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Did Anonymous turn Facebook into a PORN site?

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We saw a while back a video apparently posted by Anonymous on Youtube that boasted that they were going to hack Facebook to protest about Facebook's lack of privacy. Anonymous Facebook November 5 attack : youtube video message : hack One comment made was that deleting your Facebook account is impossible - even if you delete your facebook account all of your information is recoverable at anytime -  they explained in the video that they are taking action against Facebook on November 5th 2011 Tweets on Twitter later came from people evidently linked to anonymous saying that this was not true. Other reports said that the videos were fake. On the 5th of November we checked Facebook wondering what we would see and Facebook seemed the same, everything was still there, nothing unusual. Anonymous #Operation ''Fawkes Virus'' Released on Facebook. We then saw another video on the 10th of November which explained about #Operation "Fawkes Virus" a worm that "they" said has been released on Facebook that sends malicious links and gains access to your account. Well... over the past few days it seems that Facebook has [...]

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