and click the bin in the bottom right.

Using Via.Me on the Desktop

The Via.me web platform is fantastic too – which is something that instagram lacks. You log in via your Twitter or Facebook account and all of your information is there from your phone. You can do everything on the web platform that you can on your phone and much more.  You can share to more networks .  It looks like Pinterest and behaves similar to Tumblr and maybe even Path, however it does everything at once and yet somehow is much simpler to use – Whats more it looks fabulous, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this for so long. To link a platform via the phone and the desktop is something that I always look for in an application,  and Via.me does it perfectly.

Features as outlined by Via.me include

  • ·         Photo Filters – 17 best-in-class photo filters enable users to customize their favorite photos.
  • ·         Multiple File Types – Upload photos, videos, audio and text
  • ·         Real-Time Alerts – Receive instant notifications whenever someone you follow posts on Via.Me.
  • ·         Easy Cross-Posting – Via.Me makes it easy to share across the most popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter in just two clicks.
  • ·         Intuitive User Interface – The Via.Me app and website have an elegant and intuitive user interface that makes it fun and easy to create, share and discover.
See the introductory video from RadiumOne here – Introducing Via.me  it shows just how easy it is.
I hope that people don’t just see this as another Instagram or another Pinterest as I thought before I checked it out or it might put them off trying it too. Please try it – and you will see why it is so special – all we need now is for Empire Avenue and people like Klout to add it to their scoring and maybe to even be able to Buffer from Via.me, ok maybe thats just a little over the top.
This is not just another social network is it many networks rolled into one – so if this works, we could drop 4 and just use Via.me……..  Its a thought.
Just try Via.me I think you’ll like it… let me know below what you do think, thanks.
Hope this helps





Have you signed up for Pinterest yet?

Pinterest is your virtual Pinboard or Scrapbook.

Pinterest is well-funded by a this group of  successful entrepreneurs and investors: Jack Abraham (Milo), Michael Birch (Bebo), Scott Belsky(Behance), Shana Fisher (Highline Venture Partners), Ron Conway (SV Angel), Kevin Hartz (EventBrite), Jeremy Stoppelman (Yelp), Hank Vigil, and Fritz Lanman.

I’ve just signed up for this, even though it was apparently launched in March 2010 – (which was why I couldn’t get my usual user name)  but it is still in Beta and invitation only or by requesting an invite

Pinterest now also has an iPhone application

My Pinterest users name is techieminx 

Create your Pinboards in Pinterest

You pin pictures, video or links to your boards, which can have whatever categories you like. You can use your own links or pictures, or someone elses, always making sure you give credit to the original source.

It very simple and easy to do.

Choose if you want to

Add a Pin –  You choose from your own pictures/video’s stored on your PC or iPhone. 

Upload a Pin – Here you put the URL of the picture/video you wish to display.

Create a Board – You create a Board to put your Pins.

Look at other PinBoards on Pinterest

You can browse Pinboards created by other users where you can – LikeRepin or Comment, from those boards.

When you pin something to your board you can also share this with Facebook or Twitter!

Finding or inviting friends couldn’t be easier when you sign in with Facebook, its just gives you two lists, or you can search on email addresses.

This site is great fun, and very popular – check out how many likes people already have, its phenomenal.

Its not just anther photo sharing site, or even social networking site ….

Sort of explained what it is in this video by Lockergnome aka Chris Pirillo

What is Pinterest

Pinterest have a mission..

Our goal is to connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting. We think that a favorite book, toy, or recipe can reveal a common link between two people. With millions of new pins added every week, Pinterest is connecting people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests.

From http://pinterest.com/about/

Try it out, it costs nothing, but time – oh it is rather addicting 🙂

Hope this helps


Need an honest opinion? Ask Opinionaided.

Do you need an honest opinion on something? Opinionaided is a mobile social networking application designed for asking opinions and advice to a large community in real-time.   Similar to Quora (which came after)  but from what I’ve seen it seems that this one is more used by the younger generation for questions such as –  Do you like my new hairstyle?  or Am I good-looking  –  whereas Quora is more for business type questions I find.  However, you can filter these questions out and just go to a specific topic.

Opinionaided was launched in 2010 by founder Dan Kurani and co-founders Mike Melli and Matt Holloway and already has many users.

Originally for iPhone, ipod, and iPad, but is now available on Android and Online.

The interesting thing about Opinionaided is the phenomenal response rate – the first time I used it I asked a pretty lame question and within seconds I had 10 answers!  What networking site can you say that about?

Its very easy to use there are five buttons at the bottom of the screen which are

  • Home – Where you get two options – Ask for Opinions / Give your opinion
  • Ask – Where you ask you question
  • Vote – Where you can give your opinion and vote for questions.
  • Results – Here you can see the answers to your questions and who you helped with your answers.
  • Me – This is your profile page.

Need an honest opinion – how to ask

Type in your question, add a photo, and select a category, you can choose who to send it too, including any of your friends. You can also choose who not to include using the vote stream filter –  then press Get Opinions!

At the top of this page you have 3 choices – Public – Friends – Contacts – or post to facebook or twitter.

You can check your responses on your question by going to results – here you can give people stars for the best answers or reply directly to them, which would then be in private.

To give an opinion

You can just go right ahead and start voting in Random or you can go to the top right button and select a category.  You press thumbs up or thumbs down and type your opinion.  To pass you can press Neutral.  If you give a good answer you will get stars for your answer.

There are many chances to find friends, on the friends button – it pops up all over the place.  You can find Facebook friends, Twitter friends, scan contacts or Search Opinionaided.

The last button at the bottom is ME.

Here you can see your profile – and see how many votes you’ve given and how many good advice stars you have received, people seem to be very generous giving stars.

You can also do this online, you can sign in using your application account details.

You have to be over 13 to use this application but it is easy to get around this. My son says that there are many kids younger than this on there, asking inappropriate questions or answering them. Although it seems to be monitored, and users can get banned or warned. Also if you put links or anything commercial it will get removed – not sure if that is only if it is flagged.  There is a flag icon at the top of the question page and on user profiles to file reports.

Advice for asking questions given by Opinionaided

  • Ask clean questions seeking honest opinions and advice.
  • Use appropriate pictures that relate to your question.
  • Make sure your question can be answered with a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down.
  • Be real, truthful and honest. Nobody likes a fake.
  • Give other people helpful, polite advice. We’re all in this together!

My son, who is 17 has been using this application for months and must be one of the top users, I think that he is trying to get to be a Top Adviser. However –  I really didn’t like the sound of it, but because of his enthusiasm and because I love to test out applications I had to try it, and I really can see how it can be very addictive, and useful.


Need an honest opinion? Check it out

Hope this helps