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Facebook questions !

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As you may have noticed, yesterday Facebook announced that Questions is soon going to be available to everyone. They explain: Questions is designed so that anyone on Facebook can help you find the answer. Questions evolved because they realised that often users statuses were a question, like "Where is the best place to eat in Leeds?" Or What film should I see at the cinema tomorrow?  -  "What music should I listen too?  These questions usually get a good response from friends trying to help. So Facebook designed a product that you can use to ask questions and they've made it so easy and quick, all you have to do is tick the answer that you want. They've done it this way so that more of your friends will be more inclined to answer, as it takes no time at all. I received this popular question today. I answered this one with the hell yeah! When you receive a question you can also ask your own friends and follow the question. As usual I guess the weirdo's of this world will be putting strange [...]

Formspring – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Formspring is a question and answer website, its like having your own little interview where you can ask anyone anything. You set up your own profile page and people can ask you questions. Users can ask questions anonymously if they like. You can link your account to sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogger.Its been over a year now since Formspring started, and its been very popular indeed. Here are my thoughts on the site. The GoodIf used properly this site can be fun. People can ask you whatever questions they like and you can choose whether to answer them or not.  For instance if you like a person, and want to get to know them better but are too shy or just don't want it known yet, this can be very handy.   Other people can then read all of the questions and answers, so its like reading an interview, which can be very interesting, and/or funny with thoughtful or fascinating questions. The BadUnfortunately not everyone asks the right questions.  I've seen people (teenagers) being bullied with questions or  degrading statements or [...]

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