Teenage Cancer Trust Royal Albert Hall Concerts

Teenage Cancer Trust Royal Albert Hall Concerts

Teenage Cancer Trust Royal Albert Hall ConcertsI’ve supported The Teenage Cancer Trust since I first noticed that Roger Daltrey (an honorary patron along side the Duchess of York), was the driving force behind Teenage Cancer Trust Royal Albert Hall Concerts The first one being in 2000  when The Who were joined on stage by the likes of:

  • Noel Gallagher
  • Bryan Adams
  • Paul Weller
  • Eddie Vedder
  • Nigel Kennedy
  • Kelly Jones

Every year since then, Teenage Cancer Trust at the Royal Albert Hall has raised essential funds to help the charity.  Over seventeen million pounds have been raised in 14 years to support the work of the Charity.

The Teenage Cancer Trust

This is a wonderful charity that works hard improve the lives of our young people ages 13-24 with cancer to help get them the best care and support that they need, which can be totally different from those of young children or older people that have been diagnosed with cancer. These young people used to be lumped in the childrens ward or alongside old people and this is where the charity saw the need for a change. They realised that for a young persons physical and psychological well being they needed to be in a specialist facility that is build specifically for their needs,  so that young people were not isolated from their peers but could be with other young people their age that they could relate to.

Body Shop Supports Teenage Cancer Trust Royal Albert Hall Concerts

Last weekend I noticed that The Body Shop has partnered with Teenage Cancer Trust and were offering a special promotion – where they said they were collecting kisses for the Charity, I thought this was just awesome, so I wanted to tell you about it.

The promotion reads…

“Come into store and have a free lipover with our Colour Crush lip collection, give us a kiss (on our special lip stickers) and we’ll donate 50p to Teenage Cancer Trust for every kiss we collect”

I came across this information by mistake actually, I was looking for some skincare vouchers on Voucherbox and saw some  Body Shop vouchers it was then I noticed this promotion for Valentines day.  Voucherbox is great,  if you’ve not tried it, they have thousands of stores with many great deals, to check it out “click here” Anyway I digress, as I read  further down the Body Shop page I saw that  they have been partners with  Teenage Cancer Trust since 2013, they raised £500,000 last year, that is amazing! They have many fundraisers, allow donations, collect kisses, and even have a charity single – Beauty With Heart.

I didn’t realise that Body Shop Supports Teenage Cancer Trust Royal Albert Hall Concerts and that they were the headline sponsor for Teenage Cancer Trust’s Royal Albert Hall March 2013 concert series (not sure how I missed that). They are also doing the same for this year, which runs at the end of March.

Simon Coble, General Manager of The Body Shop UK said: 
“We’re absolutely delighted to be partnering with Teenage Cancer Trust’s Royal Albert Hall shows for the second year, and are looking forward to bringing Beauty With Heart to life once again through this fantastic collaboration and exciting week of music and comedy. 

The 2014 Royal Albert Hall  line up includes

Teenage Cancer Trust Royal Albert Hall Concerts

You can get involved to help the Teenage Cancer Trust yourself, there are loads of ways that we can all support them – fundraisers, donations, buy tickets for the Teenage Cancer Trust Royal Albert Hall Concerts, join challenges – even popping into the Body Shop it seems! Check out the Teenage Cancer Trust website “here” to find out more.

Hangout, share, showcase talents, network, all in one place | #jumpjbx

jumpjukeboxThere is a brand new entertainment network called Jump Jukebox, which is the  brainchild of Michelle Morgan.

Michelle has been writing music since she was very little and felt there was nowhere secure and unsaturated where she could present her music so like anyone would, she created her own stage and Jump Jukebox was born.

Michelle wanted somewhere where artists and entertainers can share their work with each other, chat and bounce off each other, and maybe even get noticed by talent spotters.

Get yourself noticed on Jump Jukebox

Its not only for self promotion, because who likes to do that all of the time; its a place to share  the entertainment you love and to tell others how it inspired you, have some laughs and enjoy like minded company

Like-minded creative people all in one place~ what a heavenly idea!

No hating, just rating and some serious musical mating! Now that could be the start of a piece of lyrical genius?!).

Jump into the jukebox, jump to your on beat with me Michelle at Jumpjukebox.co.uk

Jump jukebox isn’t only for music its for all kinds of entertainment and people with various talents hobbies and likes to meet up and hangout.


Hangout is an online social network – Sharing entertainment interests and talents actually anything spectacular, unusual or quirky is welcome.  Groups and Meet ups are available too.

What else can you do on Jump Jukebox

* Upload Photos and Videos
* Join groups & events
* Create events and arrange meet ups
* Access what everyone else has been doing (shows comments, likes, new uploads etc)
* Instant message between users
* Like/rate videos, photos and other content
* Showcase Talents & Events


When you first log in to JumpJukebox you can add your profile image and a cover image of your choice.  Then you can create your profile – the usual name, date of birth, about me, contact info, country, website and you can fill in as much or as little as you want, which is nice for some people that like their privacy.


You can then add a status update, a photo, video or event.   You can add your friends, talk privately on the chat box, or message them directly.

It really seems to have all you need in one place, its like Twitter for updates, YouTube for sharing videos, Google+ for hangouts and sharing pictures, and eventful for sharing events but as (the other) Michelle rightly said, these places are over run and you don’t get noticed, here you can have an intimate place where like minded people can get together.

Make new friends, meet fellow musicians, join a band, a sports group, create a club, big up yourself and people you know

Sounds great doesn’t it?

Check it out now – at http://jumpjukebox.co.uk

Don’t forget to add me and say hi, oh and you even get your own fancy URL –


Me and The Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster

The Nokia Purity Headset WH930

Nokia Connects recently gave me a Nokia Lumia 900 to trial and with it they sent a Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster in turquoise blue, (Cyan) – yes OK, so,  I liked the colour. The headsets come in 4 colours (Red, Black and White) and they all look great.

The Monster Purity comes folded up in a little hard shell carrying case that you can transport it around in and several cables, controls and stuff. You’ll see what happened when I didn’t take much notice of the other cables soon.

I wanted to put these headphones to the test like I did the BH-905i Bluetooth stereo headphones from Nokia. I loved those guys!

So I got ready to rock …..

This head set is fully adjustable, very well designed and very comfortable indeed with full padding on the earcup –  however the smallest setting was perfect for me, and I don’t think I have an especially small head, so if you are thinking of getting these I’d test them for size.  Maybe we should say girls like headphones too!   They look great on – no pictures  sorry and they are small enough not to look to crazy wearing them out in the street.

Horror 🙂

I plugged in the headset to the PC to test it out as I didn’t have much music on the Nokia Lumia 900 yet and I couldn’t wait – So, on went some heavy rock music, I cranked it up and oh my …….I had a terrible shock – there was an awful tinny crackling noise! Okay so I hadn’t expected them to sound good as the BH-905i but this was ridiculous, I seriously thought that the previous person to have the headset must have blown the speakers.

Always read the instructions first

I suddenly had a brain wave to try the other cable that was in the box – and it then I realised that the cable that I thought would be the one to use with the PC was the wrong one!

Superb sounds

After that really bad start – I was fully set to listen to some serious music. This time, I admit, I was a bit relieved that found myself totally impressed with the sound quality.  I love to listen to music loud – so it cuts me off from the rest of the world.  The Monster Purity is capable of that – Even with the base down low it still sounds crisp and clean, with that volume up to max there was no distortion. You would definitely say it was high definition.  The downfall was that the sound had to be loud for you not to head any background noise.  Which is strange as there wasn’t much sound leakage only at full volume. They stayed comfortable for a few hours – although you always felt them pressing against your ears it wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

I only used it once to speak to someone on the Nokia Lumia 900 but it worked fine and it was clear as a bell.

This headset is recommended for the Nokia Lumia 900 but it is fully compatible with Windows phones.

Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster is compatible with the following:

  • Fully compatible with Windows phones
  • Devices that have a 3.5 mm Nokia AV audio jack using the included microphone equipped cable (limited feature compatibility)
  • All phones, music players and other devices with a universal 3.5 mm audio jack (Feature compatibility is manufacturer dependent)

So although these don’t beat the BH905I I did enjoy them and really do miss them. My next purchase is definitely going to be a decent set of headphones or headset. I’d like to try out a skullcandy headset, wouldn’t that be nice, I do need something new to test.

Specs At a glance

  • 3.5 mm universal headset connector
  • 20 – 20000 Hz
    Frequency response
  • 180 grams

All the information and specs you need are here – Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset.





SoundHound can name that tune, just sing or hum.

What song is this – What’s that track – Tra la la.

Is that a familiar question?

All day you have had that annoying song going around in your head, you have no idea what the artist or the title of the track is, and you only know a few words, which doesn’t come up in a Google search. (Yes this is me!)

SoundHound could let you keep your sanity!

SoundHound is a music recognition application by SoundHound Inc. which can recognise tracks from your singing – well most of the time, and that’s with my bad singing!  It is said to have the worlds fastest music recognition, exclusive singing search, voice search and lyrics.

This application has been around in one form or another for some time – once known as Midomi – It has had many updates and changes to it!  It is also listed as a New York Times top ten app for iPhone and Android.

When I first saw Shazam I thought that was amazing, but this has the extras that I wanted Shazam to have, lyrics and singing search, brilliant!.  Although I do still love Shazam, it rarely lets me down, but I shall use SoundHound for naming that tune.

SoundHounds Major Features

Music recognition…

  • From a played track
  • This will give you lyrics, tour dates, similar artists, map, artist bios album art and videos.
  • Title or Artist
  • Will find the track and play it for you, with all of the above options.
  • Singing or Humming
  • Soundhound will give you a list of tracks it thinks is correct – or just play it.
  • You get a chance to bookmark or buy the track when it is found.
  • Full iPod integration
  • If any of these tracks are in your iPod or Music Library SoundHound will instantly play them.
  • Underplayed Chart – A list of tracks that are found in SoundHound that are not played much on the radio.
  • Social networking Sharing – Share the information with Twitter, Facebook, email or text

On twitter @SoundHound give you interesting bits information and updates recent tweets being.

The #1 Most ID’ed Song on SoundHound in 2011 is: Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People.

Which they tweeted to @forterthepeople too,  great stuff.

The #2 Most ID’ed Song on SoundHound in 2011 is: Someone Like You by Adele.

You can get SoundHound here…

SoundHound at Android Market 

SoundHound at iTunes App Store

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later

I love this application, its one of my most used iPhone apps – my best music application of 2011 even.

Hope this helps


Pictures from http://www.soundhound.com/  –  I have no affiliation with SoundHound.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Live launches a new generation of TV

Today Microsoft announced that it plans to roll out the next generation of TV entertainment on Xbox live in over 20 different countries over the holiday season.

We have been waiting for this for some time now, and finally it appears to have arrived.

AT&T, BBC, Comcast, HBO, Rogers, Telefónica, Televisa and Verizon are among providers rolling out new TV entertainment services on Xbox LIVE.

On a Microsoft press release seen today they talk about this being a major step towards Microsoft realising their vision to bringing you all the entertainment you want, shared with the people you care about. Stating that you will be able to switch from games to music to live TV and more by using your Xbox 360.

Starting this holiday season they are giving US customer 26 live channels including MTV, Spike, Food Network, Comedy Central, HBO, CNN and Nickelodeon — with more to come.

Highlights of the Xbox 360 TV Experience 

Unified Dashboard for Xbox LIVE

Xbox LIVE now has a unified dashboard for greater, easier navigation, whether customers use Kinect or a controller. Access more entertainment content for everyone in the family from numerous providers.

Comcast Xfinity Direct to Your Xbox 360

Starting this holiday season, customers will have access to world-leading TV and entertainment providers such as Comcast Xfinity. Get access to over 10,000 episodes of catch-up TV.

Lots of Live TV on the Way for US Customers

Starting this holiday season customers in the United States will be able to watch live TV with Verizon FIOS. Get Verizon FiOS TV with multiple live channels like MTV, Spike, Food Network, Comedy Central, HBO, CNN and Nickelodeon — with more to come.

Searching for Entertainment? Bing, It’s There!

With Kinect for Xbox 360, there are no remotes, no buttons, no worries. Powered by Bing, customers can search across Xbox LIVE for games, movies and TV content from different providers, to find what they want to watch instantly.

Voice-Powered Search

With Kinect, you are the controller. Find TV shows fast, and use your voice to pause and rewind movies and TV shows. Just say what you want to watch and Xbox finds it with voice search powered by Bing. Want to find the latest X-Men movie?  Simply say “Xbox Bing, X-Men” and Xbox finds it.

More Entertainment Options Instantly

Xbox LIVE now brings customers more entertainment options to enjoy movies, TV shows and sports, instantly. Find new movies on the Zune marketplace or explore the latest videos on YouTube.

Entertainment Apps Galore for the Holidays

This holiday customers will get more apps with movies, TV shows and sports from top providers such as ESPN, Netflix, Syfy and YouTube.

Sharing With Xbox LIVE Community

Customers can connect with the Xbox LIVE community to show what games they’re playing, movies they’re watching and music they’re listening to, as well as invite others to join in — even post game achievements and info about favorite movies directly to their Facebook wall from Xbox LIVE.

Experience What Xbox 360 Brings to Music

Customers can easily discover new music, artists and albums and share with friends and family from the comfort of their couch.

What gives this a fantastic futuristic feel to it is Kinect,  I love the fact that there are no remotes or buttons, you will just have to talk to your TV and tell it what you want.

Entertainment Partners on Xbox

ABC iView – Australia
AlloCiné – France, Germany, Spain, U.K.
Antena 3 – Spain
Astral Media’s Disney XD – Canada
AT&T** – U.S.
BBC – U.K.
blinkbox – U.K.
Bravo – U.S.
BSkyB** – U.K.
Canal+* – France, Spain
Channel 4 – U.K.
Channel 5 – U.K.
CinemaNow (Best Buy) – U.S.
Comcast – U.S.
Crackle – Australia, Canada, U.K., U.S.
Dailymotion – Available in 32 markets
ESPN** – U.S.
Facebook** – Available in all 35 Xbox LIVE markets
FOXTEL** – Australia
GolTV – Spain
Hulu – Japan
Hulu Plus**– U.S.
iHeartRadio (Clear Channel) – U.S.
Last.fm**– U.K., U.S.
LOVEFiLM – Germany, U.K.
Manga Entertainment – U.S.
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment/Real Sports – Canada
Mediaset – Italy
MSN with MSNBC.com – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, U.K.
MUZU.TV – France, Germany, Italy, Spain, U.K.
Netflix**– Canada, U.S.
Rogers on Demand – Canada
RTVE – Spain
SBS On Demand – Australia
Syfy – U.S.
Telefonica – Spain
Televisa – Mexico
“The Today Show” – U.S.
TELUS** – Canada
TMZ – U.S.
Twitter** – Available in all 35 Xbox LIVE markets
UFC – Canada, U.S.
Verizon – U.S.
VEVO – Canada, U.K., U.S.
VimpelCom** – Russia
Vodafone Portugal** – Portugal
YouTube – Available in 22 markets
ZDF – Germany

You probably need an Xbox gold membership and I expect fees for the new entertainment, so we will have to wait and see those prices before we get too excited, but it sounds interesting so far.

Hope this helps.

My impressions of the Nokia X7

I was recently given a Nokia X7 to test out for review from WOMworld Nokia  – my first impressions were of the box actually, the box looked more like something that you would get from Apple (except it was blue) than Nokia, not that a box matters really.  It was just compact and smart looking, I hate it when you get a massive box with lots of plastic with a mobile phone lost inside it, there is no need.

On opening the box I was met with the stylish 8 megapixel Smartphone with a 4inch Amoled touchscreen. The X7 is pleasing to the eye, as it is not a standard rectangle shape but each of the corners have a grill design which angle inwards slightly creating an unusual and futuristic appearance. It is solid to touch but also light, it feels good quality and comfortable in your hand.

The Gorilla glass scratch protection screen not only is great to look at but is very responsive this makes me happy, especially when this phone is designed for entertainment, the last thing you want is to be repeatedly pressing on the screen with no response.

Symbian Anna

I was pleased to be at last trying Symbian Anna OS on this phone, and it does live up to all of its hype. The interface is great and its much easier to navigate, I remember having trouble finding my way around without Anna so this really does make a difference. I was surprised fast and smooth it was especially on web browsing – It crashed on me once when I first started using it, I don’t know if I was trying to do too much at once in my excitement or if it was grumpy about being let out of the box after some travelling.  Anyway it didn’t crash again whilst I was using it.

I loved the QWERTY keyboard which is small but easy to use once you realise you have to be accurate with your touch.  I’m not certain how you would get on if you have fat fingers though, which it seems is often a problem with touchscreen keyboards.


If you know me, you know that I’m not good with Cameras on Smartphones, I might be getting a little better but I found this camera easy to use, and it creates sharp colourful photos – the only thing I did have some trouble with was on zoom shots, either I was using it wrong or the zoom is not great. Here are some of my shots – Testing out the X7   and here On the river

I didn’t record the usage time on battery but it definitely keeps power for longer than my iPhone (sorry for swearing)  apart from when using the camera, that did use up the battery very quickly – however I did take many photos.

As usual with most phones now you can connect to all of your social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter which are preloaded and there are lots of games and applications on the Ovi Store. The games play smoothly and its a great size screen for game play.

 Music on the Nokia x7

The Nokia x7 amazed me with its extremely good quality sound through the speakers and on the headset.  You scroll through the music files quickly and easily too, most enjoyable.

I wasn’t impressed with the SIM holder or the MicroSD cover both of these are hard to open and easily broken or lost. In fact all of the side buttons were awkward and difficult to use.

 See full specifications here..  Nokia X7 Specifications

I’ll sum up here as there is not much I can say that hasn’t been said already apart from that of my personal opinions above.

I have enjoyed using the Nokia X7 – It is a great entertainment phone, the size, weight and screen are the first to make it so, and next is the smoothness of the operation but this time the side button design let it down for me, which I think is a first for my relationship with Nokia. Also is not exactly a budget phone working out at a hefty £350-£400 depending on what deal you get.

Additional information

To hard reset your Nokia X7 you just have to press *#7370# and press Dial. The phone will request the security code that is by default 12345. Please be aware that you will loose all the data in your phone, so you should backup all relevant information.

If you want to soft reset your Nokia X7 you need to press *#7780# and then Dial. The security code is 12345. Once you complete this, your phone will come back to factory settings, but you will not loose personal data. Anyway it is recommended to make a backup before performing any of the mentioned procedures.

Hope this helps


How to redeem a code in iTunes

Cannot find where to Redeem your iTunes code ?

If you have a iTunes Gift Card to download music or an application on to you iTouch or iPhone – Or as in my case a promo code for an app that I’ve been asked to review, then you will have to redeem the code in iTunes.  Just sometimes,  that little sucker is hard to find,  due to the fact you’ve been doing other things in iTunes and you are now on the wrong page.  I seem to always forget this, so this blog is for me as much it is for you 🙂

How to redeem a code in iTunes

Stay logged in

Close iTunes 

Reopen iTunes

Look in Quick links on the far right at the top

Click Redeem. 

Thanks for hiding that, Apple – it was there all the time! – Now you can insert the code.

Short and Sweet, totally not like me 🙂

Hope this helps


Person Folder – A NEW Social networking site!

A NEW Social networking site

What is Person Folder?

Person Folder lets you keep track of your friends and connections the way YOU want.

Its a brand spanking A NEW Social networking site;  users may create a personal profile, both public and private, add other users as friends and exchange messages, including automatic notifications when they update their profile. Additionally, users may join common interest user groups, organized by workplace, school, or college, or other characteristics. Profiles also have the ability to create full profile page customization and the ability to add a music player.
I joined it today, its still in beta, they are constantly working on it, creating fun happenings, and magic behind the curtains – who knows what might happen!

It appears that Person Folder arrived on the scene after a few people were  just fed up with Facebook’s security, hence the slogan.

One thing that I did notice straight away (which is totally different to Facebook, sadly) is that EVERYTHING is set to ME ONLY – then you go to settings and change it to either “friends”, or “everyone” if you want. Which of course is how it should be!  🙂

I thought that I did have a problem with it, when I went to view public profile – it had information on there that I had kept to “only me” but when I looked at my profile after I’d logged out – it was just as I had set?

This is my profile page, I’ve set up my profile picture and a background (that I created) very easily.  Its very simple to navigate around the site, everything is clearly labelled and tagged, and its very smooth and fast. You have folders for photos and music, which are simply uploaded (say no more) – and you can share with your friends via your inbox or your wall.

Here is Franc’s page its much more exciting than mine; with two followers 🙂

A NEW Social networking site

Its very early days yet for Person Folder and there are so many site features that they are going to be adding:

# add band/artist specific profile options
# add a latest friend requests box to sidebar
# add new messages box to sidebar
# add more customization options for public profiles
# add an advanced user search option
# divide image selection options by category
# add more profile type options
# create a friend suggestion box for sidebar
# add a jobs board
# create a blog section
# create a classifieds section
# create an events section
# create a system to take snap shots from a webcam
# create a system tp take movie clips from a webcam
# create a robust mobile version of site
# add a music voting system
# add a photo gallery view page for friends
# add seemless ajax routines to site functionality

If there was one  thing I would like to see, it would be a bit more colour, a bit more razzle; it seems a bit bland. Although I like old – Twitter.com because it is bland and simple? Maybe twitter is different.

I will post an update once I’ve had a full look round, but if you want to join me, that would help, sign up here www.personfolder.com I’m Michelledh.

Edit- update 2016, personfolder seem to be gone.

I am honestly trying not to encourage Facebook to delete my Facebook page; I’m not as big I know but it  happened to The BullDog Estate , can you believe that – and as Facebook appear to be looking at my posts from time to time, really – its a bit of a worry!  Must be a just a bot alert. So if the page is still there, please like it for me, thanks.

Hope this helps.


Compose music with the Isle of tune… Game?

Ok, I admit it, this music sequencer has kept me busy for a couple of days now, (in my spare time) and I am addicted to it. I have Jim Hall the creator to blame for that, thanks Jim.  Its different than you’ve ever seen before. On Isle of tune, you create little cute islands, with roads, trees bushes and houses to compose your own music or mixes of other tracks.

This is my sons island that he made today currently no’3 in “today’s” chart (please click like, if you do like).

Revolving I like to move

Of course my sons island is much better than my effort

– Called Stairway to isles but it was my first try. Don’t laugh.  🙂   It seems really simple but as you get into it you find that actually its really quite tricky to create a masterpiece.

How to make your musical journey

When you first start you have an empty island with a tool bar at the bottom, here you will see everything you need to start creating your musical wonderland isle.

First you design your layout of road. 

Then you can add some trees or bushes, these are your notes – you adjust each one to a different note by clicking on them you can do this by using tone, or clicking keyboard and choosing a note. (Here you have even more options)

After that you can add a new road to create a drum beat with street lamps and or houses, and the last thing to  place is your car. 
You have available any amount of road, trees, bushes, etc but only 3 cars.
When you are ready you press go and the car on the road starts moving and as it passes by the objects this generates the sound.

Its easier to understand once you have looked through a few of the shared islands.

Here is my son at No. 13 on This Weeks Chart.

There are 3 save spaces to save your work and you can post your tunes to Twitter, Facebook, email, or share on the site.

Some musicians decorate the rest of their island even if they aren’t using it for sounds, to create a complete and fun filled island, they look brilliant.

Someone once compared this to Farmville so I didn’t even bother looking at it, but it is nothing at all like Farmville. The only part that is computer generated is the car moving around the track, apart from a few loop tracks that are supplied, the rest you have to create yourself.

There is only one problem, it needs a log in system. As you only get 3 saves per system, which isn’t many if you have a few people using one computer.

The fabulous news is that the App is coming to Android, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch very soon! Then I’ll have my own saves 🙂

You can find isleoftune on Twitter @isleoftune (followers seem to be going up fast) or on Facebook

Now, get composing, I’d love it if you posted your tunes here.   Hopefully they’ll be as bad as mine.
Please note some of this blog did not move well from blogger from some reason. Sorry about that. 

iOS 4.2 Software Update – what it means to the iPhone User

Today Apple released the new free Software update iOS 4.2.

The biggest difference will be to the iPad users to bring them up to date with everything we already had on the iPhone or Itouch.
With extra features.
For a start the Alarm bug should now be fixed on your Apple iPhone!!  Can’t use that excuse anymore 🙂

We now also have

Airprint – Printing
AirPlay – Stream digital media from your iphone

Find my iPhone– which is now free on iPhone 4 – iPad and ITouch 4

iTunes TV show rentals 

Improved mail

Four different fonts in notes – Marker Felt, Chalkboard and Helvetica 

Quick text search in Safari. 

Improved calendar feature– linking event invitations to Yahoo, Google and Microsoft exchange

Improved Dictionary 

New Alert tones on Messaging (17 of them)

And there’s more…… sounds pretty good so far, lets hope there are not too many problems with this. I’ve actually left it all for you to download first, as there is always a rush. When I get more details I will let you know. 
Please also let me know of any problems that you may have, so I can inform others, thanks. 

Edit: I have heard of a few problems so far, aside from the taking 4 hours to download which I assume was due to the influx of visitors. Problems seem to have either been resolved  by re-downloading or the missing music fix is just a re-sync.  (This happened to me last time).