Twitter DM Phishing Scams – Have I been hacked

We see phishing scams all of the time on social networks – there have been phishing scams on TwitterHotmailFacebook, and many more. The object of the hackers game is to fool you into giving them your personal information, such as username, password, and even worse credit card details. These scams might come via Email as we have seen on Yahoo or on instant messages, private messages on various networks, its not hard for them to get control of your account.

Twitter DM Phishing Scams – Have I been hacked

What are these Phishing Scams on Twitter

Direct Messages on Twitter with the subject line as

  • lol u didn’t see them tapping u
  • your in this
  • Hey this person is writing cruel things about you
  • wow your busted in this video
  • fb is offering freee apple ipadds 2
  • Hey this user is writing cruel things about you
  • OMG your in this
  • and more…….

The first thing we notice is, that most of the time, the grammar or the spelling is incorrect   –  Some lately are coming through with a link that looks like it comes from Facebook – so this is fooling even more people than before – I am seeing these posts almost every day.

What happens when you click on a scam link

Normally what happens is that you  appear to be logged out of Twitter and made to log in again – and HEY Presto – the scammers have your details and password – and start sending out DM’s – they are quite clever only doing one every couple of days so it takes a while for you to notice or for someone to complain.

Twitter DM Phishing Scams – Have I been hacked

Have I been hacked

You have only been hacked as you call it,  because you clicked a link like this.

If you have clicked on a link like this, then you need to change your password and just check in your auth to make sure that you haven’t authorised something that shouldn’t be authorised.

How to stop getting Phished by a hacker

Don’t click links that are dmed to you unless you have spoken to the person and they have said they are going to send you a link – there is no reason for anyone to DM links, twitter is about keeping it out in the open.   Especially annoying is those auto DM’s but that’s another story. I just delete all DM’s that I wasn’t expecting to receive, this will hopefully protect me from these scams, but they are getting clever with the Facebook links – whats next!?

Hope this helps


Facebook clickjacking Scam – Boy reaction after his Ex-girlfriend posted

Photo by Darkpatator

There is another click-jacking scam similar to other scams we’ve seen recently.

The link comes up as a message in your Facebook news-feed informing you that one of your friends liked this link. (Oh so it must be true then) Not!

The first warning should be that there is a picture of a naked woman and a baby?

Boy reaction after his Ex Girlfriend posted on his wall

With a blogspot link
lol what true pain both are having at this moment

When you click the link you are taken to an advertising page, which apparently has a video on it.  When you try to play the video, it makes you like the page and it pops up an online survey.

And so the scam cycle starts again……. its posted to your friend’s walls saying you like it.

Another similar one seen recently is one that promises to show you a video of Marika Fruscio during an embarressing moment, which seems to be her top falling down showing one boob. Wow how exciting is that! … seriously, that’s worse than the big bum scam.

Yeahh!! It happens on Live Television

lol Checkout this video its very embracing moment for her

Basically it does the same thing – and the end, an online survey pops up.  In fact these two look very similar scams both with mistakes in English grammar or spelling.

This one actually posts to your wall as soon as you click on the picture, not even any chance to say  “whoops” and not go any further, its now too late and everyone knows you clicked it.

If you have clicked on this message you should follow these steps immediately:

  • Tell your friend to remove it from their wall.
  • Warn those who received the spam from you not to click on it, remove it from your wall.
  • Make sure it is not in your likes.

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Hope this helps