Why aren’t all SMEs getting into Social Media

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Some SMEs are not using Social Media or not using it correctly

Just being active on social media platforms like Google+ Twitter and Facebook can improve the way consumers view a company.

Maybe they should read this How social media can benefit small businesses 

If only for customer service, we the consumers want this..  

Why? the following story could have been avoided, if the company was more accessible and responsive, correct use of social media can do this.

Without going into it, I had already been let down by one company and had lost 4 days.

Next stop – Wedo Beds

I had seen a few companies on-line offering the same bed and mattress for about the same price on Next Day Delivery. It was quite an unusual bed – as it was 4ft and black/brown – to match other furniture.

Businesses supplying this product were companies that I had never heard of, I searched for them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ nothing. There was nothing on the website with links for social media either. Which concerned me a little. What business is not on social media now, this is crazy.  So, I searched Google for reviews.  I found a couple of good reviews for Wedo Beds free next day delivery.  

I eventually did find accounts for WoDoSimple which I assume is part of the group or the head of the group – but these accounts were mostly unused with the token one day a post – if that.

Thursday –  20th of September I ordered the items. It wasn’t until I got past the checkout that I noticed, that orders had to be in before 12 midday for Next Day Delivery and it was now 1pm.  Being it was Thursday this would now mean delivery for Monday.

Friday  – I got an email saying there was a problem with verifying my bank account details,  don’t worry they said just confirm your delivery / invoice address and if you do this before 12 it will still be out for next day, I did this at 10am

Monday – Waiting for delivery –

  • 3pm a little worried that I’d not had confirmation of delivery.   I telephoned WeDo Beds, I was met with a voicemail, I would be called back within 1 hour.
  • 5pm I called again – voicemail again saying I would be called within the hour.
  • 5.20pm received a call saying there was a problem with verification and delivery was delayed until tomorrow – I explained what the email said, and she just said, Well its out for delivery tomorrow.


  • 9am – Phone call – There is a problem with the mattress and that won’t be delivered until Wednesday – (You couldn’t make this up) I was not amused. I said it better be sent on same day then, I have already waited in for two days –  we can’t do that.  I asked for the manager to call me back within the hour to sort this out.
  • 11am –  I explained that service had not been satisfactory so far, he was most apologetic the mattress suppliers were different and they’d had a problem, I would still get the Bed though. (Like that helped) Eventually, giving up, I said ok I can get someone else to wait in, so he said being as this was their problem, he would call back later that day – to let me know if it was AM or PM, to make it easier for me.
  • Later – No phone call. Bed Arrived but of course it couldn’t be used as no mattress.

I did however have a text message from the courier company saying the mattress was out for delivery on Wednesday,  so I left it that the person would just wait at home all day for me.

Wednesday – 26th September –  I was out all day – but I had someone wait for me.

  • 4pm – Still no Mattress, I had the managers number from yesterday so I called it – asked why he hadn’t called me back yesterday. He said “Oh someone was supposed to, I will call the delivery people and find out where they are”  He did and they called me.
  • 5pm it was delivered.
  • 20 more hours and free next day delivery would have taken a full week.

This would have had a better result if customer service was better and more accessable, ie on Social Networks.

  • I could have checked them out first
  • I could have chatted with them about my concerns
  • I could have spoken to someone right away.  Instead of just feeling that I was being fobbed off with excuse after excuse or being placated.

My mistake, I won’t make it again.

With more than 50% of the UK population using social media I don’t see how businesses can avoid it for much longer.

EDIT: I had a response to this blog post from Jason the Ecommerce Director at We Do Beds (Or We Do )  basically to apologise and to explain in part that that they do have social networks but they don’t advertise them at this time as it is not a part of their budget – I as you can imagine explained it should be but I appreciate that he took the time to contact me, and he is looking into the delays on this order.

Whatever the problems really, I was frustrated that three days I had to be in or have someone wait in, because I wasn’t kept informed.







Formspring – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Formspring is a question and answer website, its like having your own little interview where you can ask anyone anything. You set up your own profile page and people can ask you questions. Users can ask questions anonymously if they like. You can link your account to sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogger.
Its been over a year now since Formspring started, and its been very popular indeed. Here are my thoughts on the site.
The Good
If used properly this site can be fun. People can ask you whatever questions they like and you can choose whether to answer them or not.  For instance if you like a person, and want to get to know them better but are too shy or just don’t want it known yet, this can be very handy.  
Other people can then read all of the questions and answers, so its like reading an interview, which can be very interesting, and/or funny with thoughtful or fascinating questions.
The Bad
Unfortunately not everyone asks the right questions.  I’ve seen people (teenagers) being bullied with questions or  degrading statements or insults about the person which are not even questions.
Things like…
I hate you
You are fat and ugly
Maria your bestfriend told me……. 

Obviously most of these hateful “questions” are anonymous.  This seems just another way cyber bullies can get to you, but hidden this time. There have been lots of reports in the news of Formspring being blamed for suicides.
Also people sometimes pretend to be someone else, trying to blame another person for the spiteful remarks which can be very confusing and upsetting to the Formspring user.
Even if the person doesn’t answer the horrible or unreasonable questions, they have still read them and know that someone wrote them, it is hurtful.
The Ugly
Some questions are just downright disgusting,  it is outrageous some of the nasty things that I have read on peoples Formspring accounts, purely again because they can be anonymous.  I’m not sure why people allow this to be seen on their Formspring maybe because they are trying to catch the person out, they don’t care or at first they think it is fun.
Shocking and bad language is rife, I’m not just talking about swear words. I mean indecent, sexual, crude, meant to be funny questions.   Mostly people do not answer these types of questions or they just put a condescending remark, but I can just imagine what type of questions people are receiving if they are posting most of them. 
Its a great place for perverts to ask girls all the creepy gross questions they like. And even if they are not answered they probably get excitement just due to the fact the question was read.
I personally don’t like Formspring, I know some that do.  The more I see of it, the less I want to get involved with it. If you want to ask me questions ask them anywhere else but there. As usual it is our kids, our teenagers that I worry about, we (adults) are generally hardened to any rubbish that we read (although some are not) but our teenagers are learning though this.
I’d like to see someone design one similar without the ability to be anonymous, unless there is one out there already?
I’m using this as a summary as I couldn’t put it any better myself.
What these teens and many others don’t know is that all questions and answers are indexed. A job candidate that uses Formspring has made his or her reputation, opinions, background, and other information available publicly to employers willing Google them. Though it’s hard to keep up with social media activity, parents should warn their children of these risks.

Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17939_109-20001513-2.html#ixzz19VWUzJUW

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