Facebook video scam puts convincing personal message on your wall

More scams ….

I got this today – on my Facebook wall – shared by one of my friends, you might think it is authentic as it had my name in it.

It shows the link as a blogspot address which if you look at it – doesn’t look too real – UYTUTIUYUIUIOU looks like someone had a heart attack at the keyboard.

There is usually a telltale sign that says its a fake share – that is it on this one, apart from the fact it has a possible explicit picture beside the message.  There was another similar one recently with a different picture.

Hey Michelle u wont believe!  I dare you to watch this

98% Of People Cant Watch This Video For More Than 25 Seconds

I checked others that were shared and they had different messages but all with a personal touch.

Amazing! dave check the sad post I dare you can watch this .
Hey! kevin u wont believe! I dare you can watch this .

And so on …..

Obviously this is a scam, but a bit of a clever one – it tricks you into thinking that your friend has actually seen this video by using your name.  And it first makes you share the “video” before you’ve even seen it.   There is no video – but eventually a survey scam for you to fill out so that you pay the scammers.

Don’t be fooled into clicking this link ……

I think the fact that you shared this to all of your friends is enough fun for the scammers and there probably isn’t any actual hacking going on but as always I suggest…

As precaution check your allowed applications.

Go to your Privacy Settings,  Apps and Websites – Edit Settings – Apps you use – and check which apps that you have allowed.

Also change your password.

Hope this helps

Save Stargate Universe Facebook Pages finally BACK – after being hacked.



It all started here……

Today Forbes published an article

Dude And 50K Friends: Serious About Saving Stargate Universe

About the success of the Facebook “Save Stargate Universe” page and the passion that is found within the group!

The article soon found it self on the front page of Digg!

A story you Dugg was promoted to Top News — 1 hr 50 min ago  Dude And 50K Friends: Serious About Saving Stargate Universe

A while later this joined it –  A story you Dugg was promoted to Top News — 1 hr 17 min ago Facebook to file for public offering: report

Very shortly after that it seems that someone thought that the page would be a good place to HACK,  to mess around and put out some links – pretending that the owner Dean,  had posted them, it wasn’t long before the group realised what was going on!

The post at the bottom, this is real – above that are of the hacker…

Dean is asking people to report this to Facebook to help out:-

We hope that this is resolved soon, but I urge people not to click on any random non related links from there or @SaveSGU until you know its safe.

Also now, another Save Stargate page has been hacked, this one wtih 3000 followers.

A latest message from the hacker reads


    Feel sleepy . .i want sleep . . .arggghhhhh . .nite allz . . .hope when i wake up this post have 1000 comment. . =D

    There has been various scam posts on the wall over the last 24hours, but every now and then, he takes them off again.

    I seriously cannot believe that Facebook hasn’t sorted this out yet, there must be a record of the compromise, with email changes and admin changes. And many reports from Fans and Friends of Dean who know who the rightful owner of the page is.

    It makes me feel that none of our Facebook pages are safe and all our hard work can be ruined in an instance!

    Read the  latest information and a  request from the real owner ……  What the ZUCK !


    LATEST NEWS – 8PM GMT 26-6-11

    Both of Deans pages – Savesgu and Save Stargate Universe pages are gone …….. so either Facebook deleted them or the hackers did – either way I suppose it can be started again, but all that work building it up, took time and effort.  Look out for notifications for new groups from Dean.  http://www.facebook.com/TheDudeDean

    Shortly after that was posted came a post from the Save Stargate Universe As Follows.

    We’re back in business! Thank you all for you support! Indeed @TheDudeDean


    Page: ‎989 people like this.

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    Thank goodness…….


Facebookers getting Hacked! How to prevent.

Many Facebook users accounts are being hacked at the moment; there seems to have been a spate of complaints coming from friends and acquaintances.

Edit: What to do if you have been hacked through the recent porn hacks – November 2011 

There are many ways to get hacked on Facebook; using an open Wifi connection seems to be the quickest and easiest way. Or the old scam email that tells you to reset your password or just by clicking a dodgy link.  There are various programs hackers can use and even videos on youtube on how to do it.

Facebook seem to be jumping on it as fast a leopard leaps on his prey, so says one of my relatives; she received a message from Facebook saying that someone from another country had accessed her account, could she confirm this was her and or change her password, she was thrilled that they acted so quickly.


You can prevent this simply, by first making sure your password is difficult – containing characters other than just letters; some techies advise that you shouldn’t even use real words but use a mixture, similar to the generated ones you are sometimes given like – diwpDe32DF.   If you are worried about having too many different difficult passwords you can use a password manager. The Next Web explain these thoroughly here – A Beginner’s Guide to Password Managers (And Why You Should Start Using One)

Secondly and most importantly you must access Facebook with HTTPS enabled: Most people should have this option by now, as it was brought to Facebook in November. What is Https is included on the link above.

Here’s how

Click Account (top far right)

Click Account Settings

Where is says Account Security (under Privacy) click change

Tick the box that says Browse Facebook on a secure connection. (HTTPS)

While you are there, if you haven’t ticked it yet; tick When a new computer or mobile device logs into this account- Send me an email. Obviously if you do get an email from Facebook, make sure it is Facebook 🙂 As I said before there is a dodgy email going round giving you a new password – The say its from FaceBook – little give away its not from Facebook.

Hit save !

One of the reasons people are getting hacked is to facilitate a Scam.  So watch out for this…

Someone posing as your friend or relative,  messages you saying they have been mugged, robbed, have no phone, no money, and can’t get home.  Similar to the old email scams but this is now seemly coming from your friend whom you are worried about.  They ask you to transfer some money to an account.

It seems stupid but people have been caught out by it, as they think it is a friend in trouble, and we’d all help out a friend in trouble.  Obviously if  you see this, report it immediately.

Have you been hacked on Facebook? I’d love to know how you think it happened, or how Facebook dealt with it.

Don’t forget to activate your HTTPS

Hope this helps