Bolt by Instagram – 1 tap photo messages

Instagram-logoWell it looks like they’ve done it – Bolt by Instagram – 1 tap photo messages, has been launched – according to reports by Techcrunch, Mashable and The Verge.

We’ve been hearing about this new messaging app which is set to be a Snapchat Rival for about a week now.

Snapchat, Slingshot and now Bolt…..We really need more right?

Bolt by Instagram – 1 tap photo messages

It seemed that Instagram let the cat out of the bag before it was ready – or maybe it was one of those accidently on purpose social campaigns that Apple always seem to have.

This banner appeared on peoples instagram accounts introducing Bolt

instagram launched Bolt

Its being launched at first to just three countries, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa, and supposedly coming soon to the rest of us.

Its a real shame they decided to go with the name Bolt, I’m really not sure why they did. If you search on the App Store there are so many apps called Bolt and one developer actually asked instagram to please not use it as they’d spent the last year building their own Bolt brand.  What a blow to them.

Bolt Not integrated into Instagram

Its going to be completely separate from Instagram, thank goodness. Seems that it is the same as Snapchat, where you can send quick messages using photos that self destruct or disappear.  I hope Bolt doesn’t start leaking user names or mess up their privacy policy. 

This app doesn’t excite me in the slightest, I didn’t keep Snapchat, or Slingshot and I won’t get this.

We have enough instant messengers in our lives already, many of which are applications on our phones or applications within programs on our computers.  Which might be very useful and valuable however, Bolt as a messaging application, probably isn’t going to be for most social media marketers or companies but for children to play with.  Although of course if your target market is teens, then you might want to jump on the one tap photo messaging band wagon, and start one tapping your photos.

I will of course test Bolt by Instagram when it comes along, as I did with Snapchat, but I would think thats as far as it would go.

Have you got it yet?


Free Live Streaming using Hang w/ 2.1 Mobile App

live streaming using hang wLive Streaming using Hang w/ couldn’t be easier with the recent up date from MEDL Mobile to version 2.1

When Hang w/ was first released in March 2013 users were asking for more integration, more simplification and more features and Andrew Maltin CEO, Dave Swartz CCO and the rest of the team were listening.  First Hang w/ was updated to 2.0 and now 2.1 has arrived with all the new features added to the mix.

What does this mean – Live Streaming using Hang w/

Hang w/ is a free live streaming platform that was born out of the need to prove that people are real, in real time – no more being fake on social media as Celebrities use Twitter teams to tweet for them or post updates to Facebook its time to show themselves and get social.  Not even just celebrities but everyone, including you!

Hang out with a celebrity or become a celebrity

With Hang w/  which just stands for Hangwith/(your name)  you can hangout with anyone live streaming a video, you can talk them during the live streaming via text, and or go back to look at it another time.  You can alos *like” the broadcasts, if you like it.   You need never miss a live stream simply by setting your phone to send a push  notification when anyone that you are following goes live.

With the new features you have –

  • – Longer Broadcasts  (I believe up to 9 minutes) 
  • – Broadcast Directly to Facebook
  • – Broadcast loading enhancements
  • – Optimized live stream to Facebook
  • – Archives can now be shared to Facebook
  • – Added blocked users management
  • – Bug fixes and optimizations

There are loads of celebrities already live streaming using Hang w/ here are just a few…

  • • Timbaland
  • • Kaskade
  • • Chad Ohcocinco
  • • Dillon Francis
  • • Chief Keef
  • • Ali Landry
  • • Urijah Faber
  • • Jamie Kennedy


Will I see inappropriate comments or live streams on Hang w/?

There was a worry about Porn on Vine for a while, and now Vine has (is it just me that thinks this?) mostly not so great videos I’m hoping that Hang w/ will keep up with the flags and get rid of the rubbish quickly.

Hang w/ accounts will be suspended if flagged as objectionable by users, if found to be in violation of the Terms of Service.

You need to be careful that your live streams don’t contain

  • Hate speech or rudeness
  • Bit of your body no one wants to see
  • Anything perverse
  • Crimes
  • Basically as they say, anything you wouldn’t want your mum to see!

I love that! 🙂


To start Live Streaming using Hang w/

Hang w/ is so simple to set up.  First you need to create your own channel –  set up your profile, you can add to it Facebook or Twitter – add your profile picture, your real name and a user name.  You need to have your email address verified before you can start to live stream though.

Its easy to find people you want to follow by using the categories, or search and you can watch their previous broadcasts from their profile.

I like the Broadcasting Now button as you don’t need to be following these people you can just click this and it takes you to a selection of people that are actually live streaming right now which is very exciting.  However when I just looked there was just one person that was watching TV, not so exciting however, and unusual it seems as there are hundreds of  thousands of users on this platform. Everyone must be still recovering from New Years Eve!

Hang w/ is available on iOS or Android and you can even watch from Facebook so it couldn’t be easier live streaming using Hang w/  check it out – add me Michelledh – I’ve not started streaming yet but if anything was going to convince me to do so, this is the app to do it.


Iphone Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.



follr a digital identity website

Follr a digital identity website

downloadFounders Stephen Fells and Mark Wayman call Follr a digital identity website.  Follr is a personally branded website that can be used as your initial point of contact, like you would use a business card but digitally.  Follr suggest that they solve the problem of our ever changing social identities getting lost and fragmented by storing all of our content and professional or personal information, ie our digital identity.

So, I signed up for a free trial of follr in October to test and see what it was all about, I set up my profile, added my links, followed/friended a couple of people – its seemed great, but at the time work was really busy and it was put on the back burner.  In that time, it went very quite and I thought there would be a big buzz about it, reminding me to go there but Mark Wayman told me they were getting things to perfection before shouting, I think it now time to shout! This network is cool!

What are the features of Follr

News Feed – The same as Facebook or Twitter – with a status update section, where you can post to follr or 3 social networks. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin – not sure why not the rest or at least Google+

Private Messages

Profile – You can add a very comprehensive profile here – the usual details but then a large Summary and Biography I’m not sure how many words as I didn’t get to the limit – you can fill these in or you can just merge with your LinkedIn account and they take the information from there. You can added your resume or again just take it from Linkedin.

Settings – Check out the settings page as there are few things you can change here such as your META information.

Home – On your home page will be your profile and messages from your social media networks.

Social and Links – Add your social media networks and all of your links.

Themes – Your Theme can be changed, in colour, font and box size.

Documents – Add Photos Videos and Documents

Tags – You can add tags about yourself so that If someone is looking for an accountant, a website designer or plumber they can search for that tag and see a list of people or businesses listed in order of highest Follr score.

Follr Score – The follr score comes from your Links, Tags, Connections, Networks and Vouches – seems to be a very accurate way of working out your score, but you need to remember to fill everything in.

Vouches – Just like LinkedIn and other sites people can vouch for your skills.

My Story – Tell the story of your life — birth, travel, relationships, homes and life changing memories!  –  Mine just includes work and schooling at the moment that is taken from LinkedIn.

Events – Maximize your events – Set up Event Details – Send Email invites. Manages these events and attendees right from the site.

Connections – There are many ways to find and add connections.

Statistics – Whose visited your profile – clicks and downloads

Just today Follr launched a rewards program – so that if you invite someone to Follr using your special link and they want to upgrade to the the pro-version you get rewarded earning credits that can be applied to a professional upgrade or a custom domain name. My link is

From the rewards program pages you can Tweet, Facebook, Google+ or post on LinkedIn directly a generated message like… 

I use to manage my reputation. Free to use or save 50% on Follr Pro with my link – via @follr

Still unsure what this means? – Follr a digital identity website

The point in follr is that we can create and collect our own digital identity from the data that is already spread around the internet about us. We use so many different social media networks, websites and platforms because not one does everything we like or has the niche following that we need, people are segemented, spread around as is our identity thats why we now need follr a digital identity website.

Check it out – add me and if you do please do vouch for me.

how many networks are there

How Many Social Networks Are There?


don't panicPeople are often surprised at how many social networks there actually are, they often think of just Facebook and Twitter.

Wait for it… there are literally hundreds of social networking sites, more than 500 in fact.  That’s without counting all of the Chinese and other countries networks such as China’s Tencent who own WeChat with 200 million users. . However, out of the 500+ not all are of good quality or exactly thriving but they are available, and might just be the next big thing.

Some social networking platforms are obviously more popular than others and many of them you may not class as a social network but if its aim is to be social and to share and connect with other users then it’s often called a social network, social media platform or social site, and you can even include mobile applications in this such as Path a social networking-enabled photo sharing and messaging service for mobile devices.

Which network should I be on for my business?

Don’t panic though; you do not have to have an account on all 500+ networks for your business, that would be crazy. This is why Fairy Dust keeps up with emerging networks to ascertain which networks fit into your niche, your brand or your industry. We regularly test and review new sites, and many old sites that we might have just heard about to see what benefits there might be to join.

  • Media
  • Technology
  • Gaming
  • Music
  • Retail
  • Business to Business
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Cosmetics
  • Transport

All of the above are totally different industries which would have different needs; so which networks do you need to be would be a difficult question to answer here, right now. It could just be that the more active networks that you can manage the better reach you will have but some people cannot handle this and don’t want to.   Some businesses prefer to outsource their online activities to a social media manager, with social networking stills that would provide a social media strategy and manage the networks for you.

However, a good place to start would be to use or choose from the top ten social networks or applications.

The top 10 social media sites

The top ten social media sites are so called because they are the most popular and have the most monthly visitors or users.

1 – Facebook

2 – GooglePlus

3 – YouTube

4 – Twitter

5 – Pinterest

6 – Linkedin

7 – Tumblr

8 – Instagram

9 – MySpace

10 – Efactor

Although this list is in no particular order, that is how I would feature the top four.  And of course, again depending on your business, YouTube might not need to be included (although Video is the way to go if you can) and other networks might feature in your chosen networks such as Foursquare.

For really small businesses that don’t have the time it’s often suggested that they start with one network and really build that up until they start the next one, this will obviously take a very long time, and social networking done properly does take a long time.

Many people still do not “get” Googleplus saying that there is nothing to it, these people aren’t on Google plus or are not using it properly. Google plus is thriving, its more popular than Twitter and its fast approaching taking over Facebook in popularity.  Pinterest is also a network you might be surprised at, 3 years since the launch was reported at having 70 million users in July 2013.

Googleplus however should not be sniffed at as it is really a requirement for a business, or blogger –  for many reasons and one is search, the more you share your blogs posts on Google plus the more chance you have appearing in a Google search another top reason is Google authorship.

So, in answer to the question “How many social networks are there”, the answer is that you really do not have to worry about how many but which social networks should your business be a part of to maximize its social media presence.-


Customer Service – The Best and the Worst


Which company saved your life this Christmas  or which company will you not be using again because of their poor service?

How was your customer experience in 2012 – I’d love to know.

In this day and age, most of us at sometime order goods online, I did most of my Christmas shopping on-line, and there is a lot of trust involved, you need to know that the company will live up to their promises, that they are trustworthy and that you can contact them if there is a problem (Yes, problems do happen, we understand that, to be informed is all that customers ask).  It is helpful to check for reviews on businesses before you order but people seem more inclined to post a bad review for the company that has upset them, than the company that has done as expected.

This is why an active social presence is so important, customers can see how businesses deal with people and problems. Some Brands really take advantage of this chance to boost brand loyalty. Even though some of them receive many complaints, at least they do try to answer customers –  maybe Brands such as –  Virginmedia, O2, Nokia, Orange, Xbox  Sainsburys –  I’m not saying they all get it right all of the time, (I’ve had many a run in with Virgin, but they try) this would not be possible with their customer base but they appear to be trying to improve or keep their good reputation and retain their customers.

Amazon – super service

It doesn’t surprise me to see Amazon on most of the lists for the best customer service or customer satisfaction, they almost always deliver quicker than they say – quality is good and they are contactable 7 days a week.  Apple are also up at the top with their own customer service. I’ve used these companies numerous times, and have never been disappointed.  Maybe you have?  Let me know.

Cambridge Accessories saved me this Christmas

With Amazon, its usually better if you are ordering from them direct but my best purchase this year was with Cambridge Accessories. Just before Christmas my hard drive died Sony was little or no help at all, so I ordered a new hard drive from Cambridge Accessories, delivery was 4-7 days but I paid for the quickest delivery which was up-to 3 days as I was desperate to get it fixed, no false promises from them. To my amazement it arrived the next day, and I’d only ordered it at 3pm, brilliant service, thank you Cambridge Accessories.

One relatively new business that I had problems with this year, did eventually listen. I was contacted by a senior member of staff via email and who said that they would sort out the problems that I discussed and even gave compensation, not that I wanted that, I just wanted some reassurance that others wouldn’t be dealt with this way, customers don’t like to be tricked or fooled into ordering and they sure do not like it when there is no way to contact with the company. I wouldn’t use this company again, the trust is lost, you see how fickle we consumers are, we have so many companies to choose from out there, we do not have to stick with the same supplier if they are useless.

Talking of useless …..

iWoot iAwful

However sometimes the horror story is from someone you might not expect – I want one of those –  a type of gadget shop online – when they first started in 2000, they cared – they won awards! –  it was their baby – but it was sold in 2010 to The Hut Group. Just wow!

The Hut Group who in 2009 and 2010 also won awards from Young Finance Director of the Year, 100 fastest growing tech company in the UK and Matthew Moulding won Bank of Scotland Entrepreneur of the year 2009.

I want one of those are otherwise known as iWoot, and it seems its now a different story, they just don’t have any customer service at all. Zilch!  AMAZING! 

  • The phone number says they are busy and cuts you off,
  • They don’t reply to emails,
  • They don’t reply on Twitter
  • They have a messaging system on their own website but they rarely reply to that, and if they do they haven’t read all of the other messages so their reply is late and not related to your last problem.

They charge for next-day delivery which is supposed to be free it states this on their own website, (see above) and then deliver over a week late – which for me, meant that I had to go out (yes, outside) and buy more Christmas presents in time for Christmas. No apologies, nothing.  If you search #iwoot on Twitter you will see that many other people have complained and received no answers – many of those customers are fighting for refunds. They do appear to have a presence on Social media but they simply post out adverts.

I could write a whole post about how bad I want one of those service is, but I want to look at the bigger picture.

Strangely enough when I was searching for the hut group online I found someone saying that Zavvi also owned by The hutgroup has the same answerphone message as iwoot – not accepting calls due to high volume, he is also fighting to get a refund. 

Obviously people / consumers can have different experiences with different companies but generally you can tell those Brands or Companies that care –

  • They Engage on Social Networks
  • You can contact them easily !
  • Others have positive things to say about the company.
  • Staff seem like they actually care, and go out of their way to help.
  • Staff listen –  and not read solutions from a card.
  • Staff need to be able to speak the language they are communicating in correctly.
  • Companies / Brands admit their mistakes.

Technology is increasingly making it easier for companies to connect directly with their customers and to show their GREAT customer service

Of course, the better our customer experience the more likely we, the customers are going to recommend that company or Brand. We certainly won’t be recommending or using those companies again that do not fulfill promises, lie or have a terrible customer service.

I would love to think that as we grow, using the various tools now available, that so will old and new businesses, for the better.

What were your best and worst experiences this year with Customer Service, lets big up the great companies, and warn the others that it is time they improved. 

Social Media helping the HugtrainUSA #socialmediaforgood

I recently told you about the fourth HugTrainUSA that Arie Moyal is planning and I wanted to update you with times and dates of events and other things that are going on, some details are still in development so I can’t include everything right now.

What is the Hug Train?

The HugTrain is a rail trip organised by Arié Moyal, taking him around the USA, spreading holiday cheer and raising funds & awareness about mental health one hug at a time! This year, the fourth annual edition will take place from December 24, 2012 to January 7, 2013 in honour of the victims and survivors of the movie theatre shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

You can help HugtrainUSA right now

HugtrainUSA Updates

Firstly Nokia are onboard helping with some equipment and costs, which is fantastic!

The great, Mark AG – preparing to sing the theme song HUG TRAIN if all goes well at Sony and Warner that is.

David’s Tea could be supporting, details to follow.

It’s not long now until departure –  Arie has added more days to stop in New York City to visit Sandy survivors first before he starts officially on the 24th.

The HugTrainUSA event starts as follows……….(text taken from the website)

First Stop New York

We will be in NYC the weekend before launch with a goal to hug as many people as possible and get our hug muscles warmed up 🙂
Help us raise spirits, awareness and funds for mental health one hug at a time
So if you know anyone who wants a hug let us know
Plans are for an event on 12/22 in the evening and a visit to Sandy survivors early Sunday
Hope you can join us! Please spread the word!

Monday 24th December –  Hug Train 2012-13 Launch Party –   Come see the train off at the station or share this with those who might like a hug!

And he’s off …….. on the HUGTRAIN…

Rest of the times and dates as follow – see the Facebook events page for details -> HugTrain/events you can join here if you want to attend or help.

One charity has been confirmed so far, its the Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation. Please follow them on twitter and donate – Details here….


I believe in my heart of hearts that with Social media we can make a difference – showing we care by spreading the word and raising awareness, and money for charities, and this is one of many that needs our help.

Arie is still looking for sponsors, helpers, and even at some stops he still needs a couch to rest his weary head in the evening, so if you can help in anyway at all – please let him know.

Keep up with what going on on twitter and Facebook and please share.

Contact details: Arié Moyal: / Website: / Facebook:

Is your employer blocking social sites or asking for passwords?

HR must embrace social

I find it amazing that employers would ask for your Facebook Passwords. In one way I can understand why they would block Social Networks if they think you are wasting company time looking at tweets, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Employer asked for Facebook Password

This infographic from Compliance and shows –

  • Asking for an employers password is a clear invasion of privacy
  • Will cause bad relations with bosses and staff
  • Could initiate a discrimination lawsuit.
  • It actually violates Facebook’s privacy terms.

With regard to blocking social sites at work, most people are not stupid enough to be on Facebook during work hours if it is not part of their own job but might like to catch up in their lunch hour or break times. However, even better it could be used for the companies benefit – IE talking about great things that are happening that day, an event at work, a new product –  This is free advertising!

Amazingly school and colleges in the UK are known to block social networking sites for staff and students on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, gaming sites, and even NEWs sites – Not just for young children but for college children studying courses such as computer science. It would be more beneficial to teach children how to use the sites properly.

Recently I’ve even heard of 2 or 3 friends employers banning their staff from even having social media accounts,  which to me in incredible!   Has any of this happened to you? I’d love to know, its fascinating to me.

Take a look at the infographic and let me know your experiences in this.

Is the company you work for social media savvy or do they think its something that needs to be banned and blocked for safety.

Featured By: C&S Safety Training Videos


Syrinx Za – a small business using Social media




After my post “Why aren’t all SME’s using Social Media”  I have been in many discussions  about small businesses on social media, such as why do they need to be?

Why do small businesses need social media?

This is what they need to ask themselves.  Its said that maybe small business do not have the budget to be everywhere all of the time but they can have a presence and they need to have one.   Let me put it this way if a business are promoting a product that women who are mothers might buy for instance, look at the figures – a study from eMarketer showed that this year 28 million mums will use social networks!

Syrinx ZA are a company that know this, they know that on social networks they are not just a website or an advert, here they can be personal and build strong relationships and networks.  Syrinx ZA are available to offer advice and answer any questions about skincare  eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions on all the major networks. They actually have an excellent social media presence, you can find them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Loveit, and the list goes on.  They are there for their customers and future customers  and even just if anyone is worried about their skin and wants reassurance – or to know they are not alone with their acne, or whatever type of skin problem. Syrinx ZA are always listening, analyzing and building relationships.

Who are Syrinx ZA Dermatological

They manufacture a fantastic 100% Natural skincare product. They are also one of the few companies that do not test on animals, unlike so many other cosmetic and skincare companies – big, well known companies too.

I love the story on how Syrinx ZA got started, it was basically because Philip Richards the Chairman suffered himself with various skin related issues, and could find nothing to that help ease the pain and discomfort, so he set out to find and develop a natural, sustainable skincare solution that would help him and other sufferers find relief. He did and he is very passionate and very real about his products.

I digress – I decided to try out the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar, in other words soap, but its so much more than a soap let me explain why.

No more dry skin!

I actually had increasingly dry hands, so much so that I always had to put on hand cream after every time I washed them, and more.  However as soon as I started to use the soap bar, I found that my hands were soft and no longer dry, I stopped using hand cream as there was just no need for it.  Then I saw that the bar was good for walts and other skin conditions, and I just wondered if it would get rid of the “age spots” that had appeared on the back of my hands. Prematurely I might add!!  I was advised to rub in the lather and leave it to dry and then leave it overnight for a week or so.  To be honest I thought there is no way this will work, a bit of foam? But within days the “ages spots” had virtually gone, ok they are not completely gone, I can still see something if I hold my hand up to the light, but I can’t feel any lumps or anything anymore, its amazing.  Syrinx ZA say their skincare products are not a fast fix and noticing a difference can take a few weeks but it wasn’t the case with me at all. I can understand that with more serious skin problems such as eczema, acne, psoriasis or dermatitis it probably would do.  However, seeing such great results  I’ve started using it on my face – which has no more dry patches, and my whole body, which is soft and smooth.

After the first bar had all gone, I went without it, and I let it go for about 3 weeks before I got some more and in that time my hands had stayed soft – which I was amazed at!  But I wasn’t sure how long that would last and my face missed the Therapy Bar as I used it to take off my make up each night – so just I had to get some more. Also, I must say, on my face I occasionally get a spot or two – (how horrible is nature giving me age spots and pimples) I leave the lather on overnight for a couple of nights and they are gone, they don’t even turn into anything if I get them soon enough!  The Therapy Bar lasts for so long, it not like a normal bar of soap – especially not other natural ones, that seem to disappear in a week –  this is my second bar since about July and – will go into December easily.

I personally as a customer like the fact that you can just go on a Social Network and ask a question about a product and get an answer that day, and maybe go on to order it because you have the correct answer.   Rather than search around the web looking for answers and getting discouraged because you have to send an email or cannot find the correct number to ring or are put on hold for 10 mins.

Having accounts on Social Media Networks doesn’t mean an instant fix or an immediate way to more sales or even page views it takes time and patience to build a network of trust and that is what new businesses need, to prove trust, trust in the product and trust in the company.   At least when it comes to us moms.  Buying 50 thousand fake accounts doesn’t help either – do it right and do it your way.  Social media has the power ….


Why aren’t all SMEs getting into Social Media

Image CC –

Some SMEs are not using Social Media or not using it correctly

Just being active on social media platforms like Google+ Twitter and Facebook can improve the way consumers view a company.

Maybe they should read this How social media can benefit small businesses 

If only for customer service, we the consumers want this..  

Why? the following story could have been avoided, if the company was more accessible and responsive, correct use of social media can do this.

Without going into it, I had already been let down by one company and had lost 4 days.

Next stop – Wedo Beds

I had seen a few companies on-line offering the same bed and mattress for about the same price on Next Day Delivery. It was quite an unusual bed – as it was 4ft and black/brown – to match other furniture.

Businesses supplying this product were companies that I had never heard of, I searched for them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ nothing. There was nothing on the website with links for social media either. Which concerned me a little. What business is not on social media now, this is crazy.  So, I searched Google for reviews.  I found a couple of good reviews for Wedo Beds free next day delivery.  

I eventually did find accounts for WoDoSimple which I assume is part of the group or the head of the group – but these accounts were mostly unused with the token one day a post – if that.

Thursday –  20th of September I ordered the items. It wasn’t until I got past the checkout that I noticed, that orders had to be in before 12 midday for Next Day Delivery and it was now 1pm.  Being it was Thursday this would now mean delivery for Monday.

Friday  – I got an email saying there was a problem with verifying my bank account details,  don’t worry they said just confirm your delivery / invoice address and if you do this before 12 it will still be out for next day, I did this at 10am

Monday – Waiting for delivery –

  • 3pm a little worried that I’d not had confirmation of delivery.   I telephoned WeDo Beds, I was met with a voicemail, I would be called back within 1 hour.
  • 5pm I called again – voicemail again saying I would be called within the hour.
  • 5.20pm received a call saying there was a problem with verification and delivery was delayed until tomorrow – I explained what the email said, and she just said, Well its out for delivery tomorrow.


  • 9am – Phone call – There is a problem with the mattress and that won’t be delivered until Wednesday – (You couldn’t make this up) I was not amused. I said it better be sent on same day then, I have already waited in for two days –  we can’t do that.  I asked for the manager to call me back within the hour to sort this out.
  • 11am –  I explained that service had not been satisfactory so far, he was most apologetic the mattress suppliers were different and they’d had a problem, I would still get the Bed though. (Like that helped) Eventually, giving up, I said ok I can get someone else to wait in, so he said being as this was their problem, he would call back later that day – to let me know if it was AM or PM, to make it easier for me.
  • Later – No phone call. Bed Arrived but of course it couldn’t be used as no mattress.

I did however have a text message from the courier company saying the mattress was out for delivery on Wednesday,  so I left it that the person would just wait at home all day for me.

Wednesday – 26th September –  I was out all day – but I had someone wait for me.

  • 4pm – Still no Mattress, I had the managers number from yesterday so I called it – asked why he hadn’t called me back yesterday. He said “Oh someone was supposed to, I will call the delivery people and find out where they are”  He did and they called me.
  • 5pm it was delivered.
  • 20 more hours and free next day delivery would have taken a full week.

This would have had a better result if customer service was better and more accessable, ie on Social Networks.

  • I could have checked them out first
  • I could have chatted with them about my concerns
  • I could have spoken to someone right away.  Instead of just feeling that I was being fobbed off with excuse after excuse or being placated.

My mistake, I won’t make it again.

With more than 50% of the UK population using social media I don’t see how businesses can avoid it for much longer.

EDIT: I had a response to this blog post from Jason the Ecommerce Director at We Do Beds (Or We Do )  basically to apologise and to explain in part that that they do have social networks but they don’t advertise them at this time as it is not a part of their budget – I as you can imagine explained it should be but I appreciate that he took the time to contact me, and he is looking into the delays on this order.

Whatever the problems really, I was frustrated that three days I had to be in or have someone wait in, because I wasn’t kept informed.



 the Social Publishing application available on iPhone now launched on Android

Via.Me, the First App to Offer Photo, Video, Audio Filtering and Sharing to Multiple Social Networks, Is Now Available on Android is a social media publishing platform created by RadiumOne Labs that has been available on iTunes for Apple iPhone users for over 5 months which has proved very popular by its 1 millions users. And now on September the 4th RadiumOne introduced for Android on Google play.

Even though I’d heard about I’d not actually downloaded it yet as I already use the very popular instagram and tumblr, and thought was just a copy of instagram – I had seen someone call the app instagram on steroids and heard people say not another Social Network. themselves say that you can use it create your own story board, by creating a personal story or the story of your brand – so there I thought similar to Pinterest.  However after hearing that the application was now launched on Android, I realised it was getting very popular and I thought it was time to try it out.  And I’m so glad I did because I was very wrong, which is why I usually always try these things out first and don’t listen to others.

Via me is Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Path all rolled into one. isn’t just for sharing pictures via your phone – it is SO much more – you can share videos, audio notes and images, which you can filter and type a message or add audio notes too to go with it. Then you can share these to Facebook or twitter. Which users can then like or share or comment using video or audio note or text. I also like that you can chose to publish to your Facebook profile, any one of your pages or all of them.  I’ve only posted 5 pictures so far today and I already have around 100 views on each of them and some likes and reshares. I haven’t even started to follow people properly yet.

On the app the features include

  • Feed – To see your friends messages
  • Explore – To see anyones
  • Camera – Add Picture – Sound or Video – from library or right away.
  • Activity – Who followed you,shared or liked your posts
  • Caption – Top left, similar to typing a tweet on twitter, it can just be a note or  you can  add images, sound or Video.
On the image, video or message –  you can like, repost, comment or delete ..
To delete a picture from you either can do this from the application – you simply click on the item you want to delete – click the cog in the bottom right and then delete
Or on the web, click the item you want to delete and click the bin in the bottom right.

Using Via.Me on the Desktop

The web platform is fantastic too – which is something that instagram lacks. You log in via your Twitter or Facebook account and all of your information is there from your phone. You can do everything on the web platform that you can on your phone and much more.  You can share to more networks .  It looks like Pinterest and behaves similar to Tumblr and maybe even Path, however it does everything at once and yet somehow is much simpler to use – Whats more it looks fabulous, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this for so long. To link a platform via the phone and the desktop is something that I always look for in an application,  and does it perfectly.

Features as outlined by include

  • ·         Photo Filters – 17 best-in-class photo filters enable users to customize their favorite photos.
  • ·         Multiple File Types – Upload photos, videos, audio and text
  • ·         Real-Time Alerts – Receive instant notifications whenever someone you follow posts on Via.Me.
  • ·         Easy Cross-Posting – Via.Me makes it easy to share across the most popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter in just two clicks.
  • ·         Intuitive User Interface – The Via.Me app and website have an elegant and intuitive user interface that makes it fun and easy to create, share and discover.
See the introductory video from RadiumOne here – Introducing  it shows just how easy it is.
I hope that people don’t just see this as another Instagram or another Pinterest as I thought before I checked it out or it might put them off trying it too. Please try it – and you will see why it is so special – all we need now is for Empire Avenue and people like Klout to add it to their scoring and maybe to even be able to Buffer from, ok maybe thats just a little over the top.
This is not just another social network is it many networks rolled into one – so if this works, we could drop 4 and just use……..  Its a thought.
Just try I think you’ll like it… let me know below what you do think, thanks.
Hope this helps