Meddle – A Free Micro-Blogging Service

meddle_logoMeddle is a free micro-blogging service to designed to enhance your visibility and increase your social presence on the internet. Meddle was founded by Vidar Brekke CEO and Ballu Kommireddi CTO to provide an easy way to showcase your expertise.

I usually like to compare new services, but you cannot really compare Meddle to other free microblogging sites, such as Twitter or Tumbler because its actually more a mixture of both but with a little of StumbleUpon and Pinterest thrown in.

What is Meddle

Well, we’ve begun to explain what Meddle is – but lets explain more by showing what you can do with Meddle.  Some people call it Pinterest for text, this is because it is very similar in the way that you share content and you know how easy Pinterest is. Meddle offer you a plug-in that so you can select, comment and share certain excerpts from articles, blogs or websites.  First you drag the Bookmarket to your bookmark bar – You just highlight what you want to share – click the bookmarklet and a box pops up at the side of your screen.  Here you can add your own comments including #hashtags (Its suggested that you post about 3/4 comment about why you chose this article) – and you then can publish it on your own Meddle page as a blogpost and then send it to Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin!


 Super-fast Free Micro-Blogging Service

What I like about it is that its super-fast and easy to do – you don’t have to fill in url’s or add what section or topic you would like it in – Meddle does that all for you automatically. S so that when you go to look at your own content “The Meddles” on your own page  are all there in easy to read sections.  Visitors can view your page and comment or reshare your own Meddles to their own social networks.

There is also a community page where you can look for topics that you like, to either read, comment or also share them.

It very important to have an active social presence when building your business or a name for yourself, and we know that the content we share and how we share it is very important. Even though I’ve just been testing Meddle for a day or so already have a few followers and come great content on my page.  I love how my public profile looks, see here.  hmm thats long isn’t it 🙂

It would be great to have a vanity URL … @ividar  –  I wonder if that is coming soon?

Can I please nab –



I believe Meddle is still infact in Beta, so there seems to be a lot of work still going on.  If you have any problems or would like to suggest any features the suggest that you go to the Contact Page and tell them.

One of the features that should be available soon are analytics so that you can see how well your Meddles are performing, yes please!

So, I’m liking Meddle so far, why do you get your own Meddle Free Micro Blogging Service by clicking on the link at the top of the page, follow me and tell me what you think.  Its easy to sign up – you can either use email, Twitter or Facebook to sign up, add your profile and you are away!

Happy Meddling 🙂




How to check your DirectX version in Windows 7

I was concerned that I didn’t have the most upto date DirectX and for a moment I couldn’t work out how to check.  After the interest in my other “How to” blogs like the YFrog post,  I thought that other people may have the same problem, so here are the instructions on how to find out what directx version you are using. 

The DirectX technology has grown alongside improvements in graphics processing hardware, so you can get the best possible PC gaming experience on Windows. Windows 7 helps you stay right on top of your game, with the best possible visual effects. With DirectX 11, your warp-speed races and mind-bending, inter-galactic feuds can look incredible. Of course great graphics aren’t all about games. With high-end graphics hardware, you’ll also get an unprecedented visual experience for your non-gaming applications.

How to check what version of Microsoft DirectX you are using.

  • Click Start
  • Click Run or Search Run and Click. 
  • Type dxdiag press Enter 

And there you have the DirectX Diagnostic Tool

Look at the bottom of the list of specs.

DirectX Version: Mine shows it as being Version 11 – which is the latest version. 

Microsoft Download Centre. 

ATI Radeon. 
HOWEVER …. The first DX11 card from ATI was in the 5000 series. 

So you will also in some cases need to check if DirectX 11 is supported by your graphics card. 
Thanks to @BartekWodyk who pointed this out. 

Hope this helps 🙂

Cannot connect Kindle to WiFi ?

Photo from 

Over the last couple of days I have heard of two friends that have the new Kindle without 3G that won’t connect to their WiFi at home, but strangely do connect with other WiFi’s.  One of these people is very tech savy and has never had a problem before with any wireless devices.

We’ve been searching the internet to find a fix for the problem but as yet have found nothing that works. What we have found is that there are a lot of people having the same problem, and yet some have no problem at all.
I wonder exactly how many people cannot connect the internet via Wifi, its certainly made me think twice about getting a Kindle from Amazon.

There doesn’t appear to be a pattern here either – I.E. it doesn’t seem to be a certain type of router.

I’m hoping its just something simple that we are overlooking and that maybe you can assist.

Please, if you had the same problem and found a solution for this can you put it here, so that it will help my friends and maybe other people that need help.

Update – One of my friends – gave up trying to connect the Kindle to the BT Business hub –  with the original 2Wire firmware on – and as it happens he changed his supplier and is now on SKY – It didn’t work on the auto settings but he changed the channel to number 11 and it now works.  Thought this might help someone.

Thanks  🙂

Bulk Delete DM’s

People are always asking me or asking on Twitter of a quick way to bulk delete DMs, as its rather tedious to delete them one by one.  I’m always giving out the link, so I this maybe more helpful.
What you need is DM Whacker.  
From @dacort
DM Whacker is a brilliant little bookmarklet that deletes all of your direct messages from your profile.
It definitely works in Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, not sure what others. 
There are various options 
  • All DM’s
  • All sent
  • All received
  • DM’s from a certain user

Or in advances features
DM’s containing a certain text.
Note – It will also delete all the DM’s in your recipients inbox (so they will know you have deleted them) 
Here are the instuctions from the site  
Drag the link below to your bookmarks bar (or right click and save in bookmarks) and then open your Direct Messages page in Twitter. Click the bookmarklet you created and select whether you want to delete all direct messages, or just direct messages from a specific user (No @ in front of their name).
Please note that when you delete a message from your Sent mailbox, it will delete it from the recipient’s Inbox. The same applies for messages you have received.
Bookmarklet: DM Whacker
There is also a link to donate on the website if you like this, as it is free tool.
Any questions please ask.