Twitter DM Phishing Scams – Have I been hacked

We see phishing scams all of the time on social networks – there have been phishing scams on TwitterHotmailFacebook, and many more. The object of the hackers game is to fool you into giving them your personal information, such as username, password, and even worse credit card details. These scams might come via Email as we have seen on Yahoo or on instant messages, private messages on various networks, its not hard for them to get control of your account.

Twitter DM Phishing Scams – Have I been hacked

What are these Phishing Scams on Twitter

Direct Messages on Twitter with the subject line as

  • lol u didn’t see them tapping u
  • your in this
  • Hey this person is writing cruel things about you
  • wow your busted in this video
  • fb is offering freee apple ipadds 2
  • Hey this user is writing cruel things about you
  • OMG your in this
  • and more…….

The first thing we notice is, that most of the time, the grammar or the spelling is incorrect   –  Some lately are coming through with a link that looks like it comes from Facebook – so this is fooling even more people than before – I am seeing these posts almost every day.

What happens when you click on a scam link

Normally what happens is that you  appear to be logged out of Twitter and made to log in again – and HEY Presto – the scammers have your details and password – and start sending out DM’s – they are quite clever only doing one every couple of days so it takes a while for you to notice or for someone to complain.

Twitter DM Phishing Scams – Have I been hacked

Have I been hacked

You have only been hacked as you call it,  because you clicked a link like this.

If you have clicked on a link like this, then you need to change your password and just check in your auth to make sure that you haven’t authorised something that shouldn’t be authorised.

How to stop getting Phished by a hacker

Don’t click links that are dmed to you unless you have spoken to the person and they have said they are going to send you a link – there is no reason for anyone to DM links, twitter is about keeping it out in the open.   Especially annoying is those auto DM’s but that’s another story. I just delete all DM’s that I wasn’t expecting to receive, this will hopefully protect me from these scams, but they are getting clever with the Facebook links – whats next!?

Hope this helps


Turkguvenligi hacks The Register, Telegraph and UPS !

There has been a DNS Hacking causing visitors to The register to see a red and black page with the name TurkGuvenligi and underneath it says Hacked.

Now reports are coming in on Twitter that the Telegraph and UPS have become victims of the same group.
People are being warned not to sign in to these sites even if they do see the page as normal for at least 24 hours.
Alex Norcliffe on twitter says this
Turkguvenligi said on Twitter that he/they will not take any questions unless in Turkish So Charles Arthur tweeted this.
 DNS saldırı kimler hedef? Netnames veya ASCIO?Ve neden?
Google translate –  Who are the target DNS attack? Netnames or ASCIO? And why?
Milyon Dolarlar – Millions of dollars ??

A few more questions went unanswered and then  Charles was told to email any questions in English, this is enough.

Michael Brunton-Spall @Brunton-spall has said that also hit were lso Betfair, NationalGeographic, Vodafone and

The sites themselves were not hacked but the Domain Name Server  (DNS) hacking is a creating redirection to Turkguvenligi’s site.

Hope this helps




Hackers Lulz security are back with vengeance as The Sun knows #lulzsec


It wasn’t long ago we heard from Lutz security that their 50 days of disruption had ended.  However last night we saw them back in action as they first put a redirect on The Sun newspapers page saying that Murdoch was dead, after that the link went straight to @lulzsec feed on Twitter.

The first we knew that it was them was a little message from @lulzsec twitter account saying …

After that everyone on Twitter was talking about it, as they are now.  We followed the story on The Next Web, with continuous updates – The sun newspaper hacked.

News international soon went down, and Lutz security then went on say this is just the beginning.


At the end @lulzSec tweeted


So it looks like retirement didn’t last long ………..







Save Stargate Universe Facebook Pages finally BACK – after being hacked.



It all started here……

Today Forbes published an article

Dude And 50K Friends: Serious About Saving Stargate Universe

About the success of the Facebook “Save Stargate Universe” page and the passion that is found within the group!

The article soon found it self on the front page of Digg!

A story you Dugg was promoted to Top News — 1 hr 50 min ago  Dude And 50K Friends: Serious About Saving Stargate Universe

A while later this joined it –  A story you Dugg was promoted to Top News — 1 hr 17 min ago Facebook to file for public offering: report

Very shortly after that it seems that someone thought that the page would be a good place to HACK,  to mess around and put out some links – pretending that the owner Dean,  had posted them, it wasn’t long before the group realised what was going on!

The post at the bottom, this is real – above that are of the hacker…

Dean is asking people to report this to Facebook to help out:-

We hope that this is resolved soon, but I urge people not to click on any random non related links from there or @SaveSGU until you know its safe.

Also now, another Save Stargate page has been hacked, this one wtih 3000 followers.

A latest message from the hacker reads


    Feel sleepy . .i want sleep . . .arggghhhhh . .nite allz . . .hope when i wake up this post have 1000 comment. . =D

    There has been various scam posts on the wall over the last 24hours, but every now and then, he takes them off again.

    I seriously cannot believe that Facebook hasn’t sorted this out yet, there must be a record of the compromise, with email changes and admin changes. And many reports from Fans and Friends of Dean who know who the rightful owner of the page is.

    It makes me feel that none of our Facebook pages are safe and all our hard work can be ruined in an instance!

    Read the  latest information and a  request from the real owner ……  What the ZUCK !


    LATEST NEWS – 8PM GMT 26-6-11

    Both of Deans pages – Savesgu and Save Stargate Universe pages are gone …….. so either Facebook deleted them or the hackers did – either way I suppose it can be started again, but all that work building it up, took time and effort.  Look out for notifications for new groups from Dean.

    Shortly after that was posted came a post from the Save Stargate Universe As Follows.

    We’re back in business! Thank you all for you support! Indeed @TheDudeDean


    Page: ‎989 people like this.

    44 minutes ago ·  ·  · Share
    Thank goodness…….


Sony promises some Network and Qriocity service back today 4th May

We heard today that the PlayStation network will return online today – I’m not sure we will believe them until it happens as they appear to be struggling.

On the 20th of April 2011 we were informed by Playstation that some areas of the Network were down.  Since then its gone from bad to worse, with very inadequate information from Playstation.

The nightmare unfolds before our eyes.

Following many rumours we soon found out that the PlayStation network had in fact been attacked by hackers and millions of  gamer’s personal information including credit card details may have been compromised.

26/4/11 – Sony shared that they had infact had an unauthorised intrusion into the network, and that some personal information including, names, addresses emails but that there was no evidence of that credit card information was stolen.

30/4/11- PlayStation announce that some service will be available this week – following a criminal cyber-attack on the company’s data centre on this press release at Playstation blog.

Playstation advised people to change their passwords and to keep a sharp eye on their bank statements, even though I also read that PlayStation said that credit card data was encrypted and no evidence that it had been taken.

2/5/11 – PlayStation – Said that they are working with law enforcements and forensic experts to identify the crimials behind the attack

To reiterate a few other security measures for your information: Sony will not contact you in any way, including by email, asking for your credit card number, social security number or other personally identifiable information. If you are asked for this information, you can be confident Sony is not the entity asking. say PlayStation Blog.

3/5/11 Sony Online Entertainment Issued a security press release. Confirming …

The personal information of the approximately 24.6 million SOE accounts that was illegally obtained, to the extent it had been provided to SOE, is as follows:

  • name
  • address
  • e-mail address
  • birthdate
  • gender
  • phone number
  • login name
  • hashed password

Playstation now say they’ve called in the FBI and say that they will be (will be?) sending e-mails to all consumers whose data may have been stolen.   More here PlayStation Blog.

When the PSN is finally up and running (

[latest news – is today at 22.00)  there will be an update and Sony advise you to change your password straight away.

The New York Times 12pm today – Sony Explains PlayStation Attack to Congress

I would have expected more from a company like Sony, no, we don’t know all of the details,  but the most important thing is to keep your customers informed as soon as possible at all times.  I hope that other game networks have taken note of this huge mess and will ensure proper precautions are taken.

My questions are;

Will it really be back today?  Is it back yet?

Are Free Games enough compensation ?

Can we trust our information with PlayStation now?

What do you say?


Facebookers getting Hacked! How to prevent.

Many Facebook users accounts are being hacked at the moment; there seems to have been a spate of complaints coming from friends and acquaintances.

Edit: What to do if you have been hacked through the recent porn hacks – November 2011 

There are many ways to get hacked on Facebook; using an open Wifi connection seems to be the quickest and easiest way. Or the old scam email that tells you to reset your password or just by clicking a dodgy link.  There are various programs hackers can use and even videos on youtube on how to do it.

Facebook seem to be jumping on it as fast a leopard leaps on his prey, so says one of my relatives; she received a message from Facebook saying that someone from another country had accessed her account, could she confirm this was her and or change her password, she was thrilled that they acted so quickly.


You can prevent this simply, by first making sure your password is difficult – containing characters other than just letters; some techies advise that you shouldn’t even use real words but use a mixture, similar to the generated ones you are sometimes given like – diwpDe32DF.   If you are worried about having too many different difficult passwords you can use a password manager. The Next Web explain these thoroughly here – A Beginner’s Guide to Password Managers (And Why You Should Start Using One)

Secondly and most importantly you must access Facebook with HTTPS enabled: Most people should have this option by now, as it was brought to Facebook in November. What is Https is included on the link above.

Here’s how

Click Account (top far right)

Click Account Settings

Where is says Account Security (under Privacy) click change

Tick the box that says Browse Facebook on a secure connection. (HTTPS)

While you are there, if you haven’t ticked it yet; tick When a new computer or mobile device logs into this account- Send me an email. Obviously if you do get an email from Facebook, make sure it is Facebook 🙂 As I said before there is a dodgy email going round giving you a new password – The say its from FaceBook – little give away its not from Facebook.

Hit save !

One of the reasons people are getting hacked is to facilitate a Scam.  So watch out for this…

Someone posing as your friend or relative,  messages you saying they have been mugged, robbed, have no phone, no money, and can’t get home.  Similar to the old email scams but this is now seemly coming from your friend whom you are worried about.  They ask you to transfer some money to an account.

It seems stupid but people have been caught out by it, as they think it is a friend in trouble, and we’d all help out a friend in trouble.  Obviously if  you see this, report it immediately.

Have you been hacked on Facebook? I’d love to know how you think it happened, or how Facebook dealt with it.

Don’t forget to activate your HTTPS

Hope this helps




Facebook increase security after hacking?

Maybe its no coincidence that Facebook recently announced some new security just after Mark Zuckerberg’s personal fan page was evidently hacked.

However, for whatever reason, better security on Facebook is always a good thing.

Hypertext transfer protocol secure
Firstly from today they say on the Facebook blog posted on 26.1.11. you’ll be able to experience Facebook entirely over HTTPS  –  It might be a good idea to turn this on (as always we have to turn it on rather than off)  this especially if you are accessing Facebook on free WiFi – like at coffee shops, airports and other public places. 

HTTPS is used by banks or online shops – a lock shows in the address bar to show that the browser is using a secure connection, (“HTTPS”) to communicate with the website and protect your information. Pages do take longer to load, and some applications may not be supported but privacy is the key so that shouldn’t worry us. Facebook say that they will work hard to resolve these issues.

To set this up…..

Click Account – Top Right
Account Settings
Tick – Browse Facebook on a secure connections HTTPS
Click Save.

As yet I do not see this option, but seeing as it took me over 2 months to get Facebook email, we may have to wait a while.

Social Authentication
Facebook also mention in this blog that they are now going use Social Authentication, where you have to name your friends from photos to log into Facebook maybe from a different country as normal  – but this isn’t actually new as my BF had to do this when he logged in on holiday in September. So that’s strange. Also this maybe be fun for Facebook users that have 800 friends that they don’t *really* know.

At Facebook we strive to put people at the center of all of our products and to design every experience you have on the site to be social. This is obvious in products like photos, where pictures are organized around the people that appear in them. We also want to bring the benefits of social design to experiences where you wouldn’t traditionally expect them, like account security. Social authentication is our latest effort toward this goal.

The vast majority of people who have used Facebook have never experienced a security problem. However, if we detect suspicious activity on your account, like if you logged in from California in the morning and then from Australia a few hours later, we may ask you to verify your identity so we can be sure your account hasn’t been compromised.

If and when this all takes place, (if it is not already in place) we obviously welcome any new security measures to stop password thieves and hackers. Sadly though a recent press conference Facebook were reported in saying that they believe they are doing enough to stop apps spamming users.

Therefore there is still a long journey ahead to fully protect our privacy on Facebook.

Pics from Facebook blog link above and Fulcrum Strategies Group