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Pinpal the hot new dating service for Pinterest or an April fools joke?

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The headline on Pinpal states - The new casual dating service for Pinterest fans. It’s more than influence – it’s Pinfluence!! I first noticed this today on @dannybrown 's website where he had the shocking title of PinPal Wants to Use Your Friends to Create a Sex Meat Market This created a lot of chatter and comments from various people including many tweets from Jimmy the co-founder of Pinpal - @pinpalwizard who obviously wasn't happy that people were not saying good things about his site, which has just been launched in beta - midnight on the 31st of March. Great timing everyone thinks. Craig andrews from Peerindex tweeted this And Sarah Evans tweeted this Its certainly got a lot of attention since it was launched in beta not 24hours ago. What Pinpal does... It is basically a dating service, that connects you with your best match and to find your match, it searches through your favorite social networks to find your friends and also their friends then, finds you the best matches, also using Klout scores in the formula. You [...]

Logitech unveils the Touch Lapdesk N600 today!

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Today Logitec announced a cool looking, easily afforded, multi touch lapdesk so that you can browse in comfort even with the laptop on your lap. It has a built in heatsheild to keep you cool. No more using a pillow or a book when your legs start burning from the heat of your laptop. "The Logitech Touch Lapdesk N600 features a 5-inch, retractable touchpad with multi-touch navigation. You can move the pointer with one finger, scroll using two, and swipe through pages or pictures with three." More pictures here - Logitech Touch Lapdesk N600 Logitech N600 Lapdesk - £69.99 5-inch, retractable touchpad with multi-touch navigation. Move the pointer with one finger, scroll using two, and swipe through pages or pictures with three. Multi-layer, heat-shielding design protects you from laptop heat so you can browse in cool comfort. Anti-slip surface helps keep your laptop in place. Six-month battery life. Plug and play,  no software, just plug it in and you are away. This is expected to be available in Europe in June - check for retailers and more information. This [...]

Steamy Sauna Session

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  That got your interest didn't it? Ha-ha! It wasn't quite Britney sorry! What I'd like to know is... do you actually enjoy saunas? I'd really like to find out because guess what, I don’t get it. As we all know I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to trying out new things, most comfortable behind a computer. But the guys are always so supportive that I always end up doing things that I might never have done. This weekend I had a proper sauna for the first time. Yes, I know how sad and feeble that sounds but I just never fancied or had the opportunity to have one. :) Nevertheless on Sunday the guys decided that after an exhausting day at the beach, a sauna would help. All that lovely hot steam would make our bodies feel refreshed and alive again, they made it sound so nice. So After a few deliberations I decided to give it a go. We arrived at this tiny room, while they charged in, I apprehensively looked on. My boyfriend [...]

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