Hangout, share, showcase talents, network, all in one place | #jumpjbx

jumpjukeboxThere is a brand new entertainment network called Jump Jukebox, which is the  brainchild of Michelle Morgan.

Michelle has been writing music since she was very little and felt there was nowhere secure and unsaturated where she could present her music so like anyone would, she created her own stage and Jump Jukebox was born.

Michelle wanted somewhere where artists and entertainers can share their work with each other, chat and bounce off each other, and maybe even get noticed by talent spotters.

Get yourself noticed on Jump Jukebox

Its not only for self promotion, because who likes to do that all of the time; its a place to share  the entertainment you love and to tell others how it inspired you, have some laughs and enjoy like minded company

Like-minded creative people all in one place~ what a heavenly idea!

No hating, just rating and some serious musical mating! Now that could be the start of a piece of lyrical genius?!).

Jump into the jukebox, jump to your on beat with me Michelle at

Jump jukebox isn’t only for music its for all kinds of entertainment and people with various talents hobbies and likes to meet up and hangout.


Hangout is an online social network – Sharing entertainment interests and talents actually anything spectacular, unusual or quirky is welcome.  Groups and Meet ups are available too.

What else can you do on Jump Jukebox

* Upload Photos and Videos
* Join groups & events
* Create events and arrange meet ups
* Access what everyone else has been doing (shows comments, likes, new uploads etc)
* Instant message between users
* Like/rate videos, photos and other content
* Showcase Talents & Events


When you first log in to JumpJukebox you can add your profile image and a cover image of your choice.  Then you can create your profile – the usual name, date of birth, about me, contact info, country, website and you can fill in as much or as little as you want, which is nice for some people that like their privacy.


You can then add a status update, a photo, video or event.   You can add your friends, talk privately on the chat box, or message them directly.

It really seems to have all you need in one place, its like Twitter for updates, YouTube for sharing videos, Google+ for hangouts and sharing pictures, and eventful for sharing events but as (the other) Michelle rightly said, these places are over run and you don’t get noticed, here you can have an intimate place where like minded people can get together.

Make new friends, meet fellow musicians, join a band, a sports group, create a club, big up yourself and people you know

Sounds great doesn’t it?

Check it out now – at

Don’t forget to add me and say hi, oh and you even get your own fancy URL –

My impressions of the Nokia X7

I was recently given a Nokia X7 to test out for review from WOMworld Nokia  – my first impressions were of the box actually, the box looked more like something that you would get from Apple (except it was blue) than Nokia, not that a box matters really.  It was just compact and smart looking, I hate it when you get a massive box with lots of plastic with a mobile phone lost inside it, there is no need.

On opening the box I was met with the stylish 8 megapixel Smartphone with a 4inch Amoled touchscreen. The X7 is pleasing to the eye, as it is not a standard rectangle shape but each of the corners have a grill design which angle inwards slightly creating an unusual and futuristic appearance. It is solid to touch but also light, it feels good quality and comfortable in your hand.

The Gorilla glass scratch protection screen not only is great to look at but is very responsive this makes me happy, especially when this phone is designed for entertainment, the last thing you want is to be repeatedly pressing on the screen with no response.

Symbian Anna

I was pleased to be at last trying Symbian Anna OS on this phone, and it does live up to all of its hype. The interface is great and its much easier to navigate, I remember having trouble finding my way around without Anna so this really does make a difference. I was surprised fast and smooth it was especially on web browsing – It crashed on me once when I first started using it, I don’t know if I was trying to do too much at once in my excitement or if it was grumpy about being let out of the box after some travelling.  Anyway it didn’t crash again whilst I was using it.

I loved the QWERTY keyboard which is small but easy to use once you realise you have to be accurate with your touch.  I’m not certain how you would get on if you have fat fingers though, which it seems is often a problem with touchscreen keyboards.


If you know me, you know that I’m not good with Cameras on Smartphones, I might be getting a little better but I found this camera easy to use, and it creates sharp colourful photos – the only thing I did have some trouble with was on zoom shots, either I was using it wrong or the zoom is not great. Here are some of my shots – Testing out the X7   and here On the river

I didn’t record the usage time on battery but it definitely keeps power for longer than my iPhone (sorry for swearing)  apart from when using the camera, that did use up the battery very quickly – however I did take many photos.

As usual with most phones now you can connect to all of your social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter which are preloaded and there are lots of games and applications on the Ovi Store. The games play smoothly and its a great size screen for game play.

 Music on the Nokia x7

The Nokia x7 amazed me with its extremely good quality sound through the speakers and on the headset.  You scroll through the music files quickly and easily too, most enjoyable.

I wasn’t impressed with the SIM holder or the MicroSD cover both of these are hard to open and easily broken or lost. In fact all of the side buttons were awkward and difficult to use.

 See full specifications here..  Nokia X7 Specifications

I’ll sum up here as there is not much I can say that hasn’t been said already apart from that of my personal opinions above.

I have enjoyed using the Nokia X7 – It is a great entertainment phone, the size, weight and screen are the first to make it so, and next is the smoothness of the operation but this time the side button design let it down for me, which I think is a first for my relationship with Nokia. Also is not exactly a budget phone working out at a hefty £350-£400 depending on what deal you get.

Additional information

To hard reset your Nokia X7 you just have to press *#7370# and press Dial. The phone will request the security code that is by default 12345. Please be aware that you will loose all the data in your phone, so you should backup all relevant information.

If you want to soft reset your Nokia X7 you need to press *#7780# and then Dial. The security code is 12345. Once you complete this, your phone will come back to factory settings, but you will not loose personal data. Anyway it is recommended to make a backup before performing any of the mentioned procedures.

Hope this helps