Whitney Houston Scams – Be careful what you click


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Whitney Houston Scams

As usual when someone dies, the hackers, scammers, cyber criminals use it against us. They know we are weak, they know we are not paying attention. They know we are all fighting for new information or great tracks…

  • What happened?
  • Why did it happen?
  • Is it true?
  • What is going to happen?
  • I love that song!

This is when they get us, when we are not thinking, we click a link and bam – its gone to all our friends and family saying its safe because you liked it.

There are even some going around that say they are going to show you Whitney’s autopsy really? You’d click that?  Well I know some are so distraught they just need to know the facts.

The Autopsy one doesn’t take you to a YouTube link but says that flash needs to be updated, and you have to install.

Another one, takes you to a link to download Whitney wallpaper … woah!

Big Mistake – Huge! 

You will be installing something very nasty!

Usually it will just take you to a survey site, which can be sorted out easily – but remember never ever put any information in these things. Never!

These are on Facebook and Twitter, and still going strong – although no reports on Google+ yet – hmm what does that tell you?

Remember, if in doubt, don’t click.

Hope this helps

Person Folder – A NEW Social networking site!

A NEW Social networking site

What is Person Folder?

Person Folder lets you keep track of your friends and connections the way YOU want.

Its a brand spanking A NEW Social networking site;  users may create a personal profile, both public and private, add other users as friends and exchange messages, including automatic notifications when they update their profile. Additionally, users may join common interest user groups, organized by workplace, school, or college, or other characteristics. Profiles also have the ability to create full profile page customization and the ability to add a music player.
I joined it today, its still in beta, they are constantly working on it, creating fun happenings, and magic behind the curtains – who knows what might happen!

It appears that Person Folder arrived on the scene after a few people were  just fed up with Facebook’s security, hence the slogan.

One thing that I did notice straight away (which is totally different to Facebook, sadly) is that EVERYTHING is set to ME ONLY – then you go to settings and change it to either “friends”, or “everyone” if you want. Which of course is how it should be!  🙂

I thought that I did have a problem with it, when I went to view public profile – it had information on there that I had kept to “only me” but when I looked at my profile after I’d logged out – it was just as I had set?

This is my profile page, I’ve set up my profile picture and a background (that I created) very easily.  Its very simple to navigate around the site, everything is clearly labelled and tagged, and its very smooth and fast. You have folders for photos and music, which are simply uploaded (say no more) – and you can share with your friends via your inbox or your wall.

Here is Franc’s page its much more exciting than mine; with two followers 🙂

A NEW Social networking site

Its very early days yet for Person Folder and there are so many site features that they are going to be adding:

# add band/artist specific profile options
# add a latest friend requests box to sidebar
# add new messages box to sidebar
# add more customization options for public profiles
# add an advanced user search option
# divide image selection options by category
# add more profile type options
# create a friend suggestion box for sidebar
# add a jobs board
# create a blog section
# create a classifieds section
# create an events section
# create a system to take snap shots from a webcam
# create a system tp take movie clips from a webcam
# create a robust mobile version of site
# add a music voting system
# add a photo gallery view page for friends
# add seemless ajax routines to site functionality

If there was one  thing I would like to see, it would be a bit more colour, a bit more razzle; it seems a bit bland. Although I like old – Twitter.com because it is bland and simple? Maybe twitter is different.

I will post an update once I’ve had a full look round, but if you want to join me, that would help, sign up here www.personfolder.com I’m Michelledh.

Edit- update 2016, personfolder seem to be gone.

I am honestly trying not to encourage Facebook to delete my Facebook page; I’m not as big I know but it  happened to The BullDog Estate , can you believe that – and as Facebook appear to be looking at my posts from time to time, really – its a bit of a worry!  Must be a just a bot alert. So if the page is still there, please like it for me, thanks.

Hope this helps.


Facebook questions !

As you may have noticed, yesterday Facebook announced that Questions is soon going to be available to everyone.

They explain:
Questions is designed so that anyone on Facebook can help you find the answer.

Questions evolved because they realised that often users statuses were a question, like “Where is the best place to eat in Leeds?” Or What film should I see at the cinema tomorrow?  –  “What music should I listen too?  These questions usually get a good response from friends trying to help.

So Facebook designed a product that you can use to ask questions and they’ve made it so easy and quick, all you have to do is tick the answer that you want. They’ve done it this way so that more of your friends will be more inclined to answer, as it takes no time at all.

I received this popular question today.
I answered this one with the hell yeah!
When you receive a question you can also ask your own friends and follow the question.
As usual I guess the weirdo’s of this world will be putting strange or crude questions but then hopefully they won’t be in your friends circles 🙂

Create your question or learn more here

Hope this helps