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How to add the new “One-click” Twitter follow button to a WordPress blog

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On Tuesday Twitter announced a new Follow button to add to your Website, this allows your readers to clearly see your Twitter @ name and to follow you with one click. Its quite simple to add it to a wordpress blog. 1) Log in to the Twitter account that you want to put onto your blog, mine is @techieminx 2) Go to this link - it will bring up this page. As you see your details are already in there, if this is okay you don't need to change it. 3) Left click the code so its selected (highlighted), then right click it to copy. 4) Log in to your Wordpress website. 5) Go to Widgets - (in mine I have to go to appearance and then widgets) - click a Text widget and drag it to the top of your Sidebar Widget Area - to the top or after search I think is best. 6) The widget will then open up ready for you to paste in the code - right click and click paste - don't change anything else.  You [...]

Who unfollowed you on Twitter

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Do you find yourself wondering, I wonder why I just lost some followers? Did I upset someone or was it just some bots left because I didn't follow them back?  (NO? Then you don't need to read this post ;) ) This tool has been invaluable for checking just that.... First sign in with Twitter, you have to allow it, although its quite safe it doesn't tweet anything unless you tell it to. You then have three options - Check unfollowers - Who's not following back - unfollower history.   At this point there is one drawback -  if you want find out who just unfollowed you, it won't tell you as you've only just allowed it into your twitter, (unless you already allowed it before) but it can tell you who unfollows you in the next 15mins. So if you think you are going to use this, then sign in now before you actually need it. As you can see above, I've lost two followers - on the left you see their name and on the right it either says [...]

How to get followed on twitter

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After the success of my blog Who to follow on Twitter, I have decided to write a "How to get followed on Twitter". Now, don't get me wrong, I know I don't have tens of thousands of followers but I do have a couple of thousand now and they are really fantastic ones. If you want to use tricks and scams to get thousands of mainly spam followers then these tips won't be for you, but if you just want to make sure you are getting the best out of Twitter then read on. So, lets get to it..... (I'm going to do it in list form as @davepeck always says, people like lists) 1 - Choose a good avatar - I've said this before and I'll say it again, an actual photo of yourself is best, people like to see who they are tweeting with. If you are tweeting for a large business then the logo will be appropriate... sometimes.  However people prefer to "talk" to a face. 2 - Write an interesting bio- write what you are interested [...]

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