New, new Twitter simplified? Is Old Twitter back?

Today on 8th December 2011 Twitter announced a new version of Twitter, they say that they have simplified the design to make it easier to follow, connect and discover. They will be rolling this version out over the next few weeks but you can already get it on mobile iPhone or Android, just download from iTunes or Marketplace.

So did they bring back Old Twitter….. No I’m afraid not.

However, maybe they have been listening to our complaints and problems with the last update to Twitter, as it looks pretty good.  Sadly not back to full screen but maybe more important information at the sides than the wasted space before.

What the new twitter icons mean.

This is your home button – where you view your lineline.

Your favourite features are on the left.  All you need to see is embedded in the tweet, so you can click on photos videos or conversations easily.




Connect – This button takes you to a place that shows you who has followed or mentioned retweeted or faved your tweets.  This is very exciting, we needed something to replace the old way. Which wasn’t done before.



Discover – This shows you tweets about your interests, based on location, what you follow and what’s happening.  This sounds good too!



Me –  Here you can see your direct messages, lists, etc. Sadly DM’s are stuck away over here, and you can’t see old dm’s clearly or a list of DM’s just about three in a drop down.

You also have here, the keyboard shortcuts which I think will be handy once we get used to them.




Tweet,  This button is at the top of all of your pages.

It speaks for its self, this is the new tweet button, here you tweet as normal, upload photos, videos or links.


I’m excited about this new design, I now have it on the iPhone and  I wouldn’t exactly call it simplified which was Twitters description, it seems pretty confusing at first.  I suppose we’ll get used to it.  Still prefer Oldtwitter but we have to keep up with the times… IE Facebook and Google!

Edit:  After using this new version for a few days, I really can’t get used to the DM’s it very inconvenient and hard to use how it is, so Tweetdeck will not be updated by me as I know that I can see DM’s on the old Tweetdeck clearer, still not anywhere near as good. 

Yes, these changes will also be on the new Tweetdeck, just incase you thought you got away with it! 🙂

What do you think of the changes?


Hope this helps

How to get the new Facebook profile

As you must have heard by now, Facebook had a redesign on its profile page recently, it is supposed to give people a clearer idea about who you are , setting out all of your information in a more ordered way.

Apparently your privacy settings remain unchanged.  Although I think people may be changing some of their settings after they see what exactly is on their profile page now.

I’ve had the new Facebook profile for a day or so, a link just appeared at the top of my profile page but it seems that is not happening to everyone automatically until the new year.

People have started asking how to get it.


If you haven’t already got the new updated Facebook profile  and just click GET NEW PROFILE
This page has information about the new profile page too.

And there you are.  What do Wished you hadn’t bothered?  I’m not sure yet.

 If you have any questions, you should find the answers here.

Hope this helps