How to Hard Reset the Microsoft Lumia 435

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How to Hard Reset the Microsoft Lumia 435

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I was recently given a Lumia 435 to trial from Connects (previously 1000 Heads) and as always I needed instructions on How to Hard Reset the Microsoft Lumia 435, so that I could remove all of my content, before I sent it back.  This can vary from phone to phone, usually is the same with a manufacturer but its been a while since I had a Nokia / Microsoft phone to play with. Acutally I believe the last one that I reviewed is the Nokia Lumia 900 although I did trial another when I was thinking of switching from Apple. I'm not to go into the details of the Microsoft Lumia 435 trial right now, that's for another post, but I just thought some people might find this information useful. The first is a Factory reset and the second is the Hard reset - The difference is that a factory reset is rebooting the entire system -  and a hard reset resets all of the hardware in the system. There is a whole website dedicated to explaining the difference - please check it out. Difference between Factory Reset [...]

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