How to – Google+ Communities

This week Google+ introduced Communities – which are much like Facebook Groups, a place where you can gather together with like-minded people and chat about chosen topics. The Google Official Blog tells us that the options are as follows.

  • Public or private membership to support all kinds of groups—from topics and interests to local neighborhoods to regular poker nights
  • Discussion categories to find the conversations you care about most
  • The option to start hangouts and plan events with community members
  • The ability to share with your community from any +1 button across the web

Anyone can create a community on anything they like, and invite people to join.

How to start a Google+ community

This is quite simple to create as we saw yesterday with so many invites for communities coming through it was overwhelming, but if you need help follow these instructions.

  1. Go to the communities icon on the left
  2. Click the red button on the top right (create a community)
  3. Make it public or private – and name the community.
  4. Click create a community
  5. Now its created you have a number of options
  6. You can…
  7. Write a tagline
  8. Add a photo
  9. Fill in About you
  10. Add discussion categories – this is helpful to set up as it make finding posts much easier.

When you’ve done all that – Click done and then you can invite people to your community – don’t invite everyone in all of your circles – that’s just annoying for people getting invites – be thoughtful and go through to choose people who you think will fit this particular subject.

Then go back to your community and I would set notifications to off. This is under your photo as a bell icon. I say this because – when the communities became available everyone decided to create one or two some much more than that – and there were so many notifications it was crazy. Or you could just leave it to members to turn off.

How to turn off notifications in  a Google+ community

As I said these notifications were driving me crazy yesterday – it was a complete overload and the lovely Lisa Mason said, why don’t you turn them off ….. oh yeah! 🙂 And peace was restored to my Google+ ! 

Go to the community and click the bell icon as you would for your own community. Peace!

How to turn off email notifications for Google+ communities

You can even turn off getting those pesky emails every 5 mins! 

  • Click on the Cog on the right hand side of Google+ profile page.
  • Click settings
  • Scroll down until you see – Communities.
  • Invite me to a Community – Email – Phone, untick these.


Now I’ve turned all those off, Google+ is a much better place.

How to find your communities

So you’ve joined some communities and now you want to get stuck in and join in with the discussions but you’ve turned off notifications….(this was my worry at first).

Click the communities tab on the left and it will show all of your communities, if there is a red number on the corner of the picture, this means that you have unread messages in that community.

On this page you can also discover other communities you might want to join.

That’s all of the how to’s I can think of at the moment, if there is anything that you need help with or can help us with on this subject please write it in comments here, and I’m sure I can find out for you or I can add it here.

It seems so far we are loving these new groups and its really getting people communicating and reconnecting again on Google+ I think it might have been a wise move!

Hope this helps







Do you have Kred? +Kred arrives

Kred was created by Peoplebrowsr –  it measures online influence via social networks, similar to PeerIndex and a little like Klout but now maybe more accurate, less said about that the better.

Kred celebrates personal importance and generosity by shifting the
attention from celebrities to the true heart of social media: trusted friends
and subject matter experts. It calculates the influence of the real stars
in your life: from locals, like a trusted bartender or bike repair guy, to
experts in your niche interests, like an oceanographer studying the floor
of the Indian Ocean

How does Kred work?

Kred looks at 1000 days of data –  your tweets and your history including keywords, topics, hashtags and personal connections.

It then shows you your online history so that you can understand the score – unlike Klout, who knows how that is scored now.


Your influence score is out of 1000 – this is increased with RT’s @’s or follows.

Influence is measured by the
ability to persuade others to
take action

And your outreach is out of 10 – This is increased when you RT @ or follow someone.

Outreach levels gauge
generosity through Interaction
with community content

How exactly is Kred scored? – see the Kred scoring system 

There are now some new elements to Kred – they have introduced the + system – yes, it is a copy of the Klout +K but in this case it seems to me so far, there are only 4 options.

Advertising – Publishing – Marketing – Social Media

Users can go to your account and give you Kred in those options,  The +Kred adds influence points to the person you give them to, that will be nice to see. As it appears to me that +K’ on Klout have no effect apart from advertising the website.

This is just the tip of the iceberg – to learn more about Kred check out  if nothing else, there are some great analytics and fun too.

Update – for a treat for Valentines – throughout February Kred has introduced #doublethelove – double kred!

Please be sure to give me some Kred on the way.

Hope this helps


Google+ add verification badges to Celeb profiles

Google plus has finally added the ability to verify your account if you are a public figure or a celebrity – in the same way that Twitter does, so that you know if you following/circling/talking the “real thing”.

All you need to do to confirm the verification is roll your mouse over the tick beside the name and you will see that is is verified like I have on Dolly Parton’s account above.

Its happened many times on Twitter, where someone has thought they are following a celebrity, word gets out and suddenly everyone is following this fake person. Sometimes it takes a while on Twitter for celebrities to get verified I don’t know if that is them not applying for it or Twitter taking a long time.  Hopefully Google won’t take too long in “rolling” verification’s out.

Wen-Ai Yu from Google shared this information last night on her G+ account they are calling them verification badges Google are only allowing this on public figures, celebrities and people who are in a large number of circles at present, but they are working on expanding this to more people, so the rest of us might be able to verify our own accounts eventually.

Google+ Update: Verification Badges for Profiles

This is a good step for Google plus, as there are always people that are going to try and pretend they are celebrities and that must be very difficult to police and annoying for fans who follow these types of people.

Hope this helps #googleplusupdates