Pinterest is for women? You could try Gentlemint!

A month ago now, I wrote about Pinterest asking if you have you signed up for Pinterest yet? –  it seems to me that now the world and his wife has signed up!  People love it!

Today, the Mail Online, suggested that Pinterest which is one of the fastest growing sites with 12 Million unique visitors (just in the US) could have over 97% female users.  Which I don’t believe, I’d say out of my 300 followers many more than half are male. In fact when I open up my first page of followers you can see here yourself that they are almost ALL men.

Pinterest is for girls? 

As I looked through the rest of my followers this was pretty much the case all the way through. I know I do have many male followers probably due to the nature of my interests but this must show that the 97% figure is wrong.

Besides which, you will only see the pictures of those that you are following unless you go into explore and then you can search for things like DIY or Car or other maybe mainly subjects, so I don’t see the problem of Girly pictures being on Pinterest, as others have suggested.

Its been suggested before that Pinterest is for women, as this is how Gentlemint was born, they decided to create a male version of Pinterest – The tag line being.

Gentlemint is a mint of manly things. 

I have signed up for an invitation to Gentlemint, using my first name Michelle, so I wonder if I will be invited to the manly beta.

Ohh men, look at all those lovely cool dude pictures… I can’t wait to see how this all turns out. Will people be banned for putting pictures of high heels on Gentlemint?  Or is it ok if they are high heels attached to a scantily dressed woman.   I might try it and see! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I think Gentlemint have jumped on the bandwagon with a brilliant idea and obviously with what people think is missing, I just don’t think that it is missing.

The same as – another similar site that people are calling Gender Neutral! Yes, I laughted too. It is different in that you snip your favorite links on a board – more like stumbleupon crossed with Pinterest – Stumerest?  Which is probably safer on the copyright score.

I wonder how many more there will be – I wonder just as we can title and put our Pinboards in subjects on Pinterest, maybe what we will we end up with is an actual site for each individual subject – for fishing – horseriding – sewing – oh like magazines?

What do you think? Is it all girlie pink dresses and high heels on Pinterest?  Will you leave there for Gentlemint or something else? Do you not like any of these and will stick to Flickr?

Let us know, we’d love to find out.


Have you signed up for Pinterest yet?

Pinterest is your virtual Pinboard or Scrapbook.

Pinterest is well-funded by a this group of  successful entrepreneurs and investors: Jack Abraham (Milo), Michael Birch (Bebo), Scott Belsky(Behance), Shana Fisher (Highline Venture Partners), Ron Conway (SV Angel), Kevin Hartz (EventBrite), Jeremy Stoppelman (Yelp), Hank Vigil, and Fritz Lanman.

I’ve just signed up for this, even though it was apparently launched in March 2010 – (which was why I couldn’t get my usual user name)  but it is still in Beta and invitation only or by requesting an invite

Pinterest now also has an iPhone application

My Pinterest users name is techieminx 

Create your Pinboards in Pinterest

You pin pictures, video or links to your boards, which can have whatever categories you like. You can use your own links or pictures, or someone elses, always making sure you give credit to the original source.

It very simple and easy to do.

Choose if you want to

Add a Pin –  You choose from your own pictures/video’s stored on your PC or iPhone. 

Upload a Pin – Here you put the URL of the picture/video you wish to display.

Create a Board – You create a Board to put your Pins.

Look at other PinBoards on Pinterest

You can browse Pinboards created by other users where you can – LikeRepin or Comment, from those boards.

When you pin something to your board you can also share this with Facebook or Twitter!

Finding or inviting friends couldn’t be easier when you sign in with Facebook, its just gives you two lists, or you can search on email addresses.

This site is great fun, and very popular – check out how many likes people already have, its phenomenal.

Its not just anther photo sharing site, or even social networking site ….

Sort of explained what it is in this video by Lockergnome aka Chris Pirillo

What is Pinterest

Pinterest have a mission..

Our goal is to connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting. We think that a favorite book, toy, or recipe can reveal a common link between two people. With millions of new pins added every week, Pinterest is connecting people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests.


Try it out, it costs nothing, but time – oh it is rather addicting 🙂

Hope this helps


Adding and Removing parts from your new Facebook Profile – Timeline.

Facebook’s Timeline is more visual than the old Profile page – its wider and it is going to contain your posts, photos and life events, including the date they happened.

People appear to be concerned about this.  They are worried some of these posts, photos or happenings might contain items from the past that they would rather not see again, or want other people to see constantly on one page.

Timeline – You decide. 

You don’t need to worry, although Facebook is going to summarise your Timeline automatically you can add or remove any parts of your story that you want.

If there are important topics that haven’t been included in your Timeline you can go back to when they happened and just add them or you can go to your “private activity log” and add it to your timeline from there.

How do I remove a story from my timeline?

Hover over a story on your timeline to see your options:
(Feature on Timeline): This allows you to highlight the stories you think are important. When you star a story, the story expands to widescreen. Starred stories are also always visible on your timeline.(Edit): This gives you the option to:
  • Hide from Timeline: This removes stories from your timeline. Note that these stories will still show up in your activity log, which only you can see. They also may appear in your friend’s News Feeds.
  • Depending on the type of story (ex: status update, checkin, tagged photo), you may also have the option to:

    1. Change the date of a story (ex: for an old photo, you can enter the date the photo was taken so it shows up in the right place on your timeline)
    2. Delete a post (that you posted)
    3. Report a post or mark it as spam (that someone else posted)
Remember: You can also see the audience of stories you and your friends share from your timeline, and change the audience of things that you share.

Hope this helps.



 Photo from

Person Folder – A NEW Social networking site!

A NEW Social networking site

What is Person Folder?

Person Folder lets you keep track of your friends and connections the way YOU want.

Its a brand spanking A NEW Social networking site;  users may create a personal profile, both public and private, add other users as friends and exchange messages, including automatic notifications when they update their profile. Additionally, users may join common interest user groups, organized by workplace, school, or college, or other characteristics. Profiles also have the ability to create full profile page customization and the ability to add a music player.
I joined it today, its still in beta, they are constantly working on it, creating fun happenings, and magic behind the curtains – who knows what might happen!

It appears that Person Folder arrived on the scene after a few people were  just fed up with Facebook’s security, hence the slogan.

One thing that I did notice straight away (which is totally different to Facebook, sadly) is that EVERYTHING is set to ME ONLY – then you go to settings and change it to either “friends”, or “everyone” if you want. Which of course is how it should be!  🙂

I thought that I did have a problem with it, when I went to view public profile – it had information on there that I had kept to “only me” but when I looked at my profile after I’d logged out – it was just as I had set?

This is my profile page, I’ve set up my profile picture and a background (that I created) very easily.  Its very simple to navigate around the site, everything is clearly labelled and tagged, and its very smooth and fast. You have folders for photos and music, which are simply uploaded (say no more) – and you can share with your friends via your inbox or your wall.

Here is Franc’s page its much more exciting than mine; with two followers 🙂

A NEW Social networking site

Its very early days yet for Person Folder and there are so many site features that they are going to be adding:

# add band/artist specific profile options
# add a latest friend requests box to sidebar
# add new messages box to sidebar
# add more customization options for public profiles
# add an advanced user search option
# divide image selection options by category
# add more profile type options
# create a friend suggestion box for sidebar
# add a jobs board
# create a blog section
# create a classifieds section
# create an events section
# create a system to take snap shots from a webcam
# create a system tp take movie clips from a webcam
# create a robust mobile version of site
# add a music voting system
# add a photo gallery view page for friends
# add seemless ajax routines to site functionality

If there was one  thing I would like to see, it would be a bit more colour, a bit more razzle; it seems a bit bland. Although I like old – because it is bland and simple? Maybe twitter is different.

I will post an update once I’ve had a full look round, but if you want to join me, that would help, sign up here I’m Michelledh.

Edit- update 2016, personfolder seem to be gone.

I am honestly trying not to encourage Facebook to delete my Facebook page; I’m not as big I know but it  happened to The BullDog Estate , can you believe that – and as Facebook appear to be looking at my posts from time to time, really – its a bit of a worry!  Must be a just a bot alert. So if the page is still there, please like it for me, thanks.

Hope this helps.


Delete photos on (NEW DESIGN) YFrog – Part two

I wrote a post not so long ago about how to delete your photos from YFrog; due to the fact it took me a little while to find out. I’m pleased to say, that this post has helped out many people.

Recently I received this comment.

Looks like they’ve rebuilt the interface because i couldnt find any dropdown menu or any delete buttons.

How to remove pictures on Yfrog updated

So I hopped on over to Yfrog.  It seems things have indeed changed, in fact Yfrog recently had a complete overhaul on design with virtually a new product: you can tweet directly from their site, photos are more organised and it looks much more professional now.  This new design is apparently in beta and is being pushed out to people slowly so you may not have seen it yet.  It does look easier to use now, so hopefully people won’t have so much difficulty but just in case, this is how you remove photos now.

  1. Click Profile
  2. Click Photos (or videos)
  3. Do not click the picture – because when you hover over the photo that you wish to delete  you will see an X – click  – here to remove.

UPDATE  –  Another change to YFrog design, just a small one. 

Proceed to step 3. 

3. Still do not click the picture – but hover over it and you will see the trashcan, click that to delete. 

(thanks to an anonymous poster for letting me know) 

If you wish to remove the complete yfrog account go to settings which is on the drop down arrow next to profile and click delete account.

Looks like they have got rid of that ugly frog too !



Hope this  helps



Missing Facebook Profile Pictures

People are complaining that their profile pictures are not appearing on Facebook or that some application bookmarks are missing – Facebook know about this issue and apparently fixing it .

I never understand why this happens to some people and some not.

However, never fear Facebook are on it.

Brief but true


Trendy New Emoticons for Facebook Chat!

For those of you who use Windows Messenger (MSN) Yahoo or other instant messenger clients, you would be used to using the animated or exciting emoticons//smilies/little pictures that they provide. I feel they are fun and amusing to use when chatting with friends. Also sometimes you may want to just to reply with a dazzling smile or a cheeky wink.

On Facebook chat you can’t do this – they are just plain and its boring. Or can you?

Emoinstaller by Athena IT Ltd

Emoinstaller is a new windows application that allows you to easily express your emotions through pictures using Facebook emoticons and its free!

This tool allows you to choose from hundreds of brilliant emoticons (including animated ones) and add them to your Facebook messages. Its compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. What’s more, you can choose whether to add it to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Its so easy to install too…

You click here for the download – Facebook emoticons 

Just click next on the pop up box – accept, choose your browser and next again and after a restart of your browser its done.

Next time you open Facebook you will see a little monkey icon called EMO, in your chat window, click him to choose from pages of topical icons, large and small.

“Emo has been designed to represent that Emoinstaller is a fun, simple and personality expressing Facebook application.”
Quote – Operations Director, Henrik Larsson.

If you already use Chitchat, these superb emotions will be in addition to the exciting ones you are already using.  

Emo installer only launched at the end of February is a great find, its costs nothing, is easy to install and immediately enhances your Facebook chat experience.

Get it before your friends do 🙂