How to remove a contact from LinkedIn

LinkedIn-LogoLinkedIn is a professional social networking website with over 200 million members, its a great place to manage your professional identity and to engage with people on a professional level.  So why would you want to how to remove a contact from LinkedIn? People are usually careful about who they connect with on LinkedIn as its not the same as other networks it is usually for work purposes but some people like to be open networkers, and connect with many people, and on LinkedIn these are called LIONs.

What is a LinkedIn LION

It stands for Linked In Open Networker, it basically means that they will accept invites from anyone, even if they don’t know them, where as LinkedIn always used to be the place that you never, ever connected with people you didn’t already know.  However things in social networking have changed somewhat since the old days and many people want to grow their networks and reach out to new contacts.  That being said, there are still people that will hit the I don’t know this person button and that could get you into trouble on many networks.

So, many people love to connect and engage with new people, its how we grow our networks – However sometimes, there may be an occasion say for instance you realised one profile was fake, you were getting too many spam emails from a person or you just decided you didn’t want to be friends on LinkedIn any more – and you might want to know how to remove a contact from LinkedIn  – because we do not do this very often, we forget, and in fact I think it may have been changed in the last year.  So this is how you do it.

Delete a contact from your LinkedIn Account

Its as easy as pie, when you know how.

linkedin remove friend

Click Contacts

Click Connections

linkedin remove connections

on the far right Click Remove Connections

linkedin remove contacts

Find the person you want to remove in the list of Connections (Surname first)

linkedin remove

Click remove connection

Click Yes I do want to remove


And that is done, connection removed.

And that’s how to remove a connection from LinkedIn – I hope that you never have to do that, but if you do find you are getting spam emails or you just don’t like what you see, then this might be the best option.

Short and sweet.




Adding and Removing parts from your new Facebook Profile – Timeline.

Facebook’s Timeline is more visual than the old Profile page – its wider and it is going to contain your posts, photos and life events, including the date they happened.

People appear to be concerned about this.  They are worried some of these posts, photos or happenings might contain items from the past that they would rather not see again, or want other people to see constantly on one page.

Timeline – You decide. 

You don’t need to worry, although Facebook is going to summarise your Timeline automatically you can add or remove any parts of your story that you want.

If there are important topics that haven’t been included in your Timeline you can go back to when they happened and just add them or you can go to your “private activity log” and add it to your timeline from there.

How do I remove a story from my timeline?

Hover over a story on your timeline to see your options:
(Feature on Timeline): This allows you to highlight the stories you think are important. When you star a story, the story expands to widescreen. Starred stories are also always visible on your timeline.(Edit): This gives you the option to:
  • Hide from Timeline: This removes stories from your timeline. Note that these stories will still show up in your activity log, which only you can see. They also may appear in your friend’s News Feeds.
  • Depending on the type of story (ex: status update, checkin, tagged photo), you may also have the option to:

    1. Change the date of a story (ex: for an old photo, you can enter the date the photo was taken so it shows up in the right place on your timeline)
    2. Delete a post (that you posted)
    3. Report a post or mark it as spam (that someone else posted)
Remember: You can also see the audience of stories you and your friends share from your timeline, and change the audience of things that you share.

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Facebook’s new Ticker, can I remove it? Yes, you can!

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I think most of us already have Facebook’s new Ticker even though it was just announced just yesterday by Mark Zuckerburg at the F8 Keynote.

What is Ticker?

Ticker is that box on the right hand side of your screen that is whizzing through all of your friends activity in real time ( a bit like Twitter ) It shows you a brief summary of the update and if you want to see more you can click on it.  I believe this will be used more when all of the changes have taken place.

I don’t like Facebook’s news ticker, how do I remove it?

However, many users are asking how to get rid of, or remove ticker because a) Its annoying or b) its is slowing their internet down. There are a few spam messages going around where people are asking you to copy and paste it too your friends, but it doesn’t actually work, I’m told.

Edit: see below for solution!

The upshot of that seems to be that Facebook doesn’t allow you remover the News Ticker – you can only make it smaller by moving the horizontal bar between ticker chat.  Slide up the bar to hide ticker which then makes your chat list taller.

 Here it is open .. notice the updates appear from the top to the bottom of the screen, always moving and updating.

 And here Facebook’s Ticker is closed, you can only see two updates, which just appear to flicker now and then – Chat is off.

See, its a not so bad, its a nice place……. (I know what you are going to say next!) Ah shuddapa your face-book 🙂

If you have found a way to remove it, please let us know.

@Patti_OShea Author on Twitter said she used Ad Blocker Elements to hide the Ticker in Firefox and Facebook Purity to hide it in Chrome. – but that its actually still there but she can only see a white block now, not all of the messages flying by. 


EDIT!! Great News.

There are now two Chrome extensions available to remove the Facebook News Ticker

Disable FB Sidebar Ticker – Ticker Disable – actually asked for access to all of my websites so I wasn’t too keen on installing that one.

Facebook News Ticker Remover

Where as this one  just asked for access to Facebook – I installed this – as easy as pie – and the Ticker was gone.

So this must mean that other browsers might have or that if you hate the news ticker you should use the Chrome browser – I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be using that or Firefox anyway.

Edit: Here is a Facebook Ticker removal for Firefox or Mozilla –

Hope this helps.









Twitter galleries launched some users want disabled

Twitter User Galleries

User galleries on Twitter aggregate the images you’ve uploaded in your Tweets into an organized page where you can view all of your most recent images.
The images included in user galleries can come from TwitteryFrogTwitPic, Instagram and other image sharing services supported in Twitter’s details pane.

Technical Limitations of User Galleries:

  • User galleries will display up to 100 most recent images in your Tweets, in chronological order.
  • Video thumbnails will not be included. Tweets with video links will not be included in user galleries.
  • Images in Tweets will not be displayed if the Tweet was sent before January 1, 2010.

This is how your profile page will now appear, and you won’t see more pictures until you click view all, and then it looks like the screenshot above.

Fantastic right?  ….. Maybe not so great, people have started to see the new Twitter user gallery on their profiles today and are asking how to remove it.  They don’t like their photos being on their profile page.  Another problem that I have just discovered is that if you manually retweet or click on a tweetthis link so that the tweet appears in your feed as a Via; that photo appears in your gallery as recent photos and its not even your photo.

As usual with new features on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook you are immediately opted in,  whether or not you want the new feature.  From what I’ve seen, users just want the choice, it might not be that they do not like the feature but they would like to chose if they want their photos displayed permanently or not.

The only options in settings are…

Also on the Twitter help page on All about user galleries it just refers to removing one photo by deleting the tweet, this could be tedious if you wish to remove them all.

So, as to how do I remove Twitter photo gallery from my profile it seems that as yet we cannot. Perhaps as User Galleries have only just launched it could be that Twitter will allow the option to remove or disable photo galleries for those that don’t wish to have this option.  I do  hope so.

I don’t mind about the photos being on my profile, I put them on Twitter to share with everyone anyway – well apart from one picture that I posted to one person directly but even so sending a photo to Twitter can be seen by anyone.   However I do not like being opted in to all changes especially when it comes to privacy.

Hope this helps,  I will update if there is a way to stop pictures from appearing on your profile.



What is the Facebook Face Recognition system and how to disable it.

Facebook has now launched its Face Recognition system to be available more users.  This system can apparently automatically identify people in your photos from their facial features  and help you tag them, they are not automatically tagged, its not that clever, but it will search through photos when loaded to find any that look like your friends and suggest you tag them.

As usual this is an opt out system from Facebook, which means when it does start, you could automatically find yourself tagged in loads of photos without your knowledge of any changes on Facebook. So if you think this is a bit too much against your privacy you might want to remove the ability now.  Even though I don’t think the option to use the facebook face recognition system is available yet in the UK, the ability to disable it has suddenly appeared, so I assume it will not be long.

How to disable it.

Go to Account Privacy settingsCustomize settings

At the top on the left you see: Things I share – scroll down to Things others share.

Suggest photos of me to friends (When photos look like me, suggest my name) – Click Edit settings

You will see a button that has Enabled click that and Tick Disable

Lastly Click OK

If you have any questions on how to protect your privacy on Facebook, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Hope this helps.


Delete photos on (NEW DESIGN) YFrog – Part two

I wrote a post not so long ago about how to delete your photos from YFrog; due to the fact it took me a little while to find out. I’m pleased to say, that this post has helped out many people.

Recently I received this comment.

Looks like they’ve rebuilt the interface because i couldnt find any dropdown menu or any delete buttons.

How to remove pictures on Yfrog updated

So I hopped on over to Yfrog.  It seems things have indeed changed, in fact Yfrog recently had a complete overhaul on design with virtually a new product: you can tweet directly from their site, photos are more organised and it looks much more professional now.  This new design is apparently in beta and is being pushed out to people slowly so you may not have seen it yet.  It does look easier to use now, so hopefully people won’t have so much difficulty but just in case, this is how you remove photos now.

  1. Click Profile
  2. Click Photos (or videos)
  3. Do not click the picture – because when you hover over the photo that you wish to delete  you will see an X – click  – here to remove.

UPDATE  –  Another change to YFrog design, just a small one. 

Proceed to step 3. 

3. Still do not click the picture – but hover over it and you will see the trashcan, click that to delete. 

(thanks to an anonymous poster for letting me know) 

If you wish to remove the complete yfrog account go to settings which is on the drop down arrow next to profile and click delete account.

Looks like they have got rid of that ugly frog too !



Hope this  helps



Who’s viewing your Facebook Profile?

Ok, I feel the need to say this again.

Another application is claiming to be able to tell you who’s been looking at your profile.  (see fake page above)

This new one, lostcopora claims that it can give you information like this.


My profile stats are:
Women Views: 5723
Men Views: 7842
Check yours at – opora/

We’ve added new features to v3.0

Who’s viewed me?. You Can’t Escape the EYE!

They can’t!

I’ve said it before – now, I will show you what Facebook say.

On this help page they say – Facebook does not provide the ability to track who is viewing your profile or any part of your profile. Applications cannot provide this functionality.
All the application does is post the information above and says that you are using the application several times from your account so more people click it, you have to allow it access to you account for it to do this.  So now you need to revoke access.
See here on how to remove scammers from having access to your Facebook profile.
This new scam on Facebook follows the RIP Charlie sheen malware hoax recently seen on Facebook and Twitter.
This spread around with the title Breaking News or RIP saying that Charlie Sheen had died in his house. And when you clicked on it, it took you to a fake YouTube page. Then if you clicked on this page it would spread the scam on your Facebook page. some user have said that they also got malware due to this scam.
These applications or scams always prey on the latest news or our vanity please don’t click on anything you are not sure about
Update on another similar scam this week – See the Top 10 Ten people viewing your profile.
This does the same as above but also takes you to a Firefox 3.6 download page and this is fake – and if you allow this, every time you log into Facebook you get a pop up forcing you to take a survey.
Full report here from
And yet another called – MY PROFILE VIEWS

If you installed this Firefox extension you can remove it from the browser menu:
Click Tools

How to delete a photo from Yfrog

I recently had a problem where I needed to remove an image for a friend from Yfrog, which is used to post photographs and videos to Twitter.
It wasn’t immediately apparent how to remove the pictures, so it took longer than it should and yet its quite simple, just different to what we are used to.
Edit: I have now done another post due to the change in Y Frog’s design – So here is how to delete a photo from YFrog Part 2 –
Here’s how…
  • Log in to Yfrog using the user-name that contains the file.
  • Go to the drop down menu on your name – Click My images and videos.
  • Hover over the picture, it changes colour, do not click.
  • Remove will appear under the image. – Click remove.
Apparently deletion might not be immediate, however when I clicked remove the offending photo vanished in a flash.

If someone else put your picture on their account and you want it removed then you must report it and they will remove it here.

Hope this helps.