Pocket App

Pocket App – The essential application to read it later

Pocket is a new and improved free version of Read it Later from 2007 by Idea Shower.

Nate Weiner, founder and CEO of Pocket said that they have made all of Idea Showers applications free and he explains why the Pocket App on his blog here. Why Read It Later/Pocket Went Free

Pocket App LogoSo, what is Pocket

Nate said in his post that its hard for people to pay for something they don’t understand or see the value in.

The Value for me, is that Pocket is a time saver, and stops me procrastinating which is so easy to do when you are working online.

Pocket is a mobile and computer application that enables you to save articles, videos or web pages to view later.  If you are like me, you are always stumbling across articles that you don’t have time to read right now.   This handy app not only saves these pages for you but also syncs it with your phone, tablet and computer so you can view it anywhere, even without an internet connection so you can catch up anywhere and anytime. Perfect!

Pocket App

 Where can you have The Pocket App.

  • On your Computer

There are Pocket extensions for Firefox and Chrome which enable you to save items with just two clicks.

Pocket App Logo

  • Pocket Web App

You can use the pocket web app to save your items – using IE9, Google Chrome, Firefox etc.

  • On your Mobile 

The Pocket App is available for download on iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Android.

Integrated apps

You can Pocket articles from 349 applications including Flipboard, Twitter, Google Currents and the list goes on.

Pocket App

You can even put a Pocket button on your WordPress website so that people can easily Pocket your own articles.

Not at your PC or near your mobile? 

Easy you can just email the link to your Pocket Account.


I see this as an essential application, yes there are other ways to do this but nothing with such ease, integration and speed.

Put it in your pocket! 

Why not try it out, the Pocket App is free. http://getpocket.com




Scan Documents & Share Searchable PDF with an iPhone or iPad App

Snap2PDF has been developed by Penpower Technology who brought us Worlddictionary  translation and Worldcard Mobile.

Snap2PDF is another helpful application which organises documents for you and which will can and convert documents into PDF instantly. Plus some great sharing options

How to scan and convert documents into PDF

You just take a picture of the document you want to save – or you can get from your storage on the iPhone.

You create a category or select one.

You can then edit the picture or document  by rotating, cropping, or dewarping – you can also use OCR to recognise text on the page, to many languages.

You can then add more pages to this document or if you are finished you can save.

You then save it to a destination that you create and add some description.

Open a document

To open your document you go the catagory you selected or go to all if you can’t find it and you can look through your documents which are presented in a book case similar too iBooks

Tap on the thumbnail to view the document.  Now you will see the options to

  • save
  • email
  • enhance
  • edit
You can select a piece of text to edit right there on your iphone. You just click the T+ and you bring up a text board, where you can type.


You can then Open in Dropbox – Evernote – iBooks or for me the Canon iEPP to print it.

You can even email the document directly from the app and it will email as a PDF.

At anytime you can save it to your Photo library.

I must say to be honest, I just thought this was another way of saving pictures, and I wasn’t very excited with the thought of it, but once I started to use it, I was amazed by all of the features in Snap2PDF and it could really be very handy, for business and pleasure.  I especially like that you can share to dropbox or evernote so easily.  I’m impressed with this  one, try it yourself.

Available in the App store for £1.99 – Snap2PDF

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation), iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, iPad (4th generation), iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (4th generation), iPad mini and iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.



Cardio Lie Detector iPhone Application

I was recently asked to review the Cardio Lie Detector Premium from Ubinuri the Korean software application company who also brought us the app MyLAB PRO.  Ubinuri interesting has recently been invested in by INFOCOM  – Infocom is one of the leading IT companies in Japan.

Cardio Lie Detector

Cardio Lie Detector Premium is an simple application for your iPhone or iPad that can tell if you are telling a lie or the truth.   The lie detector uses the camera to first sample your heart rate and then when you are being subjected to questioning it compares it to your heart rate to the original sample – because when you lie your heart rate increases.  You can watch this all happening the screen as the application detects your heartbeat.

1. Put your finger over the Camera at the back of the Phone

2. Press start to measure normal heart rate

3. Press start again to ask questions

4. You will get a percentage rating to say if what percentage of a chance it is you are lying.










When we were testing the app, we saw these pop-ups often –  saying it couldn’t find a heart rate of that we didn’t have our finger in the right place, so it does take some time before you get it right.

It is just for fun though guys – don’t do what happened in their promotional video !!  This is hilarious….. I’m not sure if it is supposed to be just awful I assume so! 🙂


It even says on the itunes page and I quote

The app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true lie detector functionality

So please don’t take this too seriously and actual dump your boyfriend or girlfriend due to this application!  🙂  Although if you have to make him take a lie detector to see if he is lying, then something is wrong already, girl.

Great fun at parties or to trick people just for fun.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, 5, iPod touch (5th gen) requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Available on iTunes Store for $0.99 or £0.69 -> Cardio Lie Detector Premium



The Addictive Social Word Game iOS App – Can’t Say That!

If you like “Words with Friends” or other social word games for iPhone or iPad then you are going to love this iOS application “Can’t Say That!” developed by Fugazo –  I love Turn- taking, arcade type games like this and I’m already addicted to this one after a few days, its great fun.

Getting Started with Can’t Say That!

Fugazo have realised their error of only allowing you to play via Facebook and are currently working on allowing you to create an account via email, which I would much prefer. I do hate it when you are forced to sign in with your Facebook account.

However right now, when you first sign in to – Can’t Say That –  you are requested to sign in using Facebook, you do not need to have to post to Facebook at all, just change that option – and nothing goes through as far as I have seen.

You can chose to play with one of your friends or just someone random, random people pop up right away and so far they have been quick to play the game and no one messing around…yet !

How to play Can’t Say That!

You have to describe the given word of which you have three choices, – Easy, Medium, Hard – Actually, its technical set up is very similar to Draw Free or Drawsomething

When you have chosen your word  you are next sent to a page where you type your clues – here you are told the words you cannot use when you are describing the word.

For instance I had the word – Locomotive but I could not use the words Train, Engineer, Rail, Coal or Track in my description of 24 charactors.  Its a great twist as you do not know what the words are that you can’t say until you have chosen the word that you want to describe, just know that it will be the words that you were going to use! Hehe!

Guessing a word

You read your opponents description realising that the most obvious words they could not use. So think, what are they not saying. Then use the tiles to guess the word.

You can use a hint, ask what Category and ? which places a letter in the correct place for you.  If you really can’t get it, you can forfeit.

You can also buy new word packs with your winnings.

I have played this on both iPad and iPhone and both were smooth running with a great design.   There is a free and a paid version which I assume doesn’t have ads.

I’m glad I found this turn taking game, and I know that you will enjoy it too.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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DrawingSomething Application including Bugs and Fixes

Its been all go recently with Intragram being bought by Facebook and now DrawSomething from OMGPOP being bought by Zynga of Farmville fame for massive amounts of money it seems. Hopefully Zynga will sort out some of the problems that people are experiencing.

Where can I play DrawSomething

If you still don’t know what Drawsomething is (where have you been?) – it is a drawing game similar to Pictionary where you draw a picture and people guess what it is, you can play this with Facebook friends or random people using the iPhone or iPad from iTunes.

You can also play it directly from Facebook or on Google Plus.

The app has a free game and a paid game – the only difference I can see is that you do not get adverts on the paid game.

People are really good at this game, you can see some of the drawings on the DrawSomething Facebook page 


I played DrawSomething on Facebook first because it reminded me of a browser based game which I was addicted to about 12 years ago called iSketch which is still there after all of these years, I think they should have created an application don’t you.  There is an application called iSketch but this is just a basic painting app. The best game play of DrawSomething is actually on the iPad, I love how you can just Draw something and then put it down for as long as you like.

Drawsomething has bugs



There are however many bugs still within the Drawsomething application.  I’ve had one where the application got confused and showed my drawing with the previous drawings letters, so the letters didn’t fit the drawing. Like this one drawn on the iPhone (which I find difficult so don’t laugh! LOL )



Missing Colours, Bombs and Coins

On the game you can buy coins to buy new colours and bombs which can give you new words or hints.

Users also have other bugs where coins, bombs and colours – colors – are missing. I read these responses and fixes on the getsatisfaction forum, which is for all support for the game – only go there if you are not easily offended. 🙂

Here’s Swiftor’s official response: 

They are safe, but your game client is not reading your inventory info from our servers properly. We’re looking into this – but in the meantime, there are a couple of things you can try doing to get them to show up: 
1) If you’re on Wifi, and your device supports 3g/4g – try that. There are reported cases of coins/etc not showing up on wifi. (or vice versa) 

2) You can try killing the app and restarting it (or restarting your phone). 

Again, we’re looking into a final solution for this! 

Another response was from a user call SVNDR – DS is DrawSomething. This fix he says is for iPhone 4s and iPad. Many people said this has worked.

1. Kill all backgrounding apps, including DS (double click home button).

2. Re-open DS.

3. Click the little gear in the top right-hand corner.

4. Click on account.

5. Now, scroll to the very bottom of that page a click logout, then confirm the next message that pops up (if one does)

6. You should now be logged out and at the screen to select either Facebook or Email.

7. Now close DS and then kill it in the backgrounding bar like you did in step 1.

8. Wait about 5-10 second then re-open DS.

9. Wait for it to load to the screen to select between Facebook or Email.

10. Click on whatever form of login you would normally use (i use Facebook).

11. Enter your email and password, then continue to login as normal.

12. Now this is what i think truely helps, so make sure you pay attention and DO NOT skip any of the previous, or next steps!!
Once you are logged in, DO NOT touch anythng, instead look in the top left-hand corner off the main screen, you should see a faint loading icon that spins around. Wait until that icon is completely gone until you continue to the next step.

13. Now that the loading icon is gone, DO NOT open or continue playing any games, yet. First, scroll to the very bottom of the main screen and click on the ‘SHOP’ button.

14. If you previously had purchased bombs, you should now see at the bottom that you have your bombs back, this should most likely mean that your colours and coins have returned aswell.

15. If you did not previously have bombs then you should see the top of the screen in the left-hand side that your coins are back.

Many users are also having problems with games not loading, both on the free game and the paid version –  some games are showing waiting for next player.  There are hundreds of complaints about this on the site, and as yet I have not found a solution, although the above might work.  If you have tried this or have a different solution can you please let us know.

Apart from all that it is a great game and very addictive, but as I say you can just play for a few mins and then put it down for however long you want and it will still be at the stage you left it.

Hope this helps

SoundHound can name that tune, just sing or hum.

What song is this – What’s that track – Tra la la.

Is that a familiar question?

All day you have had that annoying song going around in your head, you have no idea what the artist or the title of the track is, and you only know a few words, which doesn’t come up in a Google search. (Yes this is me!)

SoundHound could let you keep your sanity!

SoundHound is a music recognition application by SoundHound Inc. which can recognise tracks from your singing – well most of the time, and that’s with my bad singing!  It is said to have the worlds fastest music recognition, exclusive singing search, voice search and lyrics.

This application has been around in one form or another for some time – once known as Midomi – It has had many updates and changes to it!  It is also listed as a New York Times top ten app for iPhone and Android.

When I first saw Shazam I thought that was amazing, but this has the extras that I wanted Shazam to have, lyrics and singing search, brilliant!.  Although I do still love Shazam, it rarely lets me down, but I shall use SoundHound for naming that tune.

SoundHounds Major Features

Music recognition…

  • From a played track
  • This will give you lyrics, tour dates, similar artists, map, artist bios album art and videos.
  • Title or Artist
  • Will find the track and play it for you, with all of the above options.
  • Singing or Humming
  • Soundhound will give you a list of tracks it thinks is correct – or just play it.
  • You get a chance to bookmark or buy the track when it is found.
  • Full iPod integration
  • If any of these tracks are in your iPod or Music Library SoundHound will instantly play them.
  • Underplayed Chart – A list of tracks that are found in SoundHound that are not played much on the radio.
  • Social networking Sharing – Share the information with Twitter, Facebook, email or text

On twitter @SoundHound give you interesting bits information and updates recent tweets being.

The #1 Most ID’ed Song on SoundHound in 2011 is: Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People.

Which they tweeted to @forterthepeople too,  great stuff.

The #2 Most ID’ed Song on SoundHound in 2011 is: Someone Like You by Adele.

You can get SoundHound here…

SoundHound at Android Market 

SoundHound at iTunes App Store

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later

I love this application, its one of my most used iPhone apps – my best music application of 2011 even.

Hope this helps


Pictures from http://www.soundhound.com/  –  I have no affiliation with SoundHound.

Calibre ebook management for Kindle or ebook reader

I love Calibre – Calibre is a free open source e-book library management application.  In short – it manages your eBooks like iTunes does for your tracks.

I’m late to this game, as Calibre actually launched in 2006 after the release of the first e-ink based reader the Sony PRS-500. Kovid Goyal immediately realised that there were no good tools to convert the books in to the correct formats to be able to read them on the Sony, so with the help of mobileread.com libres500 was born, later to be changed to Calibre in 2008.

Today calibre is a vibrant open-source community with half a dozen developers and many, many testers and bug reporters. It is used in over 200 countries and has been translated into a dozen different languages by volunteers. calibre has become a comprehensive tool for the management of digital texts, allowing you to do whatever you could possibly imagine with your e-book library – Kovid Goyal 2009. 

How to use Calibre eBook management tool on the Kindle

Its so simple to use but I will run you though the options on the interface menu.

Add books – This is how you add books to your library that you have downloaded, click and search your computer.

Edit metadata – Here you can edit the details on a book like the title or the author and download the book cover if you haven’t got it.

Convert books – Here you can change the format of the book from many choices to Mobi if you are using the kindle, although when you add them from your library to your kindle, clever Calibre knows if its in the wrong format and changes it automatically.

View – If you click on a book in your library you can view the cover and even read the book on your pc if you so wish.

Get books – this helps you find the ebooks  you want by searching the websites of various commercial and public domain book sources for you.

Heart – Because Calibre is totally free, this takes you to the donations page if you so wish to give some money in thanks of this fantastic tool

Fetch news – Here you can arrange to have Calibre download certain newspaper reports at scheduled times.

Help – Erm, this is for help – this takes you to the Calibre manual 

Remove books – Highlight the books you want to permanently delete and click remove books.

Books – This is your library as you can see mine has 26 books in it now.

When the Kindle is plugged in, you will see it on the menu bar as Device.

Device – If you click on this you will see all of the books that are on your device.

To tranfer books from your library to your device you can either drag and drop them or if you have many, you can highlight a few – right click and send to device, here you have the option to either sent to your device or storage cards.

Connect/share – This has four variations

  • Connect to folder – Useful if your device cannot be supported by calibre but is available as a USB disk.
  • Connect to iTunes – Allows you to connect to your iTunes books database as though it were a device.
  • Start Content Server –  Starts calibre‘s built-in web server.
  • Setup Email based sharing of books – Allows sharing of books and news feeds by email.

So thats just the tip of the iceberg actions you can do using this ebook management tool – to see all of the instuctions please go to the Calibre ebook manual.

I’ve enjoyed using this, so quick and simple, I downloaded some books – edited the metadata, and transferred them to the Kindle all in a flash.

Hope this helps

Paddington Bear Application Launched on iTunes

Paddington Bear app

Paddington Bear app

I used to love cute little Paddington Bear when I was a child and seeing the Paddington Bear Application being launched brought it all back to me.

Who is Paddington Bear?

Paddington Bear is a classic story of a young bear from Darkest Peru, who ended up at Paddington Station, London, England.  Mr and Mrs Brown found him there and took him home to live with them in a semi detached house in Nottinghill London.

iPhone Screenshot 2

Written by OBE Michael Bond, now 85, the first book entitled  “A Bear Called Paddington” was published in 1958 by HarpersCollins then known as William Collins and sons and the illustrator then was, Peggy Fortnum.  However picture books for younger children were published in 1975 and were illustrated by Fred Banbery.

The Paddington books have sold more than thirty-five million copies worldwide and have been translated into over forty languages.

Paddington made the big screen, well, Television in 1975, Please Look After This Bear designed and directed by Ivor Wood and made in the UK by FilmFair Ltd.  Pretty good stuff for 1975! 🙂

And now we’ve moved on a little farther –  you can get Paddington from the Apple App store for £3.99 or $5.99 – The new application has been digitally adapted for the iTouch, iPad and iPhone by HCB and Bold Creative, to ensure that the story still flows correctly with interactivity.

Paddington Bear app

Paddington Bear app

Just a book? No, this is what you can do with this app

  • Record your own video reading of the Paddington story! The app’s ability to remember several versions means a child can choose his or her digital bedtime storyteller for the evening.
  • Take framed photos of you and your child with Paddington to send to family and friends, in association with the National Portrait Gallery. Share on Facebook and Twitter!
  • Classic R. W. Alley illustrations now animated!
  • Children can read alone, or along to the narration of Paul Vaughan, sharing a cosy reading experience with parents and grandparents.
  • Background animation and sound means that curious readers can truly submerge themselves in the world of Paddington Bear.
  • A classic Paddington experience with a sprinkling of digital magic
Paddington Bear app

See a trailer about the application – Paddington Bear App for iPad and iPhone

I hope that,  if you haven’t done so already,  that you introduce your child to Paddington Bear soon, this would be a great way of doing so.

Go to itunes.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later  


Hope this helps














Need an honest opinion? Ask Opinionaided.

Do you need an honest opinion on something? Opinionaided is a mobile social networking application designed for asking opinions and advice to a large community in real-time.   Similar to Quora (which came after)  but from what I’ve seen it seems that this one is more used by the younger generation for questions such as –  Do you like my new hairstyle?  or Am I good-looking  –  whereas Quora is more for business type questions I find.  However, you can filter these questions out and just go to a specific topic.

Opinionaided was launched in 2010 by founder Dan Kurani and co-founders Mike Melli and Matt Holloway and already has many users.

Originally for iPhone, ipod, and iPad, but is now available on Android and Online.

The interesting thing about Opinionaided is the phenomenal response rate – the first time I used it I asked a pretty lame question and within seconds I had 10 answers!  What networking site can you say that about?

Its very easy to use there are five buttons at the bottom of the screen which are

  • Home – Where you get two options – Ask for Opinions / Give your opinion
  • Ask – Where you ask you question
  • Vote – Where you can give your opinion and vote for questions.
  • Results – Here you can see the answers to your questions and who you helped with your answers.
  • Me – This is your profile page.

Need an honest opinion – how to ask

Type in your question, add a photo, and select a category, you can choose who to send it too, including any of your friends. You can also choose who not to include using the vote stream filter –  then press Get Opinions!

At the top of this page you have 3 choices – Public – Friends – Contacts – or post to facebook or twitter.

You can check your responses on your question by going to results – here you can give people stars for the best answers or reply directly to them, which would then be in private.

To give an opinion

You can just go right ahead and start voting in Random or you can go to the top right button and select a category.  You press thumbs up or thumbs down and type your opinion.  To pass you can press Neutral.  If you give a good answer you will get stars for your answer.

There are many chances to find friends, on the friends button – it pops up all over the place.  You can find Facebook friends, Twitter friends, scan contacts or Search Opinionaided.

The last button at the bottom is ME.

Here you can see your profile – and see how many votes you’ve given and how many good advice stars you have received, people seem to be very generous giving stars.

You can also do this online, you can sign in using your application account details.

You have to be over 13 to use this application but it is easy to get around this. My son says that there are many kids younger than this on there, asking inappropriate questions or answering them. Although it seems to be monitored, and users can get banned or warned. Also if you put links or anything commercial it will get removed – not sure if that is only if it is flagged.  There is a flag icon at the top of the question page and on user profiles to file reports.

Advice for asking questions given by Opinionaided

  • Ask clean questions seeking honest opinions and advice.
  • Use appropriate pictures that relate to your question.
  • Make sure your question can be answered with a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down.
  • Be real, truthful and honest. Nobody likes a fake.
  • Give other people helpful, polite advice. We’re all in this together!

My son, who is 17 has been using this application for months and must be one of the top users, I think that he is trying to get to be a Top Adviser. However –  I really didn’t like the sound of it, but because of his enthusiasm and because I love to test out applications I had to try it, and I really can see how it can be very addictive, and useful.


Need an honest opinion? Check it out

Hope this helps


Blippar – The QR code killer ?

Blippar – The QR code killerWho or what is Blippar… and is it The QR code killer !?

Blippar is a Uk Company that launched its free image recognition application earlier this year in android and apple stores.  Blippar is a new way to advertise or to get people interested in your brand, it might not be The QR code killer but it is a great way to use marketing and the technology we love at the same time. Blippar call it a little bit of magic in our phones.

Blippar™ is the first universal augmented reality platform aimed at advertisers.


Blippar Marmite

Turn a real world object in front of you into an interactive experience by using your phone, genius!

What it does is similar to the QR code, which I do love – but it is far, far more. The application uses the camera to recognise products. It might be actual bottles and packets or maybe posters, adverts, a building or even your logo on your business card or cup anything in the real word that is blippable you can turn into digital connections, information or interactive entertainment. The list is infact endless!

You hold your phone over the blippable item and you will see some magic appear, whether this be interactive games, interactive adverts or web-links like a video or even a coupon, its seemingly 3D as you can twist a turn the camera and it will appear to stay in the same place as you move around it.

I hadn’t taken much notice of Blippar before now, however, I saw this video by Randy Miller http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRKYYrZTWho and his enthusiasm about this application really gripped me.

There doesn’t seem to be a vast amount of items that are blippable as yet, but the potential is huge – they already have some big names involved we just need the others to join.  I’m not sure this would be suitable for smaller organisations, as there must be a setup cost, where as of course QR codes are free. Yet, I hope that in time as it gets more and more mainstream it will end up cost effective enough for all to use.  (Not that I have any idea’s on costs).

What is also great is you can share what you like with your friends, on facebook, twitter or email.

To use Blippar is pretty easy too

To use blippar:

  1. Browse the catalogue for blipp-able things or look for a blippar ‘b’ in the real world
  2. Turn on blippar, hold phone up in ‘blipp’ mode (select the middle ‘b’ to start the camera), fill camera screen with the image, product or logo
  3. Blipp (your navigation and the orange button will slide off screen as a blipp is recognised). Note: no photo taking or touching or tapping of the screen required
  4. Just hold, wait, enjoy… and share
  5. Click the camera icon on the screen when experiencing a ‘blipp’ to snap a photo of it and share immediately via facebook, twitter or email
  6. Rate your blipps, leave feedback or suggest other blipps that you might like to see

Tips & tricks:

  • Fill the screen with as much of the target image as you can – as squarely on as possible
  • Hold very still and wait…
  • When blippar has recognised the image, the orange navigation will disappear and your overlaid content will appear
  • If nothing appears, move camera away from the image and then back again
  • Make sure your light is good, but avoid light reflecting off the image as far as possible
  • Once your blipp has appeared on the screen you can ‘track’ it – moving your phone in, out, and at angles to explore the content in more detail. If you lose the blipp, simply refocus as above to pick it back up
  • If you like what you see, share the blipp with your friends – via email, facebook, twitter or good old fashioned word of mouth
  • Blippar resyncs with new content every time you open it. Try to ensure you have access to a strong 3G or wifi connection when opening it after a while to ensure your content is speedy and up to date.
So, I hope that you download this free application and give it a try, it is pretty amazing.  You can see more on Blippar‘s Website.
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.  You can see if Blipper is The QR code killer
Please note that the Android version of blippar is still in beta, we would appreciate any bug reports, suggestions or requests to be sent to info@blippar.com
Hope this helps