Blippar – The QR code killer ?

Blippar – The QR code killerWho or what is Blippar… and is it The QR code killer !?

Blippar is a Uk Company that launched its free image recognition application earlier this year in android and apple stores.  Blippar is a new way to advertise or to get people interested in your brand, it might not be The QR code killer but it is a great way to use marketing and the technology we love at the same time. Blippar call it a little bit of magic in our phones.

Blippar™ is the first universal augmented reality platform aimed at advertisers.


Blippar Marmite

Turn a real world object in front of you into an interactive experience by using your phone, genius!

What it does is similar to the QR code, which I do love – but it is far, far more. The application uses the camera to recognise products. It might be actual bottles and packets or maybe posters, adverts, a building or even your logo on your business card or cup anything in the real word that is blippable you can turn into digital connections, information or interactive entertainment. The list is infact endless!

You hold your phone over the blippable item and you will see some magic appear, whether this be interactive games, interactive adverts or web-links like a video or even a coupon, its seemingly 3D as you can twist a turn the camera and it will appear to stay in the same place as you move around it.

I hadn’t taken much notice of Blippar before now, however, I saw this video by Randy Miller and his enthusiasm about this application really gripped me.

There doesn’t seem to be a vast amount of items that are blippable as yet, but the potential is huge – they already have some big names involved we just need the others to join.  I’m not sure this would be suitable for smaller organisations, as there must be a setup cost, where as of course QR codes are free. Yet, I hope that in time as it gets more and more mainstream it will end up cost effective enough for all to use.  (Not that I have any idea’s on costs).

What is also great is you can share what you like with your friends, on facebook, twitter or email.

To use Blippar is pretty easy too

To use blippar:

  1. Browse the catalogue for blipp-able things or look for a blippar ‘b’ in the real world
  2. Turn on blippar, hold phone up in ‘blipp’ mode (select the middle ‘b’ to start the camera), fill camera screen with the image, product or logo
  3. Blipp (your navigation and the orange button will slide off screen as a blipp is recognised). Note: no photo taking or touching or tapping of the screen required
  4. Just hold, wait, enjoy… and share
  5. Click the camera icon on the screen when experiencing a ‘blipp’ to snap a photo of it and share immediately via facebook, twitter or email
  6. Rate your blipps, leave feedback or suggest other blipps that you might like to see

Tips & tricks:

  • Fill the screen with as much of the target image as you can – as squarely on as possible
  • Hold very still and wait…
  • When blippar has recognised the image, the orange navigation will disappear and your overlaid content will appear
  • If nothing appears, move camera away from the image and then back again
  • Make sure your light is good, but avoid light reflecting off the image as far as possible
  • Once your blipp has appeared on the screen you can ‘track’ it – moving your phone in, out, and at angles to explore the content in more detail. If you lose the blipp, simply refocus as above to pick it back up
  • If you like what you see, share the blipp with your friends – via email, facebook, twitter or good old fashioned word of mouth
  • Blippar resyncs with new content every time you open it. Try to ensure you have access to a strong 3G or wifi connection when opening it after a while to ensure your content is speedy and up to date.
So, I hope that you download this free application and give it a try, it is pretty amazing.  You can see more on Blippar‘s Website.
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.  You can see if Blipper is The QR code killer
Please note that the Android version of blippar is still in beta, we would appreciate any bug reports, suggestions or requests to be sent to
Hope this helps


Milna – a social media revolution!

The Milna application has been officially launched FREE on the  App store and the Android Market place.

Milna was the brainchild of  Prathap Chandran @notprathap who then involved  Aanjhan Ranganathan @tuxmaniac   his now business partner and Milna was born.

Milna is a location based social networking service which uses your 3G or Wifi and your GPS coordinates to communicate with fellow Milna users.

Say you want to find out what is going on in the local area, or are looking for a job or a great place to eat, you ask the users on Milna.

Do what you want to do. Together.

Never for a moment think you are alone. You’ll be surprised how many people around you want to do exactly what you want to.
Milna. Make it happen!


Know it from those around you. Just ask what you want to know. And get to know.


Sometimes you wish someone shared your dream. Someone who you could sit down over coffee and discuss how you want to make a difference. Do it.


The locals know the best. So why dont you ask them which is the best Sushi restaurant around?


There are days when you just want someone to listen to your wants and wishes. Reach out.

You simply download the application – create a new account and it automatically looks for your location.

It searches for All Wants within a certain radius – which you can reply to.

You can type in My Wants.

Update your profile and you are off.

You can learn more about Milna on their blog here    Website –  And Facebook page

Hope this helps






At last iTunes has a Google+ App for Apple iPhone !


The Google+ app has arrived for iPhone! 

Since the Android app was launched for Google plus, we Apple users on Google+ have been patiently waiting (for a couple of weeks!) for an iTunes application, although to be fair it was pretty good using Safari.

As far as I know Apple has had it for over a week for approval. Finally it is available for 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 – Nothing for the iPod Touch, or the iPad available yet!

I couldn’t actually find it via the App Store from the iPhone yet  (it is appearing now under realease date) however

Download Google+ for iPhone here using itunes


This is a free application and it will be interesting to see, what it will creep up to in the free application charts and how long it will take.

Be aware, as I did find another application created by someone else that was 69p


Message recieved on – Google+ via iTunes from +Punit Soni 

We discovered an issue with the version of the iPhone Google+ App that was on the App Store. When we launched, the App Store started serving a previous test version of the App which didn’t have the stability and fixes that the latest version had. It started serving the correct version a little later. If you downloaded within the first 1 hour 40 mins, you may have downloaded the older test version.To check:
– Click on the gear icon on the top left of your App’s homescreen and look right above the Help button, the version number of the App should be: If that is not the version number, then please uninstall and reinstall by clicking on the link below:

Gotta dash and try it out – happy plussing or circling 🙂

Bibi Blocksberg cute 3D racing app on itunes – need for speed on a broomstick

Bibi Blocksberg – The Broom Race

Think… Need for Speed on a Broomstick. 
If you received an iPhone for Christmas, or are looking for new and exciting applications,  I might suggest you purchase this app. The Broom Race a great racing game designed with really cute graphics, created for children and yet enjoyed by adults. 
Bibi Blocksberg was a German radio drama created in 1980 by Elfie Donnelly which was then turned into an animated television series. Now Nurogames, to celebrate the 30th anniversary have developed this game for the iPhone and the iTouch based on the award winning Nintendo Wii game.

The series is about Bibi the teenage witch who uses magical powers to make practical jokes. She gets into lots of trouble but she also rescues or helps other towns people.
The App
Language selection (English, German, French)
2 race modes: the time trial and the Cup-run
4 characters: Bibi, Schubia Wanzhaar, Flauipaui and Florian
6 unique & rapid routes
Share your Highscore via Facebook or Twitter
OpenFeint and Game Center integration
The Broom Race has two different modes – The Broom Race which is a Cup-Run. And a Time Race which is a Timed Trial.

You get to choose from 4 different characters Bibi, Schubia Wanzhaar, Flauipaui and Florian.
Then you can choose your Track, there are 3 different settings in both modes  and you can choose from 2 laps, 4 laps and 8 laps.

And off you go – you can either steer buy tilting the iphone left or right or you can have a lever on the screen – and also the brake is on the screen, so they tell me but I didn’t use it.
At the end of the race, hopefully you will win something or get a high score and you can post your score or achievements to Facebook or Twitter. The score is also added to the Game Centre and OpenFeint high scores.

How did someone get 6 seconds!   I’m Shelzzy by the way if you want to add me on the Game Centre as you see I don’t have many friends.


Compatible with
– iPhone 3GS and 4.
– iPod touch 3rd (2009) and 4th (2010) generation.

Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Enjoy trying to beat your scores and gain all of the achievements with this brilliant racing game, for young and old witch- apprentices.
Download from itunes – Bibi Blockberg – The Broom Race
Or visit the Bibi Blocksberg App Homepage for more details:

iOS 4.2 Software Update – what it means to the iPhone User

Today Apple released the new free Software update iOS 4.2.

The biggest difference will be to the iPad users to bring them up to date with everything we already had on the iPhone or Itouch.
With extra features.
For a start the Alarm bug should now be fixed on your Apple iPhone!!  Can’t use that excuse anymore 🙂

We now also have

Airprint – Printing
AirPlay – Stream digital media from your iphone

Find my iPhone– which is now free on iPhone 4 – iPad and ITouch 4

iTunes TV show rentals 

Improved mail

Four different fonts in notes – Marker Felt, Chalkboard and Helvetica 

Quick text search in Safari. 

Improved calendar feature– linking event invitations to Yahoo, Google and Microsoft exchange

Improved Dictionary 

New Alert tones on Messaging (17 of them)

And there’s more…… sounds pretty good so far, lets hope there are not too many problems with this. I’ve actually left it all for you to download first, as there is always a rush. When I get more details I will let you know. 
Please also let me know of any problems that you may have, so I can inform others, thanks. 

Edit: I have heard of a few problems so far, aside from the taking 4 hours to download which I assume was due to the influx of visitors. Problems seem to have either been resolved  by re-downloading or the missing music fix is just a re-sync.  (This happened to me last time).

How to turn off Twitter 3.2 Push Notifications – iPhone

As you may of heard Twitter Inc, has released an update to its iOS App for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch which includes push notifications. Read more from @ammojoe on CNet here  

I’d never tried push notifications before on my iPhone, it just didn’t appeal to me. When I’m on twitter I’m “on twitter”, which to be fair, is pretty often, so I don’t miss much. However lately I have wondered if someone has replied, or wanted me for something, etc., so I decided that push notifications would help this constantly having to “check twitter”. (Not that I am addicted or anything!) : )

If you are like me, and have suddenly realised that this is an immensely annoying gimmick, then you are going to want to stop it like I have, after one day. 

When you first open the Twitter application 3.2 it just asks if you want to add push notifications, but if you added push and now want to disable it you simply have to go into settings.

This is how….

1 – Click the 3 Dots on the far right.

2 – Scroll down to the bottom and click Accounts and Settings

3 – Next click Settings at the bottom

4 – Click Notifications. 

5 – Slide Messages, Mentions and Replies Off. 

There you have it, peace again 🙂 

I think this may have its use when I am urgently waiting for a reply to a message in which case, I will just turn it back on again, it can be used as and when. 

Or you should be able to go to iPhone settings – Notifications – and disable sounds and alerts there, but this is cleaner 🙂 

Hope you found this useful.


(Screen shots by Michelle Harris)