Bolt by Instagram – 1 tap photo messages

Instagram-logoWell it looks like they’ve done it – Bolt by Instagram – 1 tap photo messages, has been launched – according to reports by Techcrunch, Mashable and The Verge.

We’ve been hearing about this new messaging app which is set to be a Snapchat Rival for about a week now.

Snapchat, Slingshot and now Bolt…..We really need more right?

Bolt by Instagram – 1 tap photo messages

It seemed that Instagram let the cat out of the bag before it was ready – or maybe it was one of those accidently on purpose social campaigns that Apple always seem to have.

This banner appeared on peoples instagram accounts introducing Bolt

instagram launched Bolt

Its being launched at first to just three countries, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa, and supposedly coming soon to the rest of us.

Its a real shame they decided to go with the name Bolt, I’m really not sure why they did. If you search on the App Store there are so many apps called Bolt and one developer actually asked instagram to please not use it as they’d spent the last year building their own Bolt brand.  What a blow to them.

Bolt Not integrated into Instagram

Its going to be completely separate from Instagram, thank goodness. Seems that it is the same as Snapchat, where you can send quick messages using photos that self destruct or disappear.  I hope Bolt doesn’t start leaking user names or mess up their privacy policy. 

This app doesn’t excite me in the slightest, I didn’t keep Snapchat, or Slingshot and I won’t get this.

We have enough instant messengers in our lives already, many of which are applications on our phones or applications within programs on our computers.  Which might be very useful and valuable however, Bolt as a messaging application, probably isn’t going to be for most social media marketers or companies but for children to play with.  Although of course if your target market is teens, then you might want to jump on the one tap photo messaging band wagon, and start one tapping your photos.

I will of course test Bolt by Instagram when it comes along, as I did with Snapchat, but I would think thats as far as it would go.

Have you got it yet?

Chit Chat for Facebook Available on Blackberry

Back in December last year we told you about the Facebook Chat Client – Chitchat  which is one of the most widely used Facebook Instant Messaging applications.  Well, now there is a new mobile version of Chit Chat for Facebook which is available on Blackberry smartphones.

This new mobile version is owned and operated by Athena IT Ltd  You can read more about it on their official site – Facebook Chat Blackberry.

The way to chat on the move with greater reliability!

Download, install and then login with your Facebook username and password – easy!

The good thing about this application is that there is no need to log in to facebook at all, Chit Chat will contain all of your Facebook contacts.  You won’t have to zoom and scroll around the Facebook site as your contact list will look, big and clear – like this…

Contacts, or your Buddy List who are online have a green Chit Chat symbol and orange means that they are offline or unavailable.

Its all pretty simple and easy to use, if you’ve used any type of IM then this will need no instructing at all.

At the time of writing this it was available at $1.99 which is little over £1 in UK  which I think you’ll agree is nothing for this great application.  Available from

Review on the site
 After using Chit Chat for Windows the last year I noticed it’s out for the Blackberry now so I figured I’d give it a shot. I’m really blown away at the quality of this app. I’ve only used free Chat programs for my phone (Bold 9780 ) before, and there are always quirks and annoyances that you don’t like. With Chit Chat I couldn’t find anything bad. Though it isn’t free, it’s well worth the price. 
review of A Chit Chat for Facebook (Blackberry) on a BlackBerry Bold 9780

System requirements:  Blackberry OS – 4.2 to 6.00

Supported Blackberry models: 9780, 9700, 9650, 9520, 9550, 9530, 9500, 9000, 8530, 8520, 8900, 8800, 8820, 8330, 8320, 8330, 8320, 8220, 8100, 8110, 8120, 8130

Hope this helps 🙂