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Twitter and BBM involvement in UK riots

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Riots that started in London have now spread to other British cities, such as Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham and Manchester. It has been said that networks such as Facebook, Twitter and BBM have helped organise some of the riots.  Police say that the main culprit however is BBM; BlackBerrys Messenger service as it is/was thought that messages cannot be traced, although Blackberry have said that they will help police to trace people which is a little confusing? I am surprised that if the police felt so strongly that BBM was to blame for the start of the London Riots that it still hasn't been blocked, or shut down. Or is it now because now they have Blackberry to help track people, police want the looters to use it. I assume though that police will see from phone records of those arrested, who those people have been contacted by or contacted to arrange the meet ups, via text or BBM. I do believe that Twitter has been detrimental to the riots, but from a small minority of people,  mostly people thought they were [...]

London 2012 – Olympics? Worlds End? NOW Twitter?

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An announcement was made today by Twitter to say that they have indeed selected London for the company's European HQ. London just winning over Dublin. Katie Jacob Stanton, who is Twitter's head of international strategy will be leading the London Office which they are hoping to open at the beginning of 2012.  Apparently there are scouts looking at property's in West and East London. How can we cope with all the goings on for next year, first the world is going to end, then the Olympics now this! Earlier we saw this tweet from @KatieS This tweet has now however disappeared so I'm assuming they had a a few too many applications, although the link is still active. Good luck if you have applied for any of these Jobs, competition must be as fierce as  lion hunting its prey!    

A Pillow fight in Trafalgar Square?!

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If you were passing Trafalgar Square today - you would be forgiven in thinking that hawks had attacked a million pigeons; but no it was just a pillowfight!  A rather huge pillow fight. Today is International Pillow Fight Day ! This has been very successful now for the last 3 years, however its really grown this year. Its all about the Urban Playground Movement, whose goal is it to get people off their sofas and to socialise outside in the big wide world using it as our own urban playground. Everyone is talking about #pillowfight on Twitter, there are events organised all over the world. Union Square, San Francisco is just one of the many in the USA.  Austrailia has one at Victoria Square, Amsterdam; Dam Square. Bangalor in India too. This map shows where all the events are happening. How amazing is that! At least 1700 people were expected at the event in Trafalgar Square at 3pm today after clicking attending on Facebook invite organised by #ldnpillowfight @ldnpillowfight however it is believed that 1000 people arrived to pulverise others with [...]

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