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Do you need more followers?

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DO YOU NEED MORE FOLLOWERS? People seem to be scrambling to get more followers, circles, likes, friends but the question is why do you need more followers.  Do you want a larger follower base on Twitter just to look important or to create engagement, interest in your website, brand awareness or sales? Businesses and professionals should not be asking how can I get more followers but how can I create a quality audience of a decent quantity, that is the trick.  Lots of fake followers are easy to get but are they the right followers? Its easy to spot people with fake accounts, and you don't want to be labeled as a faker, as this will diminish trust. FAKE ACCOUNTS If you want more followers just to boost your ego and pretend you are famous and actually get no engagement, from anyone you can go to one of these cheap tacky sites and pay for a load of bots or fake accounts to follow or like you. Buying followers on any network could get you banned however.  Or you can [...]

Biglolz explains how he got 7 million likes on Facebook #eavchat interview.

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  There is a chat group on Twitter for Empire Avenue called #Eavchat and this week we interviewed Adam from Biglolz. Biglolz is a website that contains the following... Funny Pics Fail Pics Funny Videos Fail Videos FML Quotes Funny Quote Biglolz  aparently has 8 Facebook fan pages with over 7 million fans! Biglolz also shot up to a top share price on Empire Avenue within days and now after almost a month is one of the leaders. The other amazing fact is that our modest Adam Brown is not yet 18 ! This is what he said... Me: How on earth did you manage to get 7 million fans on facebook, did you advertise? Adam: I just started with my facebook profile and created a "like site" such at - then we interlinked some groups.  No we never advertised, apart from free viral advertising which happened by itself. Me: How long ago and how did this all happen? Adam: About this time last year, I discovered it by accident really, we had a pretty basic site about random stuff and [...]

How to get followed on twitter

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After the success of my blog Who to follow on Twitter, I have decided to write a "How to get followed on Twitter". Now, don't get me wrong, I know I don't have tens of thousands of followers but I do have a couple of thousand now and they are really fantastic ones. If you want to use tricks and scams to get thousands of mainly spam followers then these tips won't be for you, but if you just want to make sure you are getting the best out of Twitter then read on. So, lets get to it..... (I'm going to do it in list form as @davepeck always says, people like lists) 1 - Choose a good avatar - I've said this before and I'll say it again, an actual photo of yourself is best, people like to see who they are tweeting with. If you are tweeting for a large business then the logo will be appropriate... sometimes.  However people prefer to "talk" to a face. 2 - Write an interesting bio- write what you are interested [...]

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