How to – Google+ Communities

This week Google+ introduced Communities – which are much like Facebook Groups, a place where you can gather together with like-minded people and chat about chosen topics. The Google Official Blog tells us that the options are as follows.

  • Public or private membership to support all kinds of groups—from topics and interests to local neighborhoods to regular poker nights
  • Discussion categories to find the conversations you care about most
  • The option to start hangouts and plan events with community members
  • The ability to share with your community from any +1 button across the web

Anyone can create a community on anything they like, and invite people to join.

How to start a Google+ community

This is quite simple to create as we saw yesterday with so many invites for communities coming through it was overwhelming, but if you need help follow these instructions.

  1. Go to the communities icon on the left
  2. Click the red button on the top right (create a community)
  3. Make it public or private – and name the community.
  4. Click create a community
  5. Now its created you have a number of options
  6. You can…
  7. Write a tagline
  8. Add a photo
  9. Fill in About you
  10. Add discussion categories – this is helpful to set up as it make finding posts much easier.

When you’ve done all that – Click done and then you can invite people to your community – don’t invite everyone in all of your circles – that’s just annoying for people getting invites – be thoughtful and go through to choose people who you think will fit this particular subject.

Then go back to your community and I would set notifications to off. This is under your photo as a bell icon. I say this because – when the communities became available everyone decided to create one or two some much more than that – and there were so many notifications it was crazy. Or you could just leave it to members to turn off.

How to turn off notifications in  a Google+ community

As I said these notifications were driving me crazy yesterday – it was a complete overload and the lovely Lisa Mason said, why don’t you turn them off ….. oh yeah! 🙂 And peace was restored to my Google+ ! 

Go to the community and click the bell icon as you would for your own community. Peace!

How to turn off email notifications for Google+ communities

You can even turn off getting those pesky emails every 5 mins! 

  • Click on the Cog on the right hand side of Google+ profile page.
  • Click settings
  • Scroll down until you see – Communities.
  • Invite me to a Community – Email – Phone, untick these.


Now I’ve turned all those off, Google+ is a much better place.

How to find your communities

So you’ve joined some communities and now you want to get stuck in and join in with the discussions but you’ve turned off notifications….(this was my worry at first).

Click the communities tab on the left and it will show all of your communities, if there is a red number on the corner of the picture, this means that you have unread messages in that community.

On this page you can also discover other communities you might want to join.

That’s all of the how to’s I can think of at the moment, if there is anything that you need help with or can help us with on this subject please write it in comments here, and I’m sure I can find out for you or I can add it here.

It seems so far we are loving these new groups and its really getting people communicating and reconnecting again on Google+ I think it might have been a wise move!

Hope this helps







Curiosity – whats inside the cube – iPhone Application

Curiosity – I hope it didn’t kill the cat

My son just showed me a Yogscast video about a new application on the iPhone that has been created by Peter Molyneux at 22cans – and has already taken the world by storm.  The servers have already collapsed under the stress of the popularity of this game.

22cans call it an experiment or a competition.

Curiosity the cube

When you first open the application it just says – Are you curious !

Its simple but its so exciting!!!!!!

 Why is Curiosity so exciting?

The aim of the game to click madly at the blocks or cubelets on a GIANT rotating cube to destroy them  all with everyone else that has the application at the same time to see what is inside the box …… CRAZY …. gaming gone mad.

Everyone that has the application is chipping away at the same box, some people are creating pictures, text messages and even QR codes while they chip away at the side of the box… This website shows some of the creations – many aren’t very tasteful so don’t look if you are easily offended

My son created this one, very good I thought..

What I don’t understand is, that there are all these people playing this game (some call it an experiment) players are drawing these pictures and yet, I’ve looked and looked on the Cube and I can’t find any, not one, not a sign of anyone else.  You can’t see other blocks being destroyed either, so in fact it feels like you are alone.  Interesting…….

Edit:  Now on the next layer, its red – I can see other players, text and drawings. The server problems seem to be easing – making it much easier to connect to the game. However, there is lag with it updating, I’m not sure how often it updates, but my son can see the game further on than I can, which is weird.

What’s in the box

Only one person will see what is inside the box .  WILL IT BE YOU??

….this will be the last person to get rid of the last tile – they are the winner …….  OH NO!!!

The winner of the competition will automatically be sent a video link on their device explaining what is at the centre of the cube, what they do with that information is totally up to them. However they are not allowed to use the information to make money, so you can’t sell the information to the tabloids!

You get coins for destroying blocks and clearing your screen – which you need to see stats or to get tools to help you destroy the  blocks – you can also use real money to buy coins to use the ingame tools.   A great idea for the developer to make money from the app which is free from Apple app store.

You can link up with Facebook to track your progress and rank against your friends, and apparently see where your friends are tapping and accrue bonuses through your Facebook friends joining. Although I haven’t been able to do this yet, I keep getting 500 internal server error.

Can’t join the Curiosity server

I’ve been just looking at my sons application because – its so gone crazy I can’t even access the server – oh no!  now he’s got kicked off.

They are definitely having server problems, I hope they manage to fix that soon.

He got back in but he’s lost all of his coins, awful!!   Oh no he’s kicked out again!

If you can’t join the game – just keep hitting retry until you get it. You do eventually.

Peter Molyneux was trying to help everyone yesterday by keeping players or gamers informed that the team are trying to fix the coin problem and the server problems but they were trying to make the changes while the server was live. Many are still having trouble joining in the Cube game.

peter molyneux ‏@pmolyneux

Everyone please remember something as concurrent as this has never been attempted before, and we’re just a tiny company.

This is awesome ……….not the bit about getting kicked off the Curiosity servers but its fantastic to have something totally different, and that everyone on the internet can join in together!

Weird – Amazing – Strange – What’s inside the box!!

Available on itunes – Curiosity 

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

What do you think is going to be inside the cube – I wonder if it will be a let down in the end!


Syrinx Za – a small business using Social media




After my post “Why aren’t all SME’s using Social Media”  I have been in many discussions  about small businesses on social media, such as why do they need to be?

Why do small businesses need social media?

This is what they need to ask themselves.  Its said that maybe small business do not have the budget to be everywhere all of the time but they can have a presence and they need to have one.   Let me put it this way if a business are promoting a product that women who are mothers might buy for instance, look at the figures – a study from eMarketer showed that this year 28 million mums will use social networks!

Syrinx ZA are a company that know this, they know that on social networks they are not just a website or an advert, here they can be personal and build strong relationships and networks.  Syrinx ZA are available to offer advice and answer any questions about skincare  eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions on all the major networks. They actually have an excellent social media presence, you can find them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Loveit, and the list goes on.  They are there for their customers and future customers  and even just if anyone is worried about their skin and wants reassurance – or to know they are not alone with their acne, or whatever type of skin problem. Syrinx ZA are always listening, analyzing and building relationships.

Who are Syrinx ZA Dermatological

They manufacture a fantastic 100% Natural skincare product. They are also one of the few companies that do not test on animals, unlike so many other cosmetic and skincare companies – big, well known companies too.

I love the story on how Syrinx ZA got started, it was basically because Philip Richards the Chairman suffered himself with various skin related issues, and could find nothing to that help ease the pain and discomfort, so he set out to find and develop a natural, sustainable skincare solution that would help him and other sufferers find relief. He did and he is very passionate and very real about his products.

I digress – I decided to try out the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar, in other words soap, but its so much more than a soap let me explain why.

No more dry skin!

I actually had increasingly dry hands, so much so that I always had to put on hand cream after every time I washed them, and more.  However as soon as I started to use the soap bar, I found that my hands were soft and no longer dry, I stopped using hand cream as there was just no need for it.  Then I saw that the bar was good for walts and other skin conditions, and I just wondered if it would get rid of the “age spots” that had appeared on the back of my hands. Prematurely I might add!!  I was advised to rub in the lather and leave it to dry and then leave it overnight for a week or so.  To be honest I thought there is no way this will work, a bit of foam? But within days the “ages spots” had virtually gone, ok they are not completely gone, I can still see something if I hold my hand up to the light, but I can’t feel any lumps or anything anymore, its amazing.  Syrinx ZA say their skincare products are not a fast fix and noticing a difference can take a few weeks but it wasn’t the case with me at all. I can understand that with more serious skin problems such as eczema, acne, psoriasis or dermatitis it probably would do.  However, seeing such great results  I’ve started using it on my face – which has no more dry patches, and my whole body, which is soft and smooth.

After the first bar had all gone, I went without it, and I let it go for about 3 weeks before I got some more and in that time my hands had stayed soft – which I was amazed at!  But I wasn’t sure how long that would last and my face missed the Therapy Bar as I used it to take off my make up each night – so just I had to get some more. Also, I must say, on my face I occasionally get a spot or two – (how horrible is nature giving me age spots and pimples) I leave the lather on overnight for a couple of nights and they are gone, they don’t even turn into anything if I get them soon enough!  The Therapy Bar lasts for so long, it not like a normal bar of soap – especially not other natural ones, that seem to disappear in a week –  this is my second bar since about July and – will go into December easily.

I personally as a customer like the fact that you can just go on a Social Network and ask a question about a product and get an answer that day, and maybe go on to order it because you have the correct answer.   Rather than search around the web looking for answers and getting discouraged because you have to send an email or cannot find the correct number to ring or are put on hold for 10 mins.

Having accounts on Social Media Networks doesn’t mean an instant fix or an immediate way to more sales or even page views it takes time and patience to build a network of trust and that is what new businesses need, to prove trust, trust in the product and trust in the company.   At least when it comes to us moms.  Buying 50 thousand fake accounts doesn’t help either – do it right and do it your way.  Social media has the power ….


How do I remove the Ask toolbar from Google Chrome

How do I remove the Ask toolbar from Google Chrome

I’m not sure how I got this darn thing, but I have been downloading a few different drawing packages so I’m assuming I allowed it entry from something there.

What was happening is that every time I put a word in the address bar (omnibox) – whereas normally it would bring up Google search – this annoying Ask search thing would come up.

Look what happens when I type in Walk Off The Earth in the address bar……   <– see my review there – Great Band


These are Asksupports instructions that didn’t work for me but they might for you.

To remove the Ask Tool Bar from Chrome

– In an open Chrome browser, click on the Wrench In the top right-hand corner of the browser window.
– Hover over Tools In the menu that appears and click on Extensions.
– Locate the Ask extension and click the Remove button next to it.
– Click Uninstall In the box that appears.
– Close and re-open your browser.To reset your Chrome homepage, please follow the steps listed below:- Click the Wrench icon on the toolbar.
– Select “Options” (Preferences on Mac and Linux; Settings on a Chromebook).
– Click the “Basics” tab and find the “Home page” section.
– Enter your desired homepage in the section labeled “Open this page”To reset your default search provider for Chrome, follow these steps:- Continuing under the “Basics” tab, select the search engine you want to use from the dropdown box next to the “Search” label.
– If the search engine you want to use doesn’t appear in the menu, click “Manage search engines”.
– In the “Search Engines” window that appears, make your selection from the list provided.
– Click the “Make Default” button that appears next to your selection and your choice will be saved.


I couldn’t see an Ask Extension in Google, then I was told it was a Foxit extension, well I didn’t have that either, so I disabled all extensions, and restarted, it was still there.

Then I looked in settings……

Click on the top right, of Google Chrome they say wrench but mine is just three lines.

Customise and control Google Chrome

Click settings

Look down the page to Search

Mine looked like this – DUH!

All I had to do is change Ask – to Google, and it was done, no restarting or anything.

So easy and yet, so annoying as it was thought to be an extension – I will now have to check that this doesn’t change when I restart my computer, which would mean I have a hijack somewhere, but for now, Google is back !

Now thats a search! 🙂


Hope this helps you too.



How to change your Twitter Header Photo 2016


How to change your Twitter Header Photo 2016

I’ve noticed people heading over to this page, so its time for a 2016 UPDATE

Its so much simpler now.

Click your own name to open up your page fully and at the top you will see your cover picture – underneath it says EDIT PROFILE

When you click this it lets you change your cover or header photo, your profile picture, your name and your bio.


header photo

Just click change your header photo – upload your image and save changes.  The best size for the Twitter header photo is 1263 x 421

Although twitter recommends 1500 x 500 it come out too large and twitter allows you to adjust it but for me, it just never works.

If you haven’t updated your twitter, then you may still be able to use the instructions below for 2015.




More changes on Twitter, what next ?

As you probably know Twitter has made some changes, see here if not -> Twitter announces new profile pages and iPad app –  You can now add your own Header image as would on Facebook or Google

I’m going to show you with some pictures to help –  how to change your banner, header or cover picture as we know it. I’m going to use my other twitter account as after the first time it looks slightly different.

NB  – Click this link if you are looking for instructions on ->>> how to add the 2014 header photo on Twitter

1)  Click on the Cog

2)  Click on settings

3) Click Design

4) Click Change Header

5)  Upload an image

Image minimum dimensions are 1252 x 626 <- it says minimum here but I’ve not used 1252 at all.

Maximum file size is 5MB

6) Click Save – this might take a little while

 7) Save changes at the bottom

8) Click Me  – which is now at the top, next to Discover,  to see your picture

And is done – you will notice that now your direct messages are also available by clicking the envelope on the ME tab.

For the new addition in the iPad application you need to download the update.

How to add your Banner image using the iPad application.

You need to start this time on the ME the tab

1) Click the Cog

2) Edit Profile

3) Header

4) Choose photo – move and scale

5) Save

And thats it.

I think I like the changes – but I am going to have to change my twitter backgrounds now as they just don’t look right.

Have fun changing your images.

Hope this hopes







Twitter DM Phishing Scams – Have I been hacked

We see phishing scams all of the time on social networks – there have been phishing scams on TwitterHotmailFacebook, and many more. The object of the hackers game is to fool you into giving them your personal information, such as username, password, and even worse credit card details. These scams might come via Email as we have seen on Yahoo or on instant messages, private messages on various networks, its not hard for them to get control of your account.

Twitter DM Phishing Scams – Have I been hacked

What are these Phishing Scams on Twitter

Direct Messages on Twitter with the subject line as

  • lol u didn’t see them tapping u
  • your in this
  • Hey this person is writing cruel things about you
  • wow your busted in this video
  • fb is offering freee apple ipadds 2
  • Hey this user is writing cruel things about you
  • OMG your in this
  • and more…….

The first thing we notice is, that most of the time, the grammar or the spelling is incorrect   –  Some lately are coming through with a link that looks like it comes from Facebook – so this is fooling even more people than before – I am seeing these posts almost every day.

What happens when you click on a scam link

Normally what happens is that you  appear to be logged out of Twitter and made to log in again – and HEY Presto – the scammers have your details and password – and start sending out DM’s – they are quite clever only doing one every couple of days so it takes a while for you to notice or for someone to complain.

Twitter DM Phishing Scams – Have I been hacked

Have I been hacked

You have only been hacked as you call it,  because you clicked a link like this.

If you have clicked on a link like this, then you need to change your password and just check in your auth to make sure that you haven’t authorised something that shouldn’t be authorised.

How to stop getting Phished by a hacker

Don’t click links that are dmed to you unless you have spoken to the person and they have said they are going to send you a link – there is no reason for anyone to DM links, twitter is about keeping it out in the open.   Especially annoying is those auto DM’s but that’s another story. I just delete all DM’s that I wasn’t expecting to receive, this will hopefully protect me from these scams, but they are getting clever with the Facebook links – whats next!?

Hope this helps


Where to find the URL or Link for a tweet or post on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and more.

Many people ask me how to find the direct url or link or address – for a tweet on Twitter or posts from other social networks so that they can repost elsewhere – maybe for a mission in Empire Avenue for instance. So here is how to…

How to find the direct link of a tweet using

1. Click on your twitter name ( or someone elses) in your profile it will bring up a page that says view more tweets.


2. Find the tweet that you require, and hover over the right hand side – it will say details click that.

3. At the top in your url bar you will see the url for that post.  Note if it is one of your tweets you will not see the retweet button but if someone else see’s that link they will have the option to retweet.

How to find a tumblr URL – Link

1. Find the post you want on your dash board by clicking your name first.

2. Hover over the top right hand corner, you will see that the corner curls up, click this.

3. The post then opens up with its own link at the top of the page.

How to find your facebook link or URL

1. Go to your Facebook Wall – timeline – find the post you want to retrieve the URL of.

2. Underneath your name you will see a time/date stamp – click that.

3. The post will open in its own window with its direct link. This one was actually to celebrate the fact that project forgive had reached their goal of $100.000 dollars. Although pledges are still welcome to help with funding.

How to find the direct Link or URL to a Google Plus post.

1. Find the post that you need the link from – and the same as Facebook, find the time-stamp.

2. Click this and it will take you to the new page which has the URL.

How to find the direct link or URL on Instagram

There are many ways to do this but if you are on the PC you can log in with – you simply click the picture that you want the link from. Statigram is a great way to view pictures or photos to like and comment on too.

How to find the direct link or URL of a YouTube Video

Again there are many ways – if the link isn’t at the top of the page you are viewing from then go to the video and click SHARE – you don’t have to share but it will bring up the link in a separate box.

I can’t think of any others that you might need right now but if there is another link you are trying to find please ask below and if I know I will tell you if not I will find out, and still tell you!

My good friend Seth from Nerd Enterprises also has videos to show  How to Link to a Tweet – (which he does slightly differently I noticed) and also How to link to a Post on Google Plus. You will also find he does many Quickbooks and Excel Tutorials which are useful too.

Here is one of those videos – in case you find that easier :

Seth is actually interviewing Chris Pirillo soon see more

Hope this helps!




How to find an RSS feed on a Blogger Blogspot blog.

The reason for this post is that I wanted to add someones RSS feed to my new reader and for some reason they don’t have it displayed on their blog and this is how I found it

What is an RSS feed – This is a very detailed blog about what is RSS on Problogger, everything you need to know is there about RSS feeds.

How to find an RSS feed on a blogspot blog.

Blogspot, thought they would make this difficult to find for some reason as,  most blogs or websites you would just type /feed or /rss something like that at the end of the URL but blogger in its wisdom decided to use this….


So all you have to do is just add that to the end of the blogspot url like this…

This is my cousins awesome blog btw, about love, laughter, movies, books, reviews, and beauty, things she loves basically 🙂 

You can check that is it correct by typing that into your search bar, if its correct you will see something like this

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><rss xmlns:atom='' xmlns:openSearch='' xmlns:georss='' xmlns:gd='' xmlns:thr='' version='2.0'><channel><atom:id>,1999:blog-821247123802100396</atom:id><lastBuildDate>Fri, 20 Jan 2012 04:09:42 +0000</lastBuildDate><category>Charlotte</category><category>Club Tropicana</category><category>Swoon</category><category>Natalie Portman</category><category>Wuthering Heights</category><category>Edward Cullen</category><category>ITV2</category><category>Eddie Redmayne</category><category>Photo</category><category>90's</category><category>Movie</category><category>The Hills</category><category>Posh Spice</category><category>Take That Reunion.</category><category>Tom Cruise</category><category>Robbie Williams</category><category>Mick Hucknall</category><category>Nanny Pat</category><category>Royal Albert Hall</category><category>Destiny</category><category>dating</category><category>Handsome</category><category>Spice Girls</category><category>Kelly and Jack Osbourne</category><category>Phil Collins</category><category>Celestine Prophecy</category><category>Brother</category><category>New York</category><category>Isabel Losada</category><category>alanis morrisette</category><category>Tulisa</category><category>Wedding</category><category>Christmas</category><category>saggittarian</category><category>Madonna</category><category>josie gibson</category><category>Stephanie Meyer</category><category>Christina Aguilera</category><category>The best thing I never had</category><category>Atomic Kitten</category><category>journalist</category><category>Last Christmas</category><category>Snow</category><category>Love</category><category>Meg Ryan</category><category>George Michael</category><category>Cheryl Cole</category><category>Prince</category><category>girlie</category><category>heels</category><category>Kate Bush</category><category>Victoria Beckham</category><category>Simply Red</category><category>Someone like you</category><category>Kate Winslet</category><category>bloggers</category><category>George Clooney</category><category>Prince William</category><category>Golden Globes</category><category>Fairytale</category><category>NYC</category><category>quote</category><category>John James and Josie</category><category>Audrina</category><category>All the lovers</category><category>The Battersea Park Road to Paradise</category><category>Bridget Jones</category><category>Josh Holloway</category><category>Gym</category><category>Greek</category><category>Blackberry</category><category>Princess Diana</category><category>Princess and the Frog</category><category>DJ</category><category>new year</category><category>Obama</category><category>Grey's Anatomy</category><category>Love.</category><category>N-Dubz</category><category>Reunion</category><category>Marilyn Monroe</category><category>Smug marrieds</category><category>School</category><category>shoes</category><category>blonde</category><category>Kevin Truong</category><category>Rpyal Wedding</category><category>Single</category><category>jennifer grey</category><category>recycling</category><category>Britney Spears</category><category>Sex and the City</category><category>kisses</category><category>paradise</category><category>Top Gun</category><category>Jessica Biel</category><category>Yoga</category><category>McSteamy</catego

That’s all for now.

Hope this helps.

Blank screen on Nokia 6700 Fix

Recently we had a problem with a Nokia 6700 mobile phone, the problem was a blank or black screen with a back light. After searching the internet we could not find out what the problem was – so I decided to share this with you as we found out the solution.

None of the buttons seemed to do anything, I asked some of my Nokia friends who suggested the 3 finger reset which actually you need 4 fingers for, as you also have to turn the phone on.  This solution seemed to make the phone make a noise, sometimes the start up noise and sometimes just a beep but still nothing on the screen, it was just dead.

We suddenly realised that we hadn’t tried to take a call with the phone, so we called it and it rang, we were able to answer the phone and talk on it.  This made us assume that the phone could be still ok but it was actually a screen fault.

So we ordered a screen from ebay  – “NEW LCD SCREEN DISPLAY FOR NOKIA 6700 CLASSIC + Tool” from u2cheerexpress – this screen also came with 4 tools that you need for a total of £5.99 !! Amazing – service and delivery were in fact brilliant.

Then we followed the very detailed how to – instructions here – Nokia 6700 Classic ♥ Screen Repair / Replace / Change a Broken LCD

Fixed !

Youtube is brilliant for things like this, if there is ever anything you need to fix and are not sure exactly how to do it, always check you tube, I’ve used a lot of these instructional video.

Hope this helps


A Beginners Guide to New Twitter

So here we have a beginners guide to new twitter, for noobs, newbies.  We’ve all been there, but with #newtwitter I think it is even more difficult than before.  So here are some instructions if you have just joined Twitter.

Wow!  You’ve finally succumbed to signing up to  I knew you would – even though you said you never would but maybe you think it all looks very boring, too complicated, and no-one is talking to you. Yes, its really different to Facebook.  Well. don’t be put off by that, it does take a little while to set up and get going.

First of all, its a bit pointless doing your first tweet right away….

“Hello Twitter I’m here”        without any followers, as no one can see it yet. (Well apart from any stalkers you may have searching on Google)

First things first you need to  –  Create your Profile Page.

On the right you see your Twitter name, click that and then click settings

Account Tab

  • Fill in all of your account details,
  • Tick boxes – I wouldn’t advise ticking, add a location to your tweets or any boxes until you get to the bottom and tick HTTPS only. (You can always change this later)
  • Notifications – This is a good one to check to see how often and what emails you want sent, I don’t have any sent to me as I always check twitter anyway.
  • Click Save

Profile Tab

  • Add your profile picture and fill all of this page in.
  • Web address – this can be anything you like, blog, facebook page, whatever.
  • Bio – Complete this in 160 chars, some people put something funny, some about their job or hobbies, but put something about yourself, it helps people follow you.  I don’t follow people with no bio’s usually.
  • Click Save

Design Tab

  • You can change this if you like now, or you can leave it until later.
  • Choose from different backgrounds
  • Choose different design colours
  • Click Save
Who to follow 
Now you are ready to follow some people – click  “Who To Follow
Options are…
  • View Suggestions – Opens up but this will be mostly celebrities, which aren’t likely to follow you back but you might like to see what they or their PR are saying.
  • Find friends – Here you can find your own friends that use Twitter but clicking Search contacts on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail Aol or Linkedin.
  • Browse Interests – This has topics of people you might want to follow.
  • Search – You can search name or topic here.

The Blue Tick means that the person is a celeb or a famous person and that they have verified their account. Which means that it is them and not a fake.  To find normal people that are more likely to tweet you or follow you back scroll down.


When you find someone you want to follow you click the green circle with the + sign – and it will say following.  Great you are following your first person – This does not mean that they are following you and that they can hear what you say, they need to follow you to do that.

You can however tweet them,  if you click on the black figure next to follow it has these options

  • Mention – This is to tweet them directly
  • Add to list – This is to add them to a list that you have created
  • Block  – This is to block them from seeing your tweets
  • Report – This is to report them for spam.

To tweet someone (talk to or message them) directly – you click mention and type your message.

Okay so you’ve completed your profile and followed some people – maybe by now some people might have followed you back, you can see this on the left it says following, and followers – you need followers for them to see your tweets – unless you @mention someone.

So let us click on home…

Here you will see your Timeline – where you will see tweets of people that you are following.

Next to that you will see @mentions or @yourname and if you click this you will see all of the messages to you.

To type a message to some directly you go to the “Whats Happening” box  and you put an @ in front of their twitter name, like this @techieminx and then the message.

To reply to a tweet move your mouse underneath the tweet, where it says the time, and you will see some options

Favorite, Retweet, and Reply.

  • Reply to reply a box pops up and then type your message.
  • Favorite puts this tweet in your favorites to look at later
  • Retweet send the tweet out again to your followers from you.

Direct Messages which are private messages to another users are found at the top next to profile – messages.  –  If you type a message in this area it means that hopefully no one will ever see them apart from the person that you are sending it too.

So I think you are ready to go – or you could leave it for a while and then when you come back the people you have followed might have followed back or you might have other followers.

There is so much more, but I think once you get started you will figure the rest out, its just that inital – “What the heck is this” feeling at the start.

If you get stuck message me @techieminx and I will of course help with any questions regarding Twitter you may have.  Even follow me, and I’ll follow back.


Oh… one word of warning, NEVER click on a link in a DM that someone has sent you, even your best friend – it is most likely a hacking attempt or spam, if someone wants to send you a link they should send it as an @mention, so it is in your time line.

Hope  beginners guide to new twitter was of some help.