the Social Publishing application available on iPhone now launched on Android

Via.Me, the First App to Offer Photo, Video, Audio Filtering and Sharing to Multiple Social Networks, Is Now Available on Android is a social media publishing platform created by RadiumOne Labs that has been available on iTunes for Apple iPhone users for over 5 months which has proved very popular by its 1 millions users. And now on September the 4th RadiumOne introduced for Android on Google play.

Even though I’d heard about I’d not actually downloaded it yet as I already use the very popular instagram and tumblr, and thought was just a copy of instagram – I had seen someone call the app instagram on steroids and heard people say not another Social Network. themselves say that you can use it create your own story board, by creating a personal story or the story of your brand – so there I thought similar to Pinterest.  However after hearing that the application was now launched on Android, I realised it was getting very popular and I thought it was time to try it out.  And I’m so glad I did because I was very wrong, which is why I usually always try these things out first and don’t listen to others.

Via me is Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Path all rolled into one. isn’t just for sharing pictures via your phone – it is SO much more – you can share videos, audio notes and images, which you can filter and type a message or add audio notes too to go with it. Then you can share these to Facebook or twitter. Which users can then like or share or comment using video or audio note or text. I also like that you can chose to publish to your Facebook profile, any one of your pages or all of them.  I’ve only posted 5 pictures so far today and I already have around 100 views on each of them and some likes and reshares. I haven’t even started to follow people properly yet.

On the app the features include

  • Feed – To see your friends messages
  • Explore – To see anyones
  • Camera – Add Picture – Sound or Video – from library or right away.
  • Activity – Who followed you,shared or liked your posts
  • Caption – Top left, similar to typing a tweet on twitter, it can just be a note or  you can  add images, sound or Video.
On the image, video or message –  you can like, repost, comment or delete ..
To delete a picture from you either can do this from the application – you simply click on the item you want to delete – click the cog in the bottom right and then delete
Or on the web, click the item you want to delete and click the bin in the bottom right.

Using Via.Me on the Desktop

The web platform is fantastic too – which is something that instagram lacks. You log in via your Twitter or Facebook account and all of your information is there from your phone. You can do everything on the web platform that you can on your phone and much more.  You can share to more networks .  It looks like Pinterest and behaves similar to Tumblr and maybe even Path, however it does everything at once and yet somehow is much simpler to use – Whats more it looks fabulous, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this for so long. To link a platform via the phone and the desktop is something that I always look for in an application,  and does it perfectly.

Features as outlined by include

  • ·         Photo Filters – 17 best-in-class photo filters enable users to customize their favorite photos.
  • ·         Multiple File Types – Upload photos, videos, audio and text
  • ·         Real-Time Alerts – Receive instant notifications whenever someone you follow posts on Via.Me.
  • ·         Easy Cross-Posting – Via.Me makes it easy to share across the most popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter in just two clicks.
  • ·         Intuitive User Interface – The Via.Me app and website have an elegant and intuitive user interface that makes it fun and easy to create, share and discover.
See the introductory video from RadiumOne here – Introducing  it shows just how easy it is.
I hope that people don’t just see this as another Instagram or another Pinterest as I thought before I checked it out or it might put them off trying it too. Please try it – and you will see why it is so special – all we need now is for Empire Avenue and people like Klout to add it to their scoring and maybe to even be able to Buffer from, ok maybe thats just a little over the top.
This is not just another social network is it many networks rolled into one – so if this works, we could drop 4 and just use……..  Its a thought.
Just try I think you’ll like it… let me know below what you do think, thanks.
Hope this helps





Pinterest is for women? You could try Gentlemint!

A month ago now, I wrote about Pinterest asking if you have you signed up for Pinterest yet? –  it seems to me that now the world and his wife has signed up!  People love it!

Today, the Mail Online, suggested that Pinterest which is one of the fastest growing sites with 12 Million unique visitors (just in the US) could have over 97% female users.  Which I don’t believe, I’d say out of my 300 followers many more than half are male. In fact when I open up my first page of followers you can see here yourself that they are almost ALL men.

Pinterest is for girls? 

As I looked through the rest of my followers this was pretty much the case all the way through. I know I do have many male followers probably due to the nature of my interests but this must show that the 97% figure is wrong.

Besides which, you will only see the pictures of those that you are following unless you go into explore and then you can search for things like DIY or Car or other maybe mainly subjects, so I don’t see the problem of Girly pictures being on Pinterest, as others have suggested.

Its been suggested before that Pinterest is for women, as this is how Gentlemint was born, they decided to create a male version of Pinterest – The tag line being.

Gentlemint is a mint of manly things. 

I have signed up for an invitation to Gentlemint, using my first name Michelle, so I wonder if I will be invited to the manly beta.

Ohh men, look at all those lovely cool dude pictures… I can’t wait to see how this all turns out. Will people be banned for putting pictures of high heels on Gentlemint?  Or is it ok if they are high heels attached to a scantily dressed woman.   I might try it and see! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I think Gentlemint have jumped on the bandwagon with a brilliant idea and obviously with what people think is missing, I just don’t think that it is missing.

The same as – another similar site that people are calling Gender Neutral! Yes, I laughted too. It is different in that you snip your favorite links on a board – more like stumbleupon crossed with Pinterest – Stumerest?  Which is probably safer on the copyright score.

I wonder how many more there will be – I wonder just as we can title and put our Pinboards in subjects on Pinterest, maybe what we will we end up with is an actual site for each individual subject – for fishing – horseriding – sewing – oh like magazines?

What do you think? Is it all girlie pink dresses and high heels on Pinterest?  Will you leave there for Gentlemint or something else? Do you not like any of these and will stick to Flickr?

Let us know, we’d love to find out.


Social networking at its best with is a social networking platform where users can trade help for free. officially launched about two weeks ago and as far as I can make out is the work of Adam Rodnitzky, George Aspland and Scott Roberts who are all listed as co-founders.

I signed up today for and I have enjoyed helping a few people out, and finding out all about it, I think it is going to be a great “help” to all.

It is simple to sign up – you can just log in with your Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter and link the others and you simply connect to help others and ask for help.

Its a fantastic idea, as sometimes we all need a little assistance, getting that blog seen or a tweet heard, and here you feel no shame in asking for help.  Although most of what I have seen is people helping not asking, I had to look around for people that needed help.

When you ask a favor, people can answer you, or broadcast it on their various networks or vouch for you, its very simple, and just a click of a button. Sometimes you do have to modify a question so that it is ready for tweeting or sharing but it takes minutes – we will get used to how to actually “ask” more efficiently.

Here is a question from Adam himself…

The more you add people, help people or even ask for help the better reputation you get. Yes again – points make prizes, as everything is tracked.   You can even give and/or get special awards. You might think, oh this is just another way to show your online influence but in my mind this a fantastic way stop people just going on and expecting everyone to do them favors as it will soon reveal that they aren’t helping.  There is also a relationship tracking feature which show which users have helped you the most.

I am finding Favors a little show at times, but I think maybe it might take a little while for them to cope with the rush.  A few times I’ve had this message come up, with a really funny video.

I can see this being put in our daily (possibly less often) tasks to help and connect with others (people like it when you share and help) whilst also getting some help yourself.   This really could build some great relationships, with people that you are connected to already and people that you are not. If integrate with empire avenue I think it will really take off big time, lets see!  I am excited about this. 🙂

Hope this helps.

Triberr no longer supports automatic tweeting!

What is Triberr?

The basics

Triberr was created by  Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo.

Groups of bloggers create “tribes” where each of them can share each others posts on Twitter.   This used to be Automatic – you would just join a tribe, and every time you published a new post it would go to Triberr and everyone in your tribe would automatically tweet it to their own followers thus creating a larger audience for your website or blog.

You could have your account on a manual setting – I know some people did – I used my account as manual – not because I didn’t trust the other members of the tribe – I am in in a very close-nit group of great bloggers who can be trusted to post informative, interesting and positive content, however I would log in to Triberr most days and read the blogs that I was sending out and maybe comment or share them to other networking sites.

I did this because…

A) I had the time, where as others don’t

B) I want to know what is going through my twitter account is relevant to me

C) I would like the content that I tweet to create engagement, how can I do that if I don’t know what I am posting out.

You do not HAVE to send out everything that goes through your tribe, although if you are in the correct tribe, it should all be relevant to your topics.

But…. Triberr no longer support automatic tweeting!

From the 1st of November – You HAVE to log into Triberr now to send out posts, it is no longer automatic. If you don’t, then posts will not be sent out. This has created a lot less content being shared on Twitter as the people that signed up because it was automatic don’t have the time to log in and share posts or maybe they still do not know.

Some have said this is a good thing as there is too much spam on twitter, which may be the reason for the change.

From Triberr – Automation has been disabled.

We disabled automation in order to comply with Twitters TOS. While Twitter still allows automation, they frown upon promotional tweets and content duplicated across accounts. Disabling automation was necessary to reduce the number low quality content, promotional content coming from Triberr. All members must manually approve posts for sending. More details here:

Multi-platform shares on Triberr

There are new features that are great – at a click of a button you can now share the content on Facebook, Stumbleupon and Linkedin and +1 the post as well as tweet it.

This is fantastic as you can now get even more exposure to your website or blog if Triberr is used correctly, which I believe is to create engagement for you as well as more views for your tribesmen. Its a win, win situation.

If you are thinking of joining Triberr just make sure that you join a tribe with your same interests.  Say for instance, a fashion blogger would not join a tribe of mobile bloggers. For the simple reason that their followers would not be interested in  your content.

  • So, if you are a member of Triberr, are you going in each day to share your other tribe users posts?
  • Have you left Triberr because of the changes?
  • What are your thoughts on Triberr in general.
Hope this helps.

The Google+ Project – Real life sharing. Move over Facebook.

We’ve been waiting for this from Google for a long time, since the speculations (inside information) around SXSW in March came out about Google circles.

We thought then it was just going to be Google circles that was to take on Facebook but The Google+ project looks much bigger than we thought circles would ever be.

Google plus is invitation only right now (figures), launching with what they are calling a field trial period, so who knows when the rest of us will get it, they say it won’t be long.  Even the requests to be informed have overflowed now, with a message on the site that says, We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity try again soon. You can leave your email address on the plus Google site here – Keep me posted.

The Google+ project includes various segments

Circles – Share things with your closest friends with high security features.

Hangouts – A place to hang out with your friends as a group – including video chats or sharing videos

Sparks – A feed of only the things that you are really into

Huddle – For Group chat. Turn several single conversations into a group chat.

Instant upload – Sharing photos and videos




It does have all the key elements that Facebook has, and yet more; you have specific groups or circles or special places for different occasions or different people, I’m liking it already!   The great thing about it is, it will link together with all of your other google sites and seemingly you will be able to access it from your iGoogle directly.

Aparently so far it has not been recived very well in the media – due to the usual critics of Google that refuse to see that Google can ever create a decent social network, as I always say don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Facebook lovers are slating it as a Facebook clone, well come on now, it had to happen somewhere, why not let it be Google. Google say their security and options will be safer and what you want hidden will in fact be hidden, we will see.

See the video from Google

Yes, I am excited about this, I love what I can see so far of the design and I love the ideas; I cannot wait to try it out.

Update – Early this morning I did receive an invite but last night Google turned off accepting invites – I know a few people with the same problem saying, that they have invites but cannot use Google Plus yet.  Strangley two people said they got invites from people they don’t know? ….. Did this happen to you?

I am hoping that soon (now they are awake) that they will allow the outsiders inside 🙂




Color, Photo-sharing application – How do I… ?

There’s been so much hype about the social networking image sharing application Color, I’d be surprised if you had not read about it yet. The hypemeter went off the scale similar to the cabbage patch kids hype of many years ago.
Color is available for iphone and Android now: Color enables you to share photos or videos in group albums, with people at the same events as you.  You have to be within 150ft of each other, however I believe they might be lengthening this distance. You don’t have to add people to your network, this will be automatic due to the fact you are in the same vicinity with strangers (or friends) at the same event as you: sms and text are even available.
You could just use it sitting at home, if people near you are also doing the same thing, this seems pointless to me, but I can see the novelty for events or concerts and the like.
Many complaints have been already flying around the net regarding this application, maybe they pushed it out too soon; there has already been some updates, and no doubt there will be some more.
Problems I’ve seen reported and the solutions.

How do you delete photos from Color?  –  You just swipe the picture using the iphone.
I’ve seen an inappropriate photo! –  Report it, the user will be blocked forever.
I was blocked because my friend reported my photo for a joke! – Your photo will be checked and if clean you will be unblocked and your friend may get blocked for incorrect reporting.
I don’t see people in the app that should be here! – Try restarting the application.

Here is an album @bennparr, @loic and @kris were sharing  – this looks fun. At the top you can see who is at the party using the application.
You can share these albums to Facebook or Twitter.
And here is Robert Scoble @scobleizer trying out the application, he said that he was feeling a bit lonely over there in Silicon Valley but I’m sure he isn’t now after posting that.
It seems a lot of people have been trying out Color but will it stay?
Have you been using Color yet? Did you like it?
(Shame they spelt it wrong 🙂 )