The redesign on Empire Avenue – Explained.


I first blogged about Empire avenue 10 months ago – when I had just started. Back then I didn’t realise the impact it would have on my social media strategies,  networks and more importantly I that would find a fantastic community of people that now mean a great deal to me.

Anyway – I digress…

Empire Avenue have relaunched a new design – which is said to engage you more with your social networks.

Most people that “play” Empire avenue have always used it to engage and connect with other users, moving that to their other networks.  I think previously that was the problem, that, people that don’t play Empire Avenue do not see it this way at all.  Empire avenue for me, is primarily not a game but is a way to connect and engage with a brillant community of “players”.  Empire avenue is fun to play but it should also be part of your social media strategy.  It is possible to connect, interact and engage with clients and/or customers, contacts and like-minded people to help and share, when using this tool correctly.

Empire avenue are trying to make this more perceptible by supposedly making it easier to connect via their new headings expand, engage and evaluate.

New headings on Empire Avenue

  • Expand – Get more followers 
  • Engage – Talk to your followers
  • Evaluate – Measure Your success 


On this new page you have a number of users listed as follows
Recommended (by others)
Leaders (site wide top leaders
Recent Arrivals
Social Networks
Empire Avenue’s trending communities.
These were all available to see on the previous version but now they are all together on this one page, which I do like.


This page is to help you to engage with content on your Facebook and Twitter networks – you can even post a shout out on your networks from this page.  Also on the right hand side you have
Recent Shareholders
Recent Mentions
Recent Arrivals
From this page you can reply to messages, or tweets, you can retweet and you can view what your followers are doing on their own networks, without even leaving empire avenue.


This show your scores so that you have evautate your success, which includes pie charts on…
Network ScoreAudience & Quality Score Breakdown – Share Price Breakdown
Buying HistoryShares Bought vs. Shares Sold 
7 Days Share Price
All of this information was available on the old design – on various pages but mostly on the Advisors page which is also still there, just click the icon.
With the new design you can click on each icon on this page to see how your networks are performing.  You can view various interesting and important statistics on networks you have added – such as Empire, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, facebook page, youtube, wordpress, instragram, google+ etc. With a variety of information.
Youtube, here shows – How many videos, subs, views, comments and favorites
One thing to remember is that this new design is all icon related – if you want to view a players performances on twitter for instance you would go to their profile and hover over the icon and it will tell you how many tweets this week and  how many today.  More tweets, Steve 🙂

How to endorse other users blogs

You need to go to their profile page, click on blogs – and you will see a list of their blogs which you can then click on to endorse. As you can see, I have already endorsed Jackie’s blogs.

One thing I haven’t found yet – is an easy way to see mentions – you can see who’s mentioned you on your notifications page and the engaged page but not what they said On the engaged page, you can click the mention but you have to scroll through all of their mentions to see your own.  Their must be an easier way, has anyone found it?

People were discussing that they couldn’t find the edit public profile so that you can change your bio – this is in Account settings – privacy – at the bottom it says Customize your public profile. However there is a bug that logs me out when I click it. Not sure if that will be the same with you.

All in all, apart from the bugs – I do like the new design, it will take a bit of getting use to, as always with something new. We all had our shortcuts and ways to do things which are now going to be different, but remember we are all in the same boat or avenue.    I do think that this new design will help new players see right away what Empire Avenue is for, and that is to expand, engage and evaluate your social networks!

Tips or How to

From Steven Johnson 

To find Portfolio value

Go to their profile page – on the right you will see – “30 day share price” view more – click this and you be shown a graphs with Today’s share price history – Last 30 days – Last 7 days and portfolio value with other stats.

And, if someone is in the top 100 for their country, you can still see their # in that leader board:

If you have any tips or how to’s that you can share with us, I’m sure we will all appreciate that, leave you ticker so that we can thank you. 🙂