Do you need more followers?

Do you need more followersDO YOU NEED MORE FOLLOWERS?

People seem to be scrambling to get more followers, circles, likes, friends but the question is why do you need more followers.  Do you want a larger follower base on Twitter just to look important or to create engagement, interest in your website, brand awareness or sales?

Businesses and professionals should not be asking how can I get more followers but how can I create a quality audience of a decent quantity, that is the trick.  Lots of fake followers are easy to get but are they the right followers? Its easy to spot people with fake accounts, and you don’t want to be labeled as a faker, as this will diminish trust.


If you want more followers just to boost your ego and pretend you are famous and actually get no engagement, from anyone you can go to one of these cheap tacky sites and pay for a load of bots or fake accounts to follow or like you. Buying followers on any network could get you banned however.  Or you can beg for followers using hashtags such as #teamfollowback or #follobackinstantly which will just give you lots of spam in your feeds and essentially could be also posting scams that were potentially dangerous and it doesn’t look very pretty.

What really surprises me is that there are businesses on social media networks that go to such extreme measures to pay for fake accounts,. Its not just Twitter there are also similar instances on Google+ and Facebook too.  And we all know what happened on Instragam – The Instagram Scam That Tricked 100,000 Users Into Giving Away Passwords

How to find out if someone has fake followers

There are a number of apps or programs that might show you how many fake or inactive followers you have or maybe a business that you want to check out has but the most reliable we have found so far are Twitter Audit and Status People  They might not be totally accurate but so far, we have been very impressed with the results.

Is size important?

With social media, this is the one time you can actually say that size is not important. What is more important is the quality of your audience, people need to want to be there to hear what you have to say, to be engaged.  This is when you need a real social media strategy, to find real prospects, followers and turn them into customers.  The first way to get more followers is by posting relevant posts within your niche, entertain people, chat to them, engage, don’t spam and above all be real, if you are real and trustworthy followers will come.

If a social media marketer or “expert” offers to get you thousands of followers in a short time for a few pounds I would wonder about their expertness. Or if someone tweets, do you need more followers with a link, be careful as that is probably a phishing scam.  Buying followers will not help your customer base or even help you find great tweets in your timeline, but hinder it.  It will make you feel like Katy Perry – Justin Beiber – Lady Gage or Barack Obama – who have many fake followers because they are famous people, you are not, get over it.


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Biglolz explains how he got 7 million likes on Facebook #eavchat interview.


There is a chat group on Twitter for Empire Avenue called #Eavchat and this week we interviewed Adam from Biglolz.

Biglolz is a website that contains the following…

Biglolz  aparently has 8 Facebook fan pages with over 7 million fans!

Biglolz also shot up to a top share price on Empire Avenue within days and now after almost a month is one of the leaders.

The other amazing fact is that our modest Adam Brown is not yet 18 !

This is what he said…

Me: How on earth did you manage to get 7 million fans on facebook, did you advertise?

Adam: I just started with my facebook profile and created a “like site” such at – then we interlinked some groups.  No we never advertised, apart from free viral advertising which happened by itself.

Me: How long ago and how did this all happen?

Adam: About this time last year, I discovered it by accident really, we had a pretty basic site about random stuff and I posted something funny that happened on X-Factor and liked it, soon we found everyone liking it and within 2 hours we had 170k likes, we went mad!

Me: That is Awesome Adam! So was it your friends from college that got the ball rolling really then, with likes.

Adam: Yes, in a way it was, it started on my wall and friends liked it, and so it went on their wall and so on.

Domino: Part of your business plan now is helping people to make good Fan pages is that right?

Adam: Yes, I don’t see why not, others have done it.

Adam: Here are some stats for the site for Biglolz : Watch this post!

Me: How is your Twitter account going after one week or so?

Adam: I’m quite happy with it so far. (He has almost 1500 followers).

Domino: Tweetreach for biglolz reached 2273 people via 50 tweets.

Me: Have you put your Twitter account on your facebook pages?

Adam: No not on the pages, only on the sites. I don’t think posting Twitter on Facebook would do very well.

Me:You should try it 🙂

Me: What else is in the pipeline Adam?

Adam: We are launching an app for Biglolz – it will be a mobile version of the site – a simple way to scroll through pictures and share them – on iTunes first then hopefully Android.

Domino: Don’t forget to allow sharing with Tumblr, Stumbleupon etc.

Me: We wish you all the luck with that Adam, let us know when it is available.

Adam is currently studying IT at college and then after than intends to study programming and then on to university – it seems that this will all be something to fall back on after the success after such a short time with the Biglolz websites and Facebook pages and groups, who knows what might happen.

We all wish him the best of luck and will be following closely – what a great guy and a lovely success story!

Hope this was of interest.







How to get followed on twitter

After the success of my blog Who to follow on Twitter, I have decided to write a “How to get followed on Twitter”. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know I don’t have tens of thousands of followers but I do have a couple of thousand now and they are really fantastic ones. If you want to use tricks and scams to get thousands of mainly spam followers then these tips won’t be for you, but if you just want to make sure you are getting the best out of Twitter then read on.
So, lets get to it…..
(I’m going to do it in list form as @davepeck always says, people like lists)

1 – Choose a good avatar – I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, an actual photo of yourself is best, people like to see who they are tweeting with. If you are tweeting for a large business then the logo will be appropriate… sometimes.  However people prefer to “talk” to a face.
2 – Write an interesting bio– write what you are interested in, you are then more likely to get followers with the same interests as yourself and of course people then know you are real. Or just write a witty comment, this also works for me, it makes me want to find out more.
3 – Add a URL of your website, personal blog, LinkedIn, MySpace  – anything that people can see you have an online presence and they can learn a bit more about you.
4 –  Publish your Twitter profile on your blogs, websites anywhere you can, so that those followers have the choice of following you also on Twitter.
5 – Tweet – you need to tweet, tweet things that interest you and followers will come. Try not to be too boring although we all do it.  *Guilty*  I can’t really advise you on what to tweet or how often to tweet as different people like different things but you will work it out eventually.
6 – Retweet – retweet interesting content that you have read, whether it be exciting blogs, website entries, articles  “its called sharing” and if  you share other users tweets then hopefully they will share yours, doesn’t always work that way and it doesn’t matter, you are still sharing. Also people searching for followers will see what you are in to. (I would advise reading the link before you just retweet it and sometimes you might just need to do a little research to make sure its real, its embarrassing RTing something that’s then found out to be fake.)
Example; when you see a tweet that a celebrity has died, don’t just retweet it – Google it!  Or find out where the tweet originated from.
7 –Engage in conversations, that’s what twitter is all about, don’t be frightened to just jump in and chat with people, that is what they want, its why we are there. If what they are tweeting was private they would be talking in DM or another medium.
8 – Reply – reply to your @’s this to me is just good manners, if someone has taken the time to tweet to you then its only fair and decent that you should reply – also to those people that RT your tweets, its polite to say thank you.  Okay, sometimes we all miss tweets or we are not around but most of the time, there is not excuse not to just acknowledge an @ even with just a 😉
9 – Follow people back that interest you – this is maybe a choice thing, some people don’t want to follow lots of users back, they say it hard to keep up with the timeline if you have over a certain number, and they like to keep to a small, personal group. I am not saying you need to follow EVERYONE back, check them out first you are under no obligation.  However, I do think its polite especially if you have had conversations with a person that is following you.  They are good enough to tweet with then they should be good enough to follow.  When you are both following each other it seems more intimate, more of a friendship, and if there are groups of you all following each other, that is when the fun starts!   Also following someone makes them feel valued. There is always a good chance that if you haven’t followed back that you will lose that follower anyway.
Most of these are just common sense and it just comes natural to most of us, that’s why we are on Twitter to engage, converse, to meet new interesting people, to share and to learn, well its why I am on Twitter. Basically just be yourself and eventually you will get followers. Obtaining great followers doesn’t happen over night.
If you have any tips that you feel that I have missed out, please comment and I will add them to the list.
I hope that you have found this useful.