Blogger is back – but where are my posts?

As we know Blogger was down for 20 hours due to data corruption that occurred after Wednesday nights scheduled maintenance.

People are complaining about missing posts and darfts; now they are worried about publishing any more posts in case these posts are not safe and go on the missing list too, but the absent posts are the posts that they had to remove from Wednesday night (so you would assume they are safe), as they rolled back Blogger to the pre maintenance state.

It seems that they were going to wait until they had replaced all of those posts before getting the website up and running again, but they must  have felt it would be better to let the now angry bloggers publish new posts and keep adding the removed blogs as they go.

So, we assume that the missing post will come back soon.

Blogger Buzz: Blogger is back

Ah! a confirmation of returning posts from  @Blogger: We’re continuing to restore posts that were temporarily removed. It’s looking like a few more hours until we’re back to normal.


Good  luck with that.

Missing Posts On Facebook

At the beginning of the month Facebook made a few changes, most of which we’ve all noticed, like the photos now being on a black background in a pop out window and some updates to fan pages.

However you may have overlooked this one…..

Are you missing some updates/posts or comments in your Facebook feed?  Have your friends seen updates that you have not received?  That is because Facebook added an option and pre-set it at –
Friends and pages you interact with the most.  The other option is …….. ALL of your friends and pages.

I’m not sure how well this works as I frequently receive pages from people I don’t interact with at all, which of course I don’t mind, this is why I friended or liked them in the first place but I am missing lots of other posts.

To change this setting, just simply scroll down to the bottom of the news feed page 
Click – Edit Options
Click – Show Posts from – All of your friends and pages. 

This change is apparently to minimise spam so you may just want to keep it as Friends and pages you interact with the most, I don’t have many friends on Facebook (I like it this way 🙂 )  so this change isn’t very good for me but if you have many friends, this could be a godsend 🙂  and if not at least you now know that you have the option.

If you are looking here because you have missing profile pictures, content or wall posts – this a recent issue that Facebook is currently resolving.

Hope this helps 🙂