Fuss about Mentions on Twitter? #wewantoldtwitterback


Have you seen the hashtag #wewantoldtwitterback and wondered what was going on, well yes, so did I.

I saw this being posted out……

There is a message from Twitter uses that states that Twitter has changed it’s policy so that now you will only see mentions, retweets and favourites from people you follow – This means that celebrities will never see your tweets to them unless they follow you. 

I’ve seen nothing official from Twitter on this – have you? ..  However I have tested it – and it is correct. I can see it being a problem for some people.

We believe this to be a glitch though, or a bug of some sort in the iPhone application  – we have had it before where your mentions weren’t appearing at all, and if you deleted the application and re installed it, mentions reappeared.

What is going on with @Mentions on Twitter

People seem to think that there are new twitter rules for the iPhone app.

When you @mention someone that is using the Twitter iPhone application they will not see it in their Twitter stream or feed unless they are following you back.

If you are on a different application or the PC you will see the same message.

I just unfollowed a friend and got them to send me a message from their iPhone, with the @ I looked on the PC and there it was.  However – I looked on my iPhone and there is no mention.

UPDATE:  News just in … 🙂   Laura B – said that its also sometimes happening on Tweetdeck on the PC and Ken Barlow ….. Yes, Ken, said its also happening on Blackberry too.  Kierson said its on the Android – and Nester said on the Web.  Pretty much everywhere now then.   I am still hoping its just little problem at Twitter,  they should be up and awake soon to sort it out. 

Most of the upset seems to be from people that follow celebrities but this could affect businesses too.  If you don’t follow someone back and they tweet you about your product, you might not see it, if you only have access to the iPhone app.

Missing Mentions on Twitter?

Fans that are follow celebrities however are outraged and as I said the hashtag has been trending for hours now – they are frantic if they now tweet their Favourite  famous person there is no way the tweet will be seen if they are using the application.

People are tweeting there is a new rule on twitter (that is fake) as I said there is nothing on the Twitter blog or anywhere else stating this.  It seems this has now turned into people posting pictures and wanting views and retweets.

What people are saying on twitter #WeWantOldTwitterback



You can still get notification by email but no tweets, which is okay for businesses but do you really think that celebrities are going to want 700 emails a day?

There has been a petition started – > http://twitition.com/tl8zt

There is one thing, it might make more companies and people, follow back – like those people that think they are famous and only follow back 100 people, interesting.

Lets see how this unfolds.  Will keep you informed, and please let me know if you know anymore.

Its over – panic can stop now … Twitter admit that there was a bug over mentions.

UPDATE Twitter have confirmed that it was a bug and that it is now fixed.

twitter confirm bug


Fix for iPhone Twitter application not showing mentions

Twitter, iPhone and Android app not showing mentions for some users.

I’ve seen people talking about this, one person said they hadn’t had an @ message – mention for 4 days, when pressing the connect tab – button.

So searched twitter to find out how common it was, and I found quiet a few people complaining.

  • No mentions showing up
  • NO @ mentions on twitter
  • I’m not getting replies on twitter
  • My iPhone has gone bonkers
  • No refresh on the twitter application

Apparently twitter know about this and are working on a fix – I hope its quicker than the fix for unfollowing our followers for us

Here is the fix for iPhone iOS5

To get your mentions back you need delete the account that is not working and re-adding it to the application.

To remove your twitter account on the iPhone on iOS5

Go Settings – Twitter

Click the account that is not working – Press Delete Account

Confirm Deletion

Then go back to the first Twitter settings screen and press Add account

Then just type in your user name and password again – and it works – well it did for me.

Android users would be pretty much the same but I don’t have one right now to show you the steps.

Hope this helps


Where are my @mentions on Twitter?

Where are my @mentions!! Did you think you were very unpopular today, were you worried that you weren’t getting many Tweets?

Its okay it’s not just you – many people have not been getting @mentions or replies for a few hours now, some since yesterday.

This is a Twitter.com problem so changing applications isn’t going to help I’m afraid, you’ll have have to keep a good eye on your timeline for @mentions or try searching, which isn’t great.   Something like a Tweetdeck search would be best.

I first noticed people complaining about missing tweets this morning when Jack Schofield – British Technology Journalist tweeted out.

And then later today – the lovely Dawn Porter –  British television presenter and writer wrote.

Poor Dawn was very upset, she said that she was getting DM’s but no replies and it was like talking to herself!

There doesn’t appear to be anything regarding this on the Twitter Status page as yet about the missing mentions, and @twitter desite all the plea’s for help have said nothing, and as they don’t appear to have anyone tweeting 24hours a day on any of their twitter accounts (no really you are lucky for once a day!) – we might have to wait a few hours as its still early morning there.

DM’s – Direct messages started to be effected on Wednesday this is two days later and still no word from Twitter, rather disappointing.

Finally late Wednesday night, (GMT) we had the answer to our questions where are my @mentions – Twitter is working on it.

Hope this helps – sit tight